Absolutely Stunning!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 1, 2011

Researchers from the EPA, and the CDC are set to release a joint study today that shows tobacco smoke may not be harmful to your health. The study shows that pre 1960's smokers had relatively few health problems. Then Gillette introduced the "Cricket" which is a small butane lighter. The success that they had led to the "Bic" lighter. As more and more people used these devices they inhaled more and more burned butane gas into their systems. That butane gas has led to almost all the health problems associated with smoking. These findings seem to be supported by relatively low cancer rates reported by emerging nations, where matches are the main source of fire!.

The tobacco industry is stunned with one official saying " Heads will roll! How could our researchers have possibly missed this! We could have made billions by just giving away matches!" Officals at the White House say the president is elated, and has been smoking "pretty much non-stop" since he recieved a copy of the report! Dr Hurt, at the Mayo Clinic said that this is "an even greater reason for people to use nicotine therapies. Including those who have never smoked."!

I just thought you would want to know. ENJOY YOUR APRIL 1ST!!!