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Freedom Train Wraps Up April!

Posted by pir8fan Apr 30, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! As the Freedom Train makes it final run to Freedom for the month of April, we hold our collective breaths for our members who were is the path of destruction caused by the storm systems we have been witness to in the past few days! There are a lot of people we have not heard from yet! I offer a silent prayer for all of them, and their families and loved ones!

The Freedom Train Starts off this Saturday by going to pick up Sheryl! 900 Days ago while most of us were headed over to the store to buy our next pack of creeping death and destruction, Sheryl was saying NO MORE! She decided to be one of the people who say: "I Don't Do That Anymore"! And she has not done it anymore! Congrats Sheryl! Your first 900 Days are in the rearview mirror! The next step is the Quad Squad! Welcome aboard the Freedom Train!

From Sheryls house we headed to central Wisconsin! Here we are picking up Catlady! Our great frind here has completed the first 200 Days of her Smoke Free Life! Two Hunderd Days is a great milestone! I hope you are done with all the snow and cold for the winter/spring! Go out and do something special for yourself today! It is a time to celebrate!! Come aboard the Freedom Train! Today we honor you!

Next stop is for Terrib! Good morning Sweet Lady! there is a train out here waiting for you today! We know that you have 150 Smoke Free Days behind you! That gets you a reserved seat on the Freedom Train! So grab your prettiest party dress and you favorie dancin' shoes and come get on this Train! It is party time for Terrib!

We are now on our way to pick up Kelly((KS100207)!! Yes that is Ohio you see out your window! Kelly has 100 Days behind her! Yep! You got it! Triple Digit Club! Welcome Kelly! Watch as those doors swing wide open to the club! You are our newest member and we are happy to have you here! Come and party with us today! This is a great milestone and you deserve the best! Be good to you today! Now, lets get Rolling!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils tobacco and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!                 Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer's! The Freedom Train sets out today on a Friday run to Freedom! It is the last Friday in April! I am sure that for some of you who are early into your quits it seems that time drags! For me is seems to be blowing by pretty quickly! Of course, I have heard it said that life is like a toilet paper roll! The closer you get to the end, the faster it spins!

The Freedom Train starts it run this morning in the state of Maine! KathyS! Kathy!! Do you hear us? It is the Train! We came to get you! It is Party Time! You have 450 Smoke Free Days behind you! That is right! For the last 450 Days you have honored your word! You have kicked butts! You have not made an ash of yourself!! In the meantime you have provided friendship and comfort to so many of us! We know you have had some struggles of late, but it is important for you to know that we, your Exer family is here for you! We want to return the support that you have always extended to us! I am proud to say that I love you Kathy! And we are all glad that you are a part of our community! Celebrate your first 450 Days of Freedom!! You deserve all of the best!

The next stop for the Train today is in Missouri! Again! We have been to this state a lot lately! Today we are here to pick-up Mike! Do you feel that rumble Mike? Can you hear the Train whistle? It is the Freedom Train! We are coming to help you celebrate the fact that you have you first 100 Smoke Free Days behind you! Welcome, today, as the doors to The Triple Digit Club swing wide open for you! You bring such a great sense of understanding and a spirit of free thinking to our community! Celebrate your special day and do something special for yourself! We are all happy for you, and happy that you are a part of our family! Congrats on the first 100 Days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!

One other shout out before we get this Party cranked up! Lets all give a thumbs up to Pipster! Today, Pip can offically look back over her shoulder at No-Mans-Land!! Way to go Pip! 130 down,and a lifetime to go!! It just keeps getting better from here! Now lets get this Train rolling, and this Party started!!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils tobacco and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!                                  Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer's! We have a huge number of milestones today! So lets get right to it this morning! The Train will be running south to north to south again! We start this morning in the state of Georgia! Our first stop is to pick up Mikein@tlanta! Seems to be a matter of 2400 Days to celebrate! Yes, I did say Two Thousand Four Hundred! I remember when I had 100 days and that was a great feeling! Imagine multipling that by 24!! What a milestone! Thank you for helping lay the tracks that the Freedom Train runs on! Come and party with us today Mike! Awesome!

Before we leave Atlanta, due to a weakness on the part of the engineer, we are waiting for the Freedom Limo to return! I sent it over to the Varsity to pick up a bag full of chilli dogs and a large F.O.

Now let us get this Train up to Michigan! Sandee! Sandee! You have not had a cigarette in what? Oh, Yeah! I remember! 3 Years! I do not remember what I was doing Three Years ago! But I know what Sandee was doing! She was going through the first Smoke Free day that would lead to 1095 so far! Absolutely awesome, Sweet Lady! The Freedom Train salutes you and applauds all that you do here! You have helped make this site a place where Freedom from tobacco can be found! You matter!

The next stop for the Train today is back down south in Durham, NC! Carenda! Do you hear that whistle? Are you ready for a ride? Didn't you know that when you have 650 Smoke Free days that the Train come after you? That is right 650 days for Carenda! Carenda has been here every day of my quit. Her messages of encouragement and Promise give great comfort to all who will listen! Thank you for being here my Friend! And thank you for always remembering me!

Now we go back south to Texas! We are stopping here for Vickye! Get out here and get on this Train Honey! You have 200 Smoke Free days to celebrate! Get on that party dress! You have some celebrating to do! Vickye came out into our community, after lurking for the first 137 days of her quit! She is a classic example of the way we help people here that we do not even know are watching! Thank you Vickye, for reminding us to temper our comments because we do not know who is reading them! Let us first do no harm! Are you ready to party?

The next stop for the Freedom Train, also in Texas, is for Jamieburton66! Did you think I had forgotten you Sweetie! Not a chance! Jamie has a very important 100 Smoke Free Days behind her today! Why do I say VERY Important, you ask? It is because in June, Jamie is about to present her husband Frank with a new baby girl! Congrats to this fine couple! Way to go Jamie! We are happy that you are giving your new daughter a Smoke Free Mom! So, put on the Maternity Party Dress and come celebrate with us today! The Freedom Train is proud to have you aboard! Now it is PARTY TIME!!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the EVILS of tobacco and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                         Tommy

Good Morning fellow Exer's! I hope everyone is enjoying the Freedom from tobacco that we have all found! This morning The Freedom Train will start it's daily run to Freedom in the state of Maryland! Good Morning Gypsy(Sylvia)!Our Dear Sweet Gypsy has 200 Smoke Free Days behind her! Can I get  WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sylvia comes here every days and listens to all of us, as we go on about the things in our lives! Then, she gently steers us back on track! So, Sylvia, the Freedom Train is here for you today! Stop what you are doing! If it is gardening, cooking or just reading! Whistle for Shady and tell him we are going for a Train ride! (We stock dog treats on the Train!) It is time to celebrate your 200 Days of Freedom!! We are proud that you are a part of our community!

Now we need to get this Train moving into Canada! Zena? Zena? Do you hear that Train whistle! The Freedom Train is coming to get you! Our good friend Zena(Zenagrin) is a constant source of humor! She keeps us laughing and by doing so, promotes her feelings about the power of positive thinking! Zena, you are a rock and a star,and I am proud to honor you today after you first 100 Smoke Free Days! Keep smiling and laughing, and keep us smiling and laughing! We love you!

One more stop! Abby? Abby? We are here to get you! It is me, Tommy! And all the other Exer's on the Freedom Train! Abby(onedayatatime) has 100 Smoke Free Days behind her today! It has not been easy for her! She a been a friend to so many, at this site, for so long! The good news is that she has never quit quitting! Today she starts her second hundred day of Freedom! We are proud of you girl! So grab your prettiest party dress and dancin' shoes! Hop aboard this Train, and lets head for Freedom!

This Train is bound for Freedom from the evils of tobacco and smoking!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!                             Tommy


Freedom Train On a Roll!

Posted by pir8fan Apr 26, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! There were some very good blogs and responses yesterday! Lets keep all the positive energy flowing! In case you missed it Sandy(keptpromise) started an initiative to revitalize the group "Relapse Traps"! This group was started a long time ago by our dear sweet Giulia! Somewhere along the way it seems to have fallen through the cracks! It is great news that it is being rescued! This group has a wealth of information to help people prepare for the pitfalls they will encounter on the road to Freedom! If you have not been there Go and visit! You can access it from Sandy's page! Lets help make this resource known to all that can benefit from it! Personally, I also hope it will lure Giulia "out of her cave", and encourage her to be more active here, in our daily pursuit of Freedom for all! Kudos to you Sandy! You have so much to offer here, and we are glad that you are taking on this challenge! Let us know how we can help!

Now it seems we have a train trip to make! Chell? Chell? We are here in the Missouri lookin for you! I know that yesterday was your 100th day! Today you have 100 days completed and and that make you our newest inductee into The Triple Digit Club!!! Take time today to put aside your medical issues, and come out into open with the rest of us!! Board this Train! I also happen to know that you are a big fan of Garfield! Now, while I can make no promises, I have heard a rumor that he may make an apperance on the Freedom Train today! Congratulations Chell! You have reached a great milestone! Do something special for yourself today!

There are a couple of other folks that I want to give a shout out to! Keeptrying! Our last contact with you was 106 days ago! One school of thought would be that you have relapsed! Maybe you have! But there is a feeling, that lives in me, that says that is not true! So if you are still out there, and still Smoke Free, I would like to acknowledge that you quit 300 days ago! If you have relapsed,and you see this, Please come back home! We will continue to leave the porch light on, every night!

Growing Pains! You are not forgotten Girl! The last I heard, you were going to be without internet for a while! I hope you are enjoying life! You are 100 Days Smoke Free and much more healthy! That porch light is burning for you as well! We will be glad when you come home also! That being said, we should be having a party about now!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the evils of tobacco, and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!                 Tommy

Good Morning fellow Exer's! I hope the sun finds all you you felling well today! the Freedom Train is about to make it's daily run to Freedom from tobacco! I want to invite everyone to come aboard! Bring your extra baggage as well! There are never any baggage fees, and we will help you sort it all out!

The first stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in Illinois! Anacondahead! There is a train out here looking for you! You have 650 Consecutive Smoke Free Days! That is awesome, and we are here to help you celebrate! So put down that pool stick! Turn off Project Runway! We have a runway for you right here above the Freedom Train! While I have not seen you around very much latey, You had a huge presence here when I first arrived! You have been a source of great wisdom in my quit! Come and party with us! Be a part of us and help others the way you helped me! I appreciate you!! 650 Days! What a great milestone!!!

The next stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in Akron, Ohio!! Or as I now call it, Dodge City! Dodge! Have you got that party dress on? Do you hear that Train whistle, drowning out the music coming from your piano? It is us! We are here for you! You have your first 100 Smoke Free Days behind you! It is party time! This is a day of celebration! Create memories today that will last a lifetime! Make today a day that you will be able to re-count to all of your friends! Let all of them know the joy of being Free for 100 Days! You are welcome to come sit up front with me, if you like! But most of all do some things that make this day a special day forever! BTW! It is OK to shoot nicodemons from the train! I only ask that you remember to pick up your brass so no one slips! We do not allow slips while on the Freedom Train! We are proud of you Dodge!! Now lets go find that black and yellow Sea-Doo!! Sombody grab that handle, and crank this party up!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM!! FREEDOM from all that has kept us from living our lives to the fullest!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                          Tommy

Good Morning fellow Exer's! It is Easter Sunday! No matter what your beliefs are, today is a day to acknowledge that things can change! You can change! You do not have to be the person you have been! You can walk away from the addiction that brought us all together here! The theme of Easter is forgiveness! So today make a real, and consious effort to forgive yourself for becoming addicted! Give yourself permission to be happy about your life!

This morning the Freedom Train is stopping to pick-up one of the most spiritual among us! How appropriate that today would be a day of celebration for Thomas! We all know the wonderful spirit and the caring heart that Thomas brings to our community! Today the Freedom Train recognizes that Thomas has reached the 400 day milestone! Word on the street is that Thomas is a bit under the weather today! So, Come aboard if you are up to it Thomas! Otherwise we will celebrate for you, while sending our prayers for a speedy recovery for you! 400 Days! You Rock!!!

The next stop for the Freedom Train is an international one! We are going to Canada to get Bobbiesue! I would tell you that she is in Saskatchewan, but what are the odds that I can spell that right? Our friend Bobbiesue has 200 Smoke Free Days behind her! I hear that she likes to travel so maybe a Train ride will really appeal to her! I know that she also loves to spend time at her cabin at the lake, so that may be where we will find her! Bobbiesue!! Come and celebrate with us! The Freedom Train is running for you!!

From Canada it is full speed ahead to Grapevine Texas! Patty! Patty! Get ready honey! The Freedom Train is coming after you! There is a little matter of 150 days that needs to be celebrated! So, prepare to board this train! I think I can hear som Texas-Two-Step music! Don't forget your dancin' shoes boots! We are proud of you!

Steaming out of Texas we are doing a make up stop! No ladies this has nothing to do with cosmetics! This is a stop in Columbia MO, to pick up JohnBotkins! It seems that in our rush to Freedom yesterday we blew right by John and failed to acknowledge his first 50 days of Freedom from the evils of Tobacco! John I can only say that I am sorry! We do appreciate you and extend a heartfelt congratulations on your first 51 days of Freedom! Now lets PARTY!



It is Saturday night, a little after 10:00 here on the East Coast! Tonight, I have done a lot of reading and not much writting! I have been deep in thought, or as deep as I am capable of going! I get a lot of slaps on the back here! I get a lot of hugs! I get a lot more recognition than I deserve! I do somethings to try to make this journey a little better and a little easier for all who care for my style of encouragement! I am happy to help anyone I can! It is hard, sometimes, to realize that I need the help that I get from you as well! I have a clock that is closing in on 478 days! I have this addiction beat! Maybe! The truth of the matter is that I still have my own demons! Some few, are nicodemons that I still run into, if I let my mind wander into bad neighborhoods! Some are the other demons that you encounter in life!

This is a time of year that we are all focused on words like: Resurrection, Savior. Risen, New beginning, Sacrifice, and Redeemer! It is a time to roll the stone away, and find Freedom! I salute all of you who have found your path to Freedom! I am proud to walk it with you! And if you tire, we can take the Freedom Train! With all the positive things that go on this time of year, it seems strange to admit that this is the hardest time of the year for me! Last year on the Saturday before Easter, I came with-in minutes of blowing my quit! I was litterally about to go get a carton of cigarettes! Not a pack, mind you, but a carton! That is where my head was! This year my quit has not been in jeopardy at all! But I have still had some demons to wrestle with! The way I handled that tonight was to sit back, like an old man, and just watch you kids at play! And it is good! You have reminded me of how often I have spoken of what I refer to as "Collateral Kindness"! Tonight I realized, without a doubt, that all of you, who give me the opportunity to help myself by helping you, have given me that strength, that I need, to get past the things that jump out at me sometimes! So I just wanted to Thank all of you who are helping yourselves while you are helping me! You all make my life better! And bearable! So thank you my friends for being my Friends! Have a Happy and Safe Easter!


Good Morning Fellow Exer's! It is a holiday week-end, but since the nicodemon does not take a day off, we must continue to be vigilant! Therefore there is no holiday for the Freedom Train either! The milestones that we celebrate here are special occassions as well! So lets get to it!

If you look out the window of the Train, it may seem like we are in a familar place! You are right! That is Ohio out there! We are back to get RickM again! I'm am sure that most of you remember that a mere 20 days ago RickM celebrated with us on his Two Year anniversary! Two Years is 730 days, so 20 days later, another milestone! 750 days! That adds up! So, RickM come on aboard again! It is time for another celebration!

Our next stop is another familar state! Minnesota! We are here to pick-up Mojo! Hey Mojo! Do you hear that Train whistle? We are here to help you celebrate your first 50 Smoke Free Days! Call Curves and tell them you are not going to make it today! You are going to get your workout on the dance floor of the Freedom Train! Jump on this Train my Friend! We are headed to Freedom!

Next Stop is in Jackson, Mississippi! Where are you Miss Cogs? There is a BIG Train out here looking for you! We know that you have worked hard for two years to find this forever quit! You have finally found it! You are 50 days into it! You deserve a celebration, and we are here to make sure you have one! So, Grab that prettiest party dress and get on this Train! This party is about to begin!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!             Tommy


Today was Good Friday!

Posted by pir8fan Apr 22, 2011

Day after tomorrow. all around the world, we Christians will celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Those among us of the Jewish faith will, for the most part, politely ignore us. The atheish will scorn us. With all that said I would like to propose that we all take a moment tomorrow and celebrate our own resurrections.

We, the lepers on the 21st century, have risen, like so many Phoenixes, from the ashes of our own addictions( pun intended). While I can not imply that the hand of God has touched us, it is a miracle of sorts that so many people from all over the country, and the world, could become brothers and sisters for the same cause. I am sure that many of us felt that nothing short of Devine Intervention would help us quit smoking! Like all sibblings since time began, we have our differences of opinion, and we squabble among ourselves. A little ruckus here and there will keep the blood flowing! But we have caring, compassion and love for each other. We take the struggles of our brothers and sisters as our own. So this week-end, at some point take a moment to give thanks for those who have never laid eyes on you, but still care about you. This is a great place, where the daily outpouring of good far exceeds the sum of all that we put into it!

I care about every one of you! And I care about your quit! Thank you all for giving me the understanding of, and the opportunity to, practise "Collateral Kindness"! I have been able to help myself by helping others! There is no better way to quit! There is no better way to live! I hope everyone has a great week-end, No matter what you believe!         Tommy


The Freedom Train!

Posted by pir8fan Apr 22, 2011

Due to extreme laziness on the part of the Engineer/Conductor, the Freedom Train will be on automatic pilot for most of the day! I have a couple of acknowledgements and then I will turn control of the party over to you! please try to keep ruckuses(Rucki)? to a minimum! The Freedom Train is making it's first stop today to pickup BJ! We have a new member of The Triple Digit Club! Yes, BJ has 100 Smoke Free Days behind her! So, come aboard this Train and let us help you celebrate your milestone!

I also want to give a shout out to M! M has 130 Smoke Free Days in the rearview mirror, and is offically out of No Man's land! Now let's get this party started!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the evils of tobacco!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!                                        Tommy

 Good morning fellow Exer's! What a great day to be Free! Spring has sprung, and life is real, and re-newed! There are a lot of great people here today, and if you are at a milestone that is great! If it is not a milestone day for you, it is still another day of Freedom, and another day in which to excel! Welcome to the celebration of Freedon that is the Freedom Train!

We have lot to cover this morning, but first, unfinished business from yesterday! Nocigs! There is a Freedom Limo waiting outside to bring you to the Train in style! I missed your 100 day celebration yesterday, and I am very sorry! I think most of you know Nocigs(Peggy), but in case you don't let me introduce her! Peggy lives in Wisconsin! According to her husband she is a great cook! She also does horse sitting! I am not sure if that means she sits on horses, or she takes care of them while their parents go out! Peggy! That name sound familiar. Horses! Seems like a connection! Of course I know that Ckoalaco(Peggy) works with horses as well! In fact I work with a number of horses myself! Or at least the back half of them! Two great Peggy's at the same sight! Anyway,Welcome to The Triple Digit Club Sweetie! Grab your best party dress and come and celebrate day 101 with us!

Aunt Dee! Aunt Dee! Are you hearing that Train whistle Honey! There is a celebration about to start and a Lady with 400 Smoke Free days is a guest of honor! So get up from that computer, where you are sending notes of inspiration to all of us,and come to the party! You are such a wonderful Lady and we are proud that you are a part of our community! So, may I have the first dance?

Kat! You should feel the ground shaking by now! the Freedom Train is on the way to your place! Did you think I was going to fail to notice that you have 200 days today? No way I am missing this one! I could lose my invite to the Oscars! What a wonderful addition you are to this site! We are better place because you are here! I am glad that you have recovered from the issues that brought you so much suffering! So, Kat, are you dressed for the party yet? If not we will wait! You have 200 days to celebrate and we are celebrating with you!

Lei! We are not forgetting you either! You are the newest inductee to The Triple Digit Club! 100 days is a fantastic milestone and we are here to recognize that! So jump on this Train and lets get this party rolling!

This Train is bound for another day of Freedom from tobacco!



The Freedom Limo has been placed on rapid dispatch to San Jose! Due to an error in the Conductor calculations we failed to notice that my Dear Friend Lewis65(Gretchen) has 450 Smoke Free days behind her! Without Pomp and Circumstance and totally without drama this Beautiful Young Lady has shown us all how to maintain a quit, with dignity and class! I am proud to call her my Friend, and will beg her to forgive the oversight! Put the top down!!!

Gretchen this Freedom Limo is coming after you! Please forgive me and join the celebration aboard the Freedom Train! This hug is for you! ((((((((U))))))))!                   Tommy


Good morning fellow Exer's! Today the Freedom Train is going to have a afternoon, and evening run to Freedom from the bondage of tobacco! I have noticed a lot of folks in the past few days that seem very unsure of what they are doing, and how they want to go about it! Like most doors in life that seem to open wider for those who are knowledgeable and educated, the path to Freedom is most easily traversed by those who make the effort to educate themselves! Most of us know ourselves. In a lot of cases we may not like to admit, even to ourselves, our weaknesses! But like any journey, we must prepare and be aware of the pitfalls that we will encounter! We must know how to handle those bad moments before they occur! How often do we see failure and lack of preparation go hand in hand? A team comspised of those who have a desire to win, has never stood a chance, against a team that had the desire to prepare to win! So if you are new here, or if you are starting over, I would like to applaud all of you who realize that your very life is being stolen moment by moment! You have made a good decision to do something about it! Now take the time and prepare to win! You will have an absolutely fantastic team of supporters every step of the way! You can do this, and we will help! But you are the one who has to do it! Join us here on the Freedom Train and learn how to celebrate the milestones that are in your future!

Today the Freedom Train is making it's first stop in Southwest Virginia! Our good friend Pipster is celebrating 4 months of Smoke Free living! Pip, we are not about to let you celebrate without us! While I can almost see myself up into the wee hours of the morning sweeping up Pipcorn, get yourself up here in this Train, and lets ride to Freedom! If there is anyone here that does not know and love Pip, you just have not been paying attention! Pipster brings a marvelous personality and great sense of humor(often very dry) to our lives at this site! We are very proud to have you on the Freedom Train today Pip!

I would like to give a shout out to Mike who has reached the 90 day point in his quit! Mike went on vacation and we missed him! Glad to have you back Mike!

Also, we are going to need a birthday cake for Stephanie! Stephanie is up in the biggest little stste in the union, Rhode Island! So I was thinking that we should swing the Train by there and sing Happy Birthday! However I recall a little birdie telling me that she has gone down into New york City to celebrate without us! So Happy Birthday Stephanie! I will try to save you a piece of your cake! We will be picking you up in about 2 weeks for your 100 day milestone!

This Train is headed for FREEDOM from tobacco! Hop on!!



Good morning fellow Exer's! Once again today the Freedom Train will make it's daily run to Freedom from the evils of Tobacco! It is a great day to come aboard and celebrate some of the milestones of our Friends! So lets get right to it!

Legend! Legend! Do you hear that Train whistle? The Freedom Train is here to get you! That is what happens when you go 900 days without smoking! That is right! Our good Friend Christine(aka Legend) has 900 consecutive days that she forgot all about smoking! What a major milestone! You, my friend are only100 away from the Illusterious Quad Squad! Since 2008 you have given up the evils of smoking! You have posted educational videos. And there is a great memory game on your page!(Everyone go and play that!) You do great things for the folks here. You provided the inspiration for the Ray (ManOf Steele) Steele Memorial Bonfire! I hope that will become a regular event! We appreciate you, and applaud your accomplishment today! Thank you Christine for sharing this journey with us!

But that is not all! The Train is now steaming full ahead to Eastern Montana! Cyn! Wake up Honey! there is a Train out here! Not just any Train! This is the Freedom Train, and it came here just to get you! Look at your quit clock! It is about to roll over to 100 days! Yeee Haw! That is a great milestone! 100 days smoke Free! You are kickin' butts! I know you love to hunt and fish, and there are sheep to care for! But today, let all that other stuff wait! Come and celebrate Freedom with us! We want to celebrate you! You have 100 Smoke Free days in the rear view mirror and a lifetime in front of you! Do something to make this day memorable! WTG Cyn!! Now lets get this party started!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM! Let us all escape the ties that have bound us to tobacco!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!                           Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer's! I hope the week gets off to a great start for everyone! Let all keep our thoughts and prayers with those who are battling adversity in their qiuts, their personal lives, and those who feel victim to those horrible storms! I still have not heard from Carenda! She lives in Durham, NC, and was very close to some of the worst damage! If anyone hears from her please let me know!

This morning the Freedom Train is starting our run to Freedom from tobacco from Ashland City, Tennessee. ASHland City! Even sounds like someone used to smoke there! And someone did! It was Tsana! But, she "does not do that anymore"! Our good friend Tsana has 100 Smoke Free Days behind her! She told us six days ago to get on the edge of our seats! Now is the time to leap to our feet, and get ready to party! Tsana, you have reached the 100 day milestone! Grab your prettiest party dress, and you dancin' shoes and come on aboard! Welcome to The Triple Digit Club! Come and celebrate with us! Be sure to do something special for yourself today! You deserve it!

This Train is bound for the FREEDOM from tobacco that each of us deserve! Let us all find our "New Normal"!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!                                        Tommy

Good Morning fellow Exer's! This morning my heart is going out to my friends back home in North Carolina! If you are in that area, let us hear from you, please! SuzieQ and Carenda! I know this was your backyard.   This morning the Freedom Train looks forward to another Sunday run to Freedom from tobacco! These so often turn into some our best, light hearted celebrations! So let get to it!

This mornning the Freedom Train makes its first stop to pick up a Young Lady who list her home as No-Mans-Land! Leeza! Wake up and let us help you escape that place you dwell in! I know that you were probably not expecting the Freedom Train today, But I happen to know that you threw down those evil weeds 100 days ago! That my dear Leeza constitutes a milestone! And we are going to help you celebrate! Leeza comes here so often with her wit and wisdom! Today is the day we go to her and bring the celebration! Come and get aboard this Train Leeza the party is about to start!!

The next stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in the Garden State! We are going to find Gardenangels! I know that this Young Lady has had an awful lot going on in her life lately! Lisa! Lisa! Drop what ever you are doing! There is a Train here for you! It seems that 50 days ago you dropped what you were somking, and joined this journey too Freedom! 50 days qualifies as a milestone! So, take a day off! Climb into your best party clothes,(I still recall the Little Black Dress)and come celebrate with us! You are my friend and I am happy to see you on the Train! XOXOXX

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from tobacco! And we are on the way now!



Good morning fellow Exer's! As that horrible storm system continues to sweep the country, I hope that all have escaped the destruction that it is leaving in it's path! I hear that the Carolina's will get it today! Everyone please be aware, and be safe! Very important also, don't smoke over it! The Freedom Train will make it's run to Freedom as usual!

Today we are picking up a very special young Lady! Indin Girl! Yo Indin Girl! That Train whistle is for you! Look at your quit clock honey! You have 100 Smoke Free Days behind you now! You are offically inducted into The Triple Digit Club! Welcome!!! Diane Joy Taylor aka Indin Girl comes here everyday and invokes God to help her protect not only her quit, but to protect us all! She offers prayer to all who are in need, and for all your family and friends in need! Today we all should pause and thank her for the devotion that she brings here! We applaud, and celebrate the dedication that she brings to her quit, and to this site! 100 days is milestone we all relate to! Those of us who have passed it remember how important it was! To me the most important of all! To those who have not reached it yet, it is a focal point in their journey! It is indeed a cause for celebration! So, Indin Girl, watch this! This party is for you! Thank you for all that you do! Now enjoy your day!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from tobacco and all the horror that comes with it!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!                                         Tommy

Good Morning Fellow Exer's! I hope all of our friends escaped the bad weather that sweep the heartland last night! The Freedom Train starts out the morning, once again, in the state of Minnesota! We headed back over to pick up Breakinthechains! Seems that the Conductors notes are showing him with 750 Smoke Free days behind him! That is three quarters of the way to the Quad squad! Our friend, the newlywed, continues to come here on a daily basis and share his wisdom and observations with us! So. Grab Mrs. Chains and bring her aboard! It is a day to celebrate your success! I am sure that she played a role in that, and should celebrate with you! 750 days is a really good milestone! Congrats to you my friend!

Then we will head back down South to my own neighborhood! Our dear sweet friend Sandy(keptpromise) will be joining the Triple Digit Club this evening! That is right. This kind Lady has endured A LOT during the first 100 days of her quit. Through it all she has maintained her quit! Sandy we all continue to offer our prayers for the continued improvement of your sisters health! But today is a day for celebration! Grab you best Party dress! Put all your worries behind you for the day! This is your Day to celebrate your Freedom! Thank you for the friendship and wisdom that you offer us all!! You are special!

As we speak the Freedom Plane is winging its way down under! We are flying in that Crazy Quitter! She has completed 50 Smoke Free days! I know that she has had some up and downs her, but she is doing great and we need to help her celebrate! We are proud of you Sweetie! Now it is time for you to teach us how to celebrate!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!                               Tommy


Freedom Limo Special Run for:

Posted by pir8fan Apr 14, 2011

Today at 1:00 pm Eastern time my Friend Liz (<3Live.Laugh.Love<3) Reached the fifty day milestone! I was not sure I should send the Train for her this morning since she had not reached the milestone yet! So this afternoon I am sending the Freedom Limo to Maryland to pick her up and bring her to the Train! Liz!! Do you hear the horn blowing? The official chauffeur of the Freedom Limo is about to knock for you! Come and ride over to meet the Freedom Train! You have 50 Smoke Free Days to celebrate and we are going to help you! You are special Lady and you bring a wealth of information to us! We appreciate all that you do! So take the afternoon off and come party with us! Thank you for being part of our community!


Good Morning fellow Exer's! the Freedom Train has a really big day planned! I am going to need everyone to come aboard to help with this celebration! As we set out on our daily run to Freedom from the evils of tobacco, I want to welcome our old friend Ed(Exekex) back home! Ed has been roaming around Nashville and enjoying his smoke free life for 451 days now! I for one am glad to see him back! Ed has always brought a lot of good to this site, and we are a better place with him! The prodigal son has returned! Someone run and get the fatted calf!

Our first stop the morning is in the city of brotherly love! LindaN! I know that you are busy! I know you are packing to go vist a friend! But you need to stop long enough to come aboard and get your "props"!  In case you all were unaware, our dear Sweet Young Lady has 9 Smoke Free Months behind her today! We are so proud of you Linda! I hope you have great trip!! But we are sure going to miss you here! Travel safely and know that you are loved!

Hold on to your hats! the freedom Train is now headed South! To the deep South! We are going to Rita's house! Rita! Yo Rita! Do hear the Train whistle!? Do you feel the ground shaking? It is us! The Freedom Train is coming to get you! You have 200 Smoke Free days to celebrate! We are going to celebrate with you! So get into your prettiest party dress(I am thinking yellow) and get on this Train! In fact come on up front with me, and see what Freedom looks like from the engine of the Train! You have faced so much adversity with such dignity and class, all the while maintaining you quit! You, my dear sweet friend are a shinning example, and role model for all who come behind you! I am proud that you allow me to call you my Friend! Congrats on your first 200 days Honey!

Lanie! Get ready Sweetie the Train is headed for New York! I just happen to know that 100 days ago you decided that you were tired of being addicted! 100 days ago you were tired of spending money to make yourself cough and feel bad! So you decided to do something about it! And you did! You have made a committment and honored it for 100 consecutive days! So Lanie, grab you best party dress and get out those dancing shoes! The Freedom Train is celebrating you today! You are doing great! So lets get this party started!!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from tobacco!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!                     Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer's. I hope everyone is having a great "Hump day"! The Freedom Train once again make it's daily run to Freedom from the evils of tobacco! As I told you yesterday, I have worked up a pretty good list of people and days! By no means do I think is perfect! So please continue to give me a heads up on any milestone that you are aware of, or anybody that you would like to see mentioned!

According to my list there are no milestone to recognize today! So, I would like to invite any, and everyone to come aboard today, and celebrate thier friends, and themselves! Tell us about the good things that this site, and being Smoke Free have brought into your life! Enjoy the food, the beverages, the music and the fellowship that exist here! Take off you shoes and relax! If you have extra baggage, drag it out and lets sort it out! We can help, and we will! Spend as much time as you like on the Train today, and know that you surrounded by friends, and people who understand, and care what you have, and are still going through!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the evils of tobacco! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"  ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!              Tommy

Good Afternoon Fellow Exer's! I guess the first order of business would be to explain why the Train is running so late! The truth of the matter is I just did not get it done this morning! Sorry!

I spent a lot of time in the last few days visiting pages on the site and trying to identify where people are in their quits! I have to tell you that a lot of you do not make that easy! I spent a lot of time wearing out my fingers and toes trying to count how many days since your posted quit date! Having a clock would be much easier! Some of you do even list a quit date on your page! Then I am reading old blogs and trying to find clues! Be proud of your quits my friends! Let us know where you are!

In all my rambling I did not find even one person who fits the main criteria for being announced to your fellow Exer's on the train, today! For those of you who do not know, or have forgotten the main criteria it is: #1. People who have 100 days or a multiple thereof. #2 People who have year or multiple thereof. #3. Anyone else I feel like adding to the Conductors list! It is OK for you to ask me to add you on any special occassion! It is OK to ask me to add someone else who you would like to see honored! I am pretty easy! I love seeing the celebrations!

What I did discover is that yesterday, the Freedom Train failed to recognize two people that hit the Triple Digit Club! that is a great and memorable milestone and should be celebrated! First of all, my Dear friend Kim(on vacation). I am really sorry that I missed you yesterday! Come aboard the Train today if you will please. Let us help you celebrate 101 Smoke Free Days. You are doing great! Also Lonita! Our dear Lonita is a frequent Train rider! How I missed you I do not know. But come aboard and meet your same day quit buddy Kim! Yes, Lonita and Kim quit the same day and now they get to celebrate together as well! Way to go Ladies! 101 days of Freedom!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!                                 Tommy


Freedom Train!

Posted by pir8fan Apr 12, 2011

Due to complications, exacerbated by laziness on the part of the conductor, the Freedom Train will be making an afternoon run to Freedom later today! Sorry for any scheduling issues this may have created!

Good morning fellow Exer's! I hope everyone had a great week-end! All the flames are extinguished! The smoldering ashes have all burned out! The last of the smoke is gone from the air! The week-end bonfire is over! It was a great tribute to the memory of a Great Man! Ray(ManOfSteele) Steele, I hope you smiled down on our effort to honor you, while providing extra motivation for ourselves! We burned up a total of 587,033 unsmoked cigarettes! Thank you to all who took part! Everyone else should look forward to the next one!

There is a Yellow Rose in Texas that we are going to see... CarlieM, wake up! There is a Train on the way to get you! Yes, CarlieM has 100 days today! That means Party time! CarlieM come and celebrate your milestone with us! 100 days! That is fantastic! Do something special just for you today! Budman! I think you got most of your props yesterday! But you do now offically have 100 days behind you! So, come aboard the Train and celebrate!

If I am missing anyone today please bring yourself aboard the Train and announce your milestone! Sometimes I miss folks, and I feel really bad about it! I will be gone most of the day and the Train is on auto-pilot! But everyone please celebrate to your hearts content! Be back late!



Good morning fellow Exer's! The Freedom Train is taking a true Sunday drive today! There is no pressure! Just a relaxing ride to Freedom from the evils of tobacco! Just a couple of things under the topic of housekeeping! As we come aboard today to simply celebrate the Freedom we enjoy from being able to breathe, bring the things with you that bring you joy! Weather it is Irish Rose bringing Abby, or you with your favorite music! Share the joy of your life today!

I would like to ask you all to remember those among us who are still in need of our prayers! Indin Girl's brother-in law Donny! Sandy's sister Leah, LindaN's God-daughter Angelina, My dear friend Dawn, and Bonnie's dad! So many times We have seen our prayers answerd here! Let us remember all who need us! Please add anyone I may have missed!

The bonfire that we had this week-end as atribute to Ray (ManOfSteele) Steele has been a huge success! We will extinguish the last on the flames this evening! It you know anyone who has unsmoked cigarettes to burn, it is not too late! We could still reach 600,000! I want to thank Maggie for the outstanding job she did in hosting this event! I also would like to thank all who attended and made contributions! It was a fantastic event, of astronomical proportions! Thank you, Thank you and Thank you, all!

Today we all need to raise our glasses in a toast to our dear friend Laurie! Another of the strong Minnesota contingent, Laurie has 250 days behind her today! In spite of the hardships she has endured recently, she has stayed of good cheer and maintained her quit! So go and get that party dress honey! Today is about you! 250 days is a great milestone! Do something good for yourself!

People count there quit days differently, and there is no right or wrong way to do it! However the Conductor is easily confused and trying to keep up with who counts which way is just too much! Please know that I am not trying to tell you how to count your days, that is your business. The Freedom Train counts by the number of days you have completed! For example: Budman is on his 100th day today! He has cause to celebrate and I hope he rides with us today and every day! However from the standpoint of the Train we will celebrate Budman's first 100 days tomorrow! I hope this does not create too much confusion! Let's see if we can get a party started here!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!                           Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer's! I hope everyone has recoverd from the wild party and wonderful time at the bonfire last night! It was indeed a fitting tribute to a wonderful humanitarian! At last count we burned 583,813 cigarettes! That is remarkable! I know that I set a goal of one million. I guess that was not realistic! It did show me that I have a lot more to do in bringing people to, and keeping people at this site! I hope we can keep this up and one day reach a million!

The Freedom Train actually stayed at the bonfire all night! Why you ask? Because we needed to be at Maggie's house this morning! That is right Maggie! Wake up! Don't you hear the train? You have 250 days behind you!! I know that you are probably a little worn down from all your work at the bonfire last night, but no excuses! Come on! Put on you prettiest party dress and get on this Train! You have 250 days to celebrate! You do not have to do a thing. Kick back and relax and I will have someone bring you breakfast! We are proud of you! Thank you for hosting the bonfire last night, and thank you for being one of us!

Next stop is Texas! Ellen! Ellen! Ellen! Somebody get her off that jet ski and tell her the Train is here! The Freedom Train is picking up Ellen today because she has 100 days to celebrate! Come on aboard Ellen! Put on that party dress what ever you are comfortable with,(the swimsuit is good) and come on up front with that side arm. We are going to be taking shots at the nicodemons that we see on the way to Freedom! Congrat on the first 100 days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!!

The Train is now headed full steam ahead for North Carolina! I somehow managed to let Kathy fall through the cracks! Strudel! Strudel! We are on the way! Get into that party dress! There is no school to teach today! You have 300 days to celebrate and we are here to help you do it! You are a great inspiration to all of us! We appreciate you so much!! 300 days is a great milestone! Do something special for yourself! Come party with us!!

Welcome to all who are celebrating today! Come and party with us! This Train is bound for FREEDOM!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                  Tommy

Good Morning fellow Exer's! This morning the Treedom Trian will be running a short schedule on the track to Freedom from Tobacco! I ask any and all to come aboard today and share any stories of Freedom that they care to share! All of the resources of Freedom Train Inc. will be focused on the ManOf Steele Memorial Bonfire tonight! Please make sure you are all ready for that! Remember to bring all of the cigarettes that you have not smoked during your quit! If you have a problem with the math, just let me know and I will help! You just need to know how many you smoked per day and how many days you have been Smoke Free! I am Extremely hopeful that we can burn ONE MILLION unsmoked cigarettes tonight! So come to Maggie's blog and bring everyone you can! There will be Food and Music, and Dancing! There will be guest apperances from some of our greatest Super Exer's! And some other surprises! So lets turn loose that pyromainiac that lives in all of us! Lets make this the biggest event in the history of Becomeanex! If you are not at the Bonfire tonight you will be someplace else! WHY IS THAT????

If for some reason you can not attend tonight, drop off your unsmoked cigarettes at my page today, and I will take them for you!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!                                       Tommy

Good morning fellow Exers! Once again this morning the Freeodm Train is leaving the station on it's daily run to Freedom from tobacco! I hope everyone will come aboard today, and enjoy the celebration that we provide! Smoke Free is the way to Be!!

The Freedom Train makes it first stop this morning on the East coast of Florida! Michelle! Michelle, I know you are kinda busy, but you need to put all that work on the back burner! The Freedom Train is here and it came to get you! You have 150 Smoke Free Days behind you, and we are here to help you celebrate! So, get out of that workout wear and into your party atire! You have reached another milestone in your journey to Freedom! Do special things for yourself today! Come a party with us!

The next stop for the Freedom Train is in Arnold, MO! We are here to pick up a special Young Lady that we missed yesterday! Our dear friend Vickys79 reached that wonderful 100 day milestone yesterday! After spending 101 days together, I am going to take the liberty of assuming that I can call you you Vicky! So, Vicky, please accept my apology for missing your great milestone yesterday! I hope you did something special for yourself! Come, today and celebrate with us! Congrats on the first 101 days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!

Leaving Missouri, and headed North! That is right! Another member of the Dakota Posse is looking for a Train ride today! Shannon! Can you feel the ground shaking yet? Do you hear that whistle blowing? The Freedom Train is coming for you! Today is Shannons 50th Smoke Free day! Wooooo Hooooo! The Dakota Posse rides again! Put on your prettiest party dress honey! Come and ride up front with me for a while! Come and see what Freedom looks like from the engine of the Freedom Train! Let's get this party started!

Just a quick reminder! I hope to see everyone at Maggie's blog tomorrow for the ManOfSteele Memorial Bonfire!! I hope this will be a huge event, as we pay tribute to one of the great people who laid the tracks that the Freedom Train runs on! The fire will be ignited at 7:00 pm Eastern Time! I hope it will burn across the country well into the night! Everyone bring all of the unsmoked cigarettes that are left behind in your quit! I would love to see 1,000,000 of those evil weeds go up in flames! If you need help figuring out how many you are bringing, reach out to me! I love doing math! And I love telling you how well you have done!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!                     Tommy


Good morning fellow Exer's!! This morning the Freedom Train is breaking protocol! Normally we pick up the person with the most quit days first! This morning I would like to ask our friend Eddie to forgive me, but I am taking the Train to South Carolina first! I could lie and say if is about fuel economy, but the truth is that while I really do like Eddie, I love Irish Rose

Irish Rose, get out of that kayak and board this Train!!! Take off that life vest and board this lifeline! Get out of those shorts and into your prettiest party dress! Kick off those boat shoes and put on your dancin' shoes The Freedom Train is here to get you! Everybody get into party mode! Today we are going to help our Wild Irish Rose celebrate 300 days of Freedom! I remember the rocky start that you had here my dear friend! You have overcome so much and stayed true to your quit! You are a shinning example to all who follow the trail that you have blazed! Today the Freedom Train is honored to have you aboard! Let us all raise our glasses in a toast to our beautiful, and sweet smelling Irish Rose! You are a winner!

Sorry again Eddie! That is a tough act to follow! Not to very long ago we went up to Ohio and picked up our friend Eddie! It was 35 days ago actually! Because Eddie had a year! Now, basic math skills tell me that 365 +35 = 400! That is absolutely true! Our good friend Eddie has 400 days today. And still he moves forward without fanfare or drama! One day at a time Eddie sets the pace that we must all follow! I tried to resit the temptation to call him Steady Eddie, but I can not! That is what he is! One man doing this the way it shoud be done! Congratulations on the first 400 days of your Smoke Free life!

The Freedom Train would like to remind everyone to prepare for Friday night! In case you missed the announcement yesterday, Maggie will be hosting the first ManOfSteele Memorial Bonfire! Everyone please attend, and bring a friend that may be considering quitting! Do your homework! Figure out how many cigarettes you have not smoked since your quit began! We are going to burn them in a huge bonfire! There will be Food and Music, and Dancing! There will be guest apperance by many of our Super Exer's! So meet us in NO EXCUSEVILLE! the home of the legendary ManOfSteele! I would love to see a million cigarettes burned Friday night! BE THERE!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                                    Tommy



Posted by pir8fan Apr 5, 2011

I never had the privledge of knowing Ray Steele(ManOfSteele). What I do know is that he left an incredible legacy at this site, and was a true Super Hero! I have no doubt that he will live forever in the hearts of all of those whos lives he touched! It was brought to my attention, today, that Ray used to have bonfires! Everyone would come to a symbolic event, and burn the cigarettes that they had not smoked during their quits! I love this idea! Therefore: As a tribute to the ManOfSteele, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I have partnered with my friend Maggie to host the first monthly ManOfSteele Memorial Bonfire! This event will be held in the blogs on Friday April 8th, and hosted by Maggie! All should come and bring the cigarettes that you have not smoked during you quit! So get busy doing the math. We want everyone to tell us how many cigarettes you are contributing to the fire! If you have a friend, or family member, or hell, even somebody you don't really like, bring them to this event! You may save someones life! There will be Food, Music, and Dancing! Guest appearances by many of our Super Exer's. Maybe we can even get Peggy to write us a short note! The Freedom Train will provide transportation! The Freedom Limo will be standing by if someone needs a ride home! I really want to see everyone there! Remember to party responsibly. Watch this space for more detailed information! Meanwhile make sure everyone knows, and everyone goes!






Good morning fellow Exer's! This morning the Freedom Train is steaming out West! I hope everyone is feeling good about themselves and their quits! Breakfast shoud be available in the dining car very soon! Meanwhile I am searching for that first cup of coffee!

Our first stop this morning is to pick up my Dear Friend Aztec! May 5th, 2009!  Aztec was fighting off the first craves of an addiction she had committed to defeat!  Today, 700 days later, I think she is getting the hang of it! For 700 days she has honored her word to herself, and all who know her! But Aztec has done so much more than that! She tirelessly seeks out the new quitters among us! She provides them with a wealth of information that make their journey easier! Let me see a show of hands! How many of you are here today, in part, because of Aztec? Honey, you are an extremely valuable asset to this community! Thank you, for all that you are, and all that you do! And, a heartfelt congratulations on the first 700 days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life! Climb aboard this Train! The celebration is about to begin!

Next stop is in Northern California! Misty Dawn! Misty Dawn! Are we waking you up? Hear that Train whistle? Feel that rumble? It is the Freedom Train! We are here to get you! You have 250 days of Freedom to celebrate! If you do not know Misty Dawn, you should! She is very unique(just like everyone else). Misty Dawn did not come here to quit! She just thought she would try not smoking for a while! How is that working out for you Honey? I can tell you that for the first 250 days is has worked very well! You remember that dress you were wearing when you were running barefoot down the beach the other night! That was good! Put that one on,(Shoes are optional) and come and celebrate with us! The Freedom Train is proud to have you aboard! Today is a great day for the race! That would be the human race! Now lets get this party started!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the shackles that has bound us into slavery for so long!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!               Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer's! It is Monday and I hope everyone is getting the week off to a good start! The Freedon Train is off on it's daily run to Freedom from the evils of tobacco!

The Freedom Train starts out this glorious day in MA. We are on the way to pick up Molly! She is another of the November to Remember gang! Today Molly reaches the 500 day milestone! Way to go Molly! Thank you for being a part of our community! Do you remember back on Thanksgiving Day 2009? You were a week into your quit and wondering how you were going to make it! Then you found your inspiration in a song! You sang to the top of your lungs, and never wanted to damage those lungs again! 493 days later, the song that inspired you, has transformed you into an inspiration for all of us! Take a moment today and sing again Molly! Do things to make the day as special to you, as you are to us!

Next stop is in South Dakota! Cindy! Yo, Cindy! There is Train out here looking for you! Yep! The first of the Dakota Posse has arrived at the 50 day milestone! I hope you took the day off of work! Cause there is going to be a celebration going on! Folks if you do not know Cindy yet,........ WAKE UP! She arrived here and brought an enthusiasm that was really needed here! She spreads joy to everyone she comes in contact with! Honey, I am very happy that you are now part of our family! I am also very proud that I can call you my friend!

We are also stopping by, on the way through Michigan, to pick-up a Lady who even though she is just quitting today, has become a fixture here! Marcie(simtagous), has smoked her last cigarette! We are proud of you Sweetie! Climb on board the Freedom Train today and spend your first day of Freedom with us! welcome Marcie!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from tobacco!!



Good Morning Fellow Exer's! I hope this is a beautiful Sunday morning where you are! This morning the Freedom Train is in Canton, Ohio! We are here two pick up Rick M! Come on out here Rick! The Freedom Train is here and we are going to help you celebrate 2 years of Smoke Free living! I am sure that most of you know Rick, even though a lot of his efforts here are, pretty much, behind the scenes! Thank you for all you do for the people who are here, and those we do not see! You are very special part of this community, and even though you stay very low key, the light that you bring shines in all of those that you have helped! Today we all raise a toast to you and your 2 years of Freedom! Great job Rick!

The next stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in Minnesota!(again) This time we are picking up Quitter! Good morning honey! The Train is here for you! 11 months into your comittment you are still going strong! You bring us joy! You show us how to stay on a steady, even keel as you sail your way to Freedom! Give up the sail for today. Come and ride the Train! Let us help you celebrate you first 11 months of Freedom! We are proud to have Quitter as a part of our family! And I am proud to call her my Friend!

The next stop this morning is in Connecticut! Kat! Yo Kat! We snuck up on you! Do you hear that car horn blowing? Car horn? Yep! We could not bring the Train into your neighborhood this morning because of all the UCONN parties! So I sent the Freedom Limo to get you! I hope you have on that party dress that you wore for the Oscars! Kat has 8 months Smoke Free today! In spite of some health issues that has caused her lots of pain, Kat has remained firm in her resolve! Way to go my Friend! You are kicking butts!

I also want to give a shout out to Breathe Free. Yesterday made 50 days for her. Because the Train was making a special run to reach out to some special people yesterday, I am a day late in recognizing her! You are special also sweetie! Come and ride with us today, as we celebrate your 51 Smoke Free days!

This train is bound for FREEDOM from the bonds of addiction!



Good morning fellow Exer's! Welcome aboard to Freedom Train on this first Saturday morning in April! Yesterday was of course the First of April, and I hope no one got fooled by the nicodemons! This morning the Train is going to salute a group of people that for the most part are not heard from! The Train is still making it's usual run to Freedom from tobacco, but today we are going to ask a different group of people to speak up!

It was recently brought to my attention that there are a lot of folks out there who a fighting a lot more than the addiction to nicotine, that brought us all together here! There are a large number of people who are also fighting health problems related to smoking! Most of us are aware of our fantasic friend Kellie, who chronicles her fight with her writting at: BTW Kellie is 2/3 of the way to being a Quad Squad member! 667 days today! We are all very aware of out friend Thomas who does so much for COPD awareness! What we do not know is how many people are suffering in silence. How many out there feel shame because they fell victim to health problems because of their own poor choices? How many are out there feeling that they have no voice here? You do have a voice! There is an opportunity to be a part of something so much larger than yourself! You have a place here. Come and celebrate the life that you have! Live every minute of it! Find the joy that we share here, and share your experence with us! Find the joy of helping yourself by helping others! "Collateral Kindness" is alive and well! It is riding the Freedom Train, and we want, and need you to be a part of it! There is joy to be found in every moment of life! Come and share that with us!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the shackles that bound us to tobacco!





Absolutely Stunning!!

Posted by pir8fan Apr 1, 2011

Researchers from the EPA, and the CDC are set to release a joint study today that shows tobacco smoke may not be harmful to your health. The study shows that pre 1960's smokers had relatively few health problems. Then Gillette introduced the "Cricket" which is a small butane lighter. The success that they had led to the "Bic" lighter. As more and more people used these devices they inhaled more and more burned butane gas into their systems. That butane gas has led to almost all the health problems associated with smoking. These findings seem to be supported by relatively low cancer rates reported by emerging nations, where matches are the main source of fire!.

The tobacco industry is stunned with one official saying " Heads will roll! How could our researchers have possibly missed this! We could have made billions by just giving away matches!" Officals at the White House say the president is elated, and has been smoking "pretty much non-stop" since he recieved a copy of the report! Dr Hurt, at the Mayo Clinic said that this is "an even greater reason for people to use nicotine therapies. Including those who have never smoked."!

I just thought you would want to know. ENJOY YOUR APRIL 1ST!!!

Good morning fellow Exer's! This morning the Freedom Train starts out in my home state of North Carolina! We are on the way to Debi's house! Feel the ground shaking Debi? Do you hear that Train whistle? That is the Freedom Train coming for you! Another of the, now famous, November to remember crowd has reached 500 days! Congarats Debi! You are a role model and a wonderful example for all of us who follow you! Debi, you give the people of this site credit for providing the courage, and the knowledge you needed to quit! That is not quite accurate! The knowledge is here! But the courage to look for it, and use it came from you!! Celebrate yourself today! We will celebrate with you!

Next stop is Alabama! BJMarks? Where are you honey! You can not hide from us! You have a year and we know it! That is right everybody! This is a One year milestone celebration for BJMarks! Honey, it has been a year! I am going to assume we can be on a first name basis now! BJ was once upset because the hospital she works at went Smoke Free! Today she is Smoke Free for a whole year! Rumor has it that the hospital is not upset! Come and celebrate this great milestone with us on that Freedom Train! You are a very valuable part of our family! You so deserve thia celebration! Congrats on the first YEAR of your New and improved life!!

Maggie! Maggie? Where are you Honey? We are now headed to get Maggie! This Lady has long been a blessing to this site and to The Freedom Train! How long you ask? 8 months to this site! Maggie comes here every day and quietly provides encouragement for all! She avoid saying anything that anyone may be offended by! She brings Food and Beverages to the Train! Maggie is a true blessing to us all! You got that party dress Sweetie? That Little Black  One! Bring those dancin' shoes too! There is going to be a party! Don't worry about bringing lunch today! Just come up front and sit with me!

Annie? Do you hear that? That is the sound of the Freedom Train steaming into MA! We know that you have 100 days, and we are coming to get you! If you don't know Annie, you should spend a little time with her during this party today! Annie is not a first time quitter! She quit once before, for 4 months! She did not quite make it out of no-mans-land! She was so close, and did not know it! Today we celebrate the fact that she tried again, and this time she found us! We will not let you fail Annie! Just hold my hand and stay with us!

We are also stopping today to pick up Lonita! Lonita is another frequent rider of the Freedom Train! Like so many this is not her first effort to quit! But it will be her last! She knows why she quit, and now she has us to help her understand how to stay quit! Lonita has 90 Smoke Free days behind her, and she is headed out of Mississippi bound for Freedom! Did you bring that party dress? You are going to need it! Crank up the band!




Several weeks ago a very nice Lady in Florida was diagnosed with three abdominal aneurysms. One that might need surgery! Having access to a medical professional in the family, she began to understand that she needed to quit smoking. You see smoking restricts blood vessels. This is not a good thing, especially for aneurysms. It can cause them to rupture! So acting on the facts, her sister the medical professional went to see her. She took her a copy of Allen Carr's book. She took her to the best website in the world for people who are quitting. She introduced her sister to you and me! She worked hard to make sure that her sister understood the importance of quitting. She showed her, by example, that it could be done.

When this lady's sister left, she thought it all over, and decided to quit smoking. She started reading the book. She set her quit date, for today. She planned very well! She understood that her in-home job, working at her computer, was a trigger. She was used to smoking while she worked. Yesterday she called her boss and took a week off. She understood the importance of avoiding that trigger. Today is the day she is quitting!.............. But something went terribly wrong. This wonderful Lady quit a day early!

While this very special Lady went about the steps of preparing to quit, there was another aneurysm that had not been discovered. It was in her brain! Yesterday, that aneurysm ruptured. She was rushed to the hospital. Emergency brain surgery was preformed. A short time later another brain surgery. Two major surgeries back to back! This story is going to get better. Sandy's sister, Leah was taken off the ventilator this afternoon! She was able to talk and answer questions. She is not out of the woods yet. But the outlook is optimistic. Leah has quit smoking! She can never smoke again. The choice of when to quit was taken from her. It could have easily have been her life that was taken!

My point is simple. If you are planning to quit, get it done. Do it while the date is still your choice!

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