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Amazing! You Did It Again!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 31, 2011

About 24 hours ago I came here and ask you to join me in prayer for Sandy's sister! Leah had a very large aneurysm rupture in her brain. After a major syrgery to repair that, she returned to surgery to put shunts on each side of her head to relieve the pressure! Not one, but two major surgeries, pretty much back to back! You, our Exer family, responded with your prayers, and once again our prayers were not only heard, but answered!!! I just got off of the phone with Sandy! I am happy to report that Leah is awake and alert. She recognized all in the room! She did not know where she was or remember the events that led to her being there! She also missed the year, in a series of questions designed to determine cognative skill! However after two major surgeries and anesthia, and morphine I am guessing that most of us might not ace a memory test!

Your prayers have worked again! I am beginning to expect a miracle, when we send knee mail as a group!! Sandy sends big THANK YOU'S to each and every one of you! I thank you as well! I also ask that you continue to send up prayers on behalf of Leah! She needs to avoid complications from all of this. She is by no means out of the woods. However the news from that hospital today is far, far, better than the most optimistic of us could have expected! You are a wonderful group of people! The family that we have chosen do be is absolutely remarkable! God bless you, everyone!

Good morning fellow Exer's! Welcome aboard the FreedomTrain! We will begin our daily run to Freedom from tobacco in just a few minutes! Make yourself comfortable! If you have some extra baggage you are carring around today, please drop it off with the Porter! We will help you sort it out!

There are no milestone listed in the Conductor's notes today, but there are a few people that I would like to acknowledge today! First of all is my Dear Friend Teresa(SmokedOut)! She was one of the first responders when an angry new quitter arrived here last year! She ignored my anger and just welcomed me to this site! Everytime I raged, she ignored it, or laughed with me, and kept telling me I was doing the right thing! She never failed to offer me encouragement! Now, A lot of us here today know how hard Teresa has fought to help us quit! Some know how hard a time she had finding her own "Forever" quit! Today,Teresa has the first 60 days of her New and Improved Smoke Free life behind her! I just want to tell her how proud I am of her! I once told you how long I would be here for you! That has not changed, and never will! We will continue on, FOREVER Honey!

Another person that I would like to give a shout out to is Tammy(Empathy). Does anyone remember when she showed up here? Her screen name was "The Good Smoker"! I had to ask myself "What the hell is a good smoker?"! Well as a little time passed I began to understand! We would be hard pressed to find a more caring person! That name had to go though! And it did! Tammy had a very hard time getting on top of her adiction! Lord knows, we all tried to help her! I think Peggy was the one that was most instrumental in making the light bulb come on for Tammy! WTG Peggy! And WTG Tammy! Today Tammy is very solid in her quit! If my math skills have not failed me 267 days of solid! You are my Friend FOREVER also!

I want to thank both of you Young Ladies for being my Friends! I also want to thank all of you, who show up here and make this Train a special place to celebrate our Freedom from the bondage, that was a part of our lives for way to long!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                                Tommy

Good evening my friends! Once again I am coming to my Exer family to ask all to join in prayer for Sandy's(keptpromise) sister Leah. She suffered a brain aneurysm this afternoon. She came out of surgery a short time ago. They are going back put in a shunt, to relieve the pressure! Sandy is there now ,and will update when she can! We all know the power that prayer has, so please join me, in asking for God's blessings for the entire family! Thank you all in advance!!

Good Morning Fellow Exer's! I am happy to report that after a wild, and crazy trip to the west coast last night, The Freedom Train is still in top notch condition. The Engineer/ Conductor has also survived, and is none the worse for wear! This morning the Freedom Train is in PA. And it is here for a very good reason! Sootie has 500 days!! If there is anyone here who does not know Sootie you may need to go back and re-read all the blogs since you got here! Sootie is without question, one of the best among us! She is a quiet voice of reason in the screaming insanity that we sometimes find here! She is my OAK! She is the person who I can count on time after time, to tell me if I am right or wrong! She is fearless in her integrity! The truth is the truth! If you do not want to hear it, don't ask Sootie! She is also big on personal responsibility! She will not let you get away with claiming you are a victim, when your woes are self inflicted! Is there any question why I love this Lady so much! Sooooooooo, Sootie, put on you prettiest party dress and get you favorite dancin' shoes. The party is about to start! No promises yet, but I have sent a invitation to James Taylor and Carole King! Wheather they show up or not, It is important to me, for you to know that: You Gotta Friend!

The next stop for the Freedom train is in Southwest Virginia! Pipster! Listen up! There is a Train coming! And it is coming to get you! I know we are getting close because I smell the popcorn! Come and ride with us. We brought the butter! Look at that clock people! Our Pipster has 100 Days! I am sure that all who have been there remember what an important milestone 100 days is! Pipster has been coming here for 100 days and bringing reality and humor to us in equal measures! We are a better comunity because Pip lives here! So let us begin this celebration of two of our finest!!




Good Evening fellow Exer's! I have recieved a request for a special evening run to Freedom from tobacco, from some of  our friends out on the West Coast! The Freedom Train is ready to run to Freedom anytime of that day or night that anyone wants to ride! So with that thought in mind, I dedicate this evening run to all of my Dear Friends on the "Left Coast"!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from tobacco!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                          Tommy


Good morning fellow Exer"s! The Freedom Train is on a mission this morning! We have a very special Young Lady to pick-up this morning! Doris! Doris! Here we come! Get into your very best party dress! Grab those dancing shoes! We all know! You have 800 Smoke Free days to celebrate! that is right 800! If I had a dollar for everyday that has past since you had your last cigarette, I would have $800. Then I would be on a cruise! What a great milestone! Come and allow us to help you celebrate today honey! You are a great source of inspiration for all of us! Newbies! If you think it is impossible, look at Doris! Imagine! You can be having this same celebration! And there is nothing to do! Just one thing not to do! Don't Smoke! Right Doris? When you started, could you imagine this celebration?

Next stop for the Freedom Train is for a pretty Young Lady that I meant to pick-up a few days ago and missed! We are headed for the city of baseball bats and the derby! Louisville KY! Mlb82! Do you hear that Train whistle? Do you feel the rumble Megan? That is the Freedom Train coming down the tracks to get you! Yes we missed your 50 days but you are not forgotten! Today we celebrate your 53 days of Freedom from tobacco! So get on this Train and let's get ready to party! Wait, did I make another promise Megan? Yes I did! And I am a man of my word! So come on up front and ride with me this morning! Enjoy the view from the front of the Train! See beautiful route to Freedom!!




Good morning fellow Exer's! I hope everyone had a good week-end! There were some great people who celebrated milestones this week-end, and the Freedom Train was proud to be a part of those celebrations! There are some other great people who have milestones coming up this week! The Freedom train will be here to salute those alsol! I am sure someone out there today is celebrating a special day as well! Unfortunately, I do not know who it is! If you know of any special milestones we are passing today please make us aware of them!

While we are waiting to hear from people on that, we will continue to celebrate Freedom from tobacco! Today I would like to ask everyone to come and celebrate yourself! It does not matter if you have a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade, or a score of Smoke Free days. You have made a decision that not only affects you, but has a ripple effect on everyone who knows you, and cares about you! It even effects the people you are yet to meet, but one day will! Think about that for a minute! You are planting seeds today that will produce fruits, not only for the rest of your life, but for generations to come! What is more awesome than realizing that you are becoming a force for good, in a future that you can not even imagine! At some point in our lives we have all felt a need, and desire to change the world! Well, guess what? The things that we do today, do, in some small way, change the world. A small ripple can become a huge tidal wave! You will create a legacy that touches every future generation of your family! You can move your family from "We don't do that anymore!" to just plain old "We don't do that! Never have!" But it all comes from one decision and the determination to honor it! You really are awesome! All of you!

So today come forward! Tell us how quitting is making your life better! Let us FOCUS today on the reasons we quit! Let us understand the point so well made by our friend Sootie! We do not quit to keep from dying! We quit so we can live well, while we are here! Let us celebrate today the DETERMINATION that is driving us to persue the Freedom that this Train represents! This Train is bound for Freedom!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!                            Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer's! The Freedom Train starts the morning, on this Sunday, in Southern Minnesota! Breakinthechains Celebrated  his 2 years anniversary of Freedom from tobacco yesterday! Due to a mathmatical miscalculation, the Train was not here! So, since he did not celebrate Freedom Train style, we are going after him today! I think that a 2 year quit deserves a two day celebration anyway! So my friend, Chains, Come on out and climb aboad this Train! The second day of your celebration is about to begin!! I am really sorry that I missed you yesterday!

The next stop for the Freedom Train this morning is at our Freedom Intl. Airport! We are meeting the Freedom Plane, which should just be arriving from across the pond! I sent it this morning to pick up out dear, sweet, Linda! Linda has multiple causes for celebration! She has no only finished her radiation treatments, but she has remained Smoke Free for 400 days! That's right 400 days! Hey Sweetie! I hope you had a comfortable flight! I know that you may be a bit tired, but as soon as you are up to it, May I have the first dance? It is great to have you back on board the Freedom Train! *Smooch!*

The next stop is to pick up a dear friend who remains very private! Judy! Come on out and join the fun! Today we are going to celebrate your first 200 Smoke Free days! For those of you who do not know Judy identifies herself on site with an exclaimation point! "!" At the risk of sounding boastful, that was my idea! You see our sweet Judy arrived here as a question mark! "?"  After a very short time it was obvious, to me, that there was no question about her success here! So I suggested that she change her I.D.. She did, and the rest, as they say, is history Today 200 days of freedom seperate Judy from that last ever smoke! So, grab your prettiest party dress, Sweetie, and get those dancin' shoe! Today we celebrate you! May I have this dance? Now let's move this party down the tracks!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from tobacco! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"                  ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                         Tommy


Good morning fellow Exer's! I returned to the Train this morning to find it in excellent shape! Thank you all for maintaining it during my day off! I did find some brass someone did not pick up! I hope you hit whatever you were shooting at! On to the Important stuff! The Freedom Train is about to make it's Saturday run to Freedom from tobacco! The first place that Rebels dug their heels in the ground to fight federal intervention into states rights was in the Great state of South Carolina! One Thousand days ago another epic battle started in that same state! Brabara started to defeat the nicodemon that had intervened in her life! Through every single battle Barbara has perserved! She has not lost even once! Today, we all need to stop for a moment  and thank Barbara for blazing a trail we can clearly see! She has laid a section of track for the Freedom Train to follow! Barbara! Grab your best party dress Honey, and your dancin' shoes! The Freedom Train is coming to get you! Congratulations on becomeing a member of the Quad Squad! 1000 DAYS!!  You are FANASTIC!

Also we are going to Texas again today! In about 10 minutes Patty's clock is going to roll up 150 days! I remember when I hit the 150 day mark! I think I was the only one that attached any real importance to it! Well, I am here today to tell you that it is an important milestone! WTG Patty! The now famous, and well known "No Man's Land" is firmly in the rear view mirror! You are in control! Nothing is coming that you can't handle! We are proud of you! Now, Patty, we are all waiting to see if you wear boots with your party dress! The train's band has been practising Beach Music for Barbara, and Texas Two-Step music for you! So, let's get this Train and this celebration rolling!!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!                                       Tommy


Good Morning fellow Exer's! The Freedom Train will be running on Auto Pilot today! I hope all of you will board, and celebrate all the milestone along the tracks to freedom from tobacco! The Engineer/Conductor is taking a mental health day! I will return tomorrow!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! ABOARD                                Tommy


Good morning Fellow Exer's!! This morning the Freedom Train is on the way to find a very special Young Lady, who has a special message for all of the new people here! Lynette!! Lynette! I hope you already have on your prettiest party dress, and your dancin' shoes! There is about to be a big party, and it is about you! Hey, Everybody, Lynette has 100 days! Some of you may have wondered just a few days ago if this was going to happen! Just a few short days ago this Young Lady was having a bad day! She was not feeling very strong and her still smoking sister was coming for a visit! Lynette knew that she was probably going to ask her sister for a hit(read fix) from one of her cigarettes! So did she just resign herself to that fate? Hell NO! She did what she should have done! She reached out to you, her fellow Exer's! And once again, you proved to all who care to learn the lesson, that  doing that works! Lynette found the support and the strength she needed to keep her golden quit! Because of you and(modestly) this Freedom Train, Lynette reaches 100 Smoke Free days today! She has shared with me that the thought of riding up front in the Freedon Train helped her keep that quit! So, today is the day! Lynette, get youself up here! Put your backside in the "Shotgun Seat" of this Train and let's get it rolling toward Freedom from tobacco! Folks crank up the party! Once again the site has proved that: You can do it! We will help!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM!! With Lynette safely on board, and still Free! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"  ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!           Tommy


Good Morning fellow Exer's! I hope all of you are ready for another day of celebration of our Freedom from tobacco! The Train is stocked and ready to roll! Our first stop today is to pick-up Maynell! What were you doing 500 days ago! Maynell was looking back on her first 24 hours of being Smoke Free! Like most of us after that first 24 hours, she was probably wondering if she could make it 24 more! So far she has managed to make it another 24, Five Hundred consecutive times!! Way to go Maynell! Jump aboard this Train Young Lady The party is about to start!

The next stop for the Freedom Train is in Maryland(again, lot of great quitters in Maryland)! We are headed over to pick up Healthyjayjo! Yes that is right, Jill! I know that it seems to us like she just got here! Not true! While we were looking the other way, this marvelous Lady has racked up 150 Smoke Free days!! Grab your prettiest party dress Jill, and don't forget those dancin' shoes! Today we celebrate with you!!

Just a quick side note! I know that some people count a day once it has started, and that is cool! The calenders do not count a day until you have completed it! No one is going to split hairs(I hope) on which way you count! However, it is impossible for us here at the Freedom Train to keep up with who counts which way! So, for the sake of my sanity, the Freedom Train counts days the same way the calenders do it! After the day is complete! I hope no one feels left out, or cut short by this method of counting! Everyday is important, and is cause for celebration! So everyone climb aboard and let's get ready to party!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!                          Tommy


Good morning fellow Exer's! Once again this morning the Freedom Train is headed to Freedom from tobacco! I saw a blog a few minutes ago pointing out what a great group of prople we have here! That is true and I would like to start this day out by thanking you all for allowing me to be one of you! It is an honor to bring this Train here everyday to celebrate you and your accomplishments!

This morning the Freedom Train is steaming to the state of Arkansas! We are going after "The Happy Quitter"! That's right!  James! Listen up! The Freedom Train is coming after you! James come on and climb aboard! It seems that there are a lot of distractions for you right now! But let us keep our Focus! The reason we are all here is to find that elusive Freedom from the shackles that have bound us to nicotine! James has found that Freedom for 450 consecutive days! Way to go James! Everyday you have reminded us that it is possible to be happy! Congrats on the first 450 days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!

Everyone please stop for just a moment and acknowledge that Sweet Young Lady, LindaN! Congrats on your first 250 days! You do so much to make this Train special! Thank you for being here! We all love or LindaN! I can not begin to tell you how special you are to me!! Love you Honey!

Also, as the Train leaves the yard this morning, and heads through Bonita, the engineer offers a tip of the hat to my good Friend keptpromise. She spent a tough week-end with her sister (a smoker) and fought off temptation! Today she returns to work a champion in her fight! Congrats on 75 Smoke Free Days Sandy! Yesterday, another sister in this battle for Freedom recognized a potentially dangerous situation with her sister(also a smoker)! Lynette did the right thing! She reached out to her allies here! You were all able to support her, and give her the strength she needed to face a difficult trigger! The Train offers a long whistle for all of you who responed, and to Lynette who was not affraid to ask for help! Congrats on 98 Smoke Free days Lynette! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!

Now, Once again, this Train is Bound for FREEDOM! Join us and bring all your extra baggage! We can sort it out!     "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!                                         Tommy



Freedom Train Heads out west!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 21, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! I apologize for the delay! Just a little routine preventive maintainence! All is well except the Doctor says I have to stop spending all my time at the computer! She prescribed three rounds of golf every week! I had to pay double for that prescription, but I think it is worth it! Now if I can just get the insurance company will cover the greens fees! She also said that long walks on the beach are good! *wink*! I will have to check with the insurance company about parking fees! But on to the business at hand!

Teresa!! Teresa? SmokedOut? Where are you girl? Do you feel the ground shaking? Do you hear that whistle blowing? That is the Freedom Train, and it is coming for you! Where are you? Oh, there you are, over by that 50 days sign! That right! You! Get that party dress! Trade them bowling shoes for your dancing shoes! And I want the first dance! For those of you who do not know, this Young Lady occupies a special place in my heart! Teresa was one of the first responders when I arrived here! She responded to my very first blog! Now, Teresa has fought more than her fair share of nicodemons! She has helped a lot of people battle their demons! And now she has her own nicodemon beaten into submission! She has beating that demon for 50 solid days! So everybody bring out your best! Let's help Teresa celebrate the 50 day milestone! You are much loved here Honey!!





Freedom Train note!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 21, 2011

The Freedom Train will be late starting this morning! The Engineer/Conductor has to go into the shop this morning for a little preventive maintainence! I will be back as soon as possible!           Tommy

Good Morning fellow Exer's! This morning, as the Freedom Train starts it's Sunday drive to Freedom from tobacco, we have a very special honoree! We are stopping first thing to pick-up Thomas! That is right folks, Thomas has his first Smoke Free Year behind him! Please welcome my/our dear friend to the One Year Club! Thomas! Do you feel the ground Shaking? Hear that Train whistle? It is all about you today! We are coming to help you celebrate! Bring your dancin' shoes aboard! I just want to take an extra moment to point out that through the last year Thomas has been a complete rock! He has not only been solid in his own quit, but he has been there for everyone. Wheather he has been called on for words of support or to offer up prayer, he has responded each and everytime. He brings wisdom and class to our community, and we are fortunate to have him here! Thomas, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You, for all that you do here! You are very much appreciated, and much loved here! This Train ride is all about you!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!                               Tommy



A couple of observations!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 19, 2011

I believe that Dr Hurt's Blog is harmful to some of the people who are fighting this addiction. I see irony in the fact that his name is Hurt!

A gentleman name Mike excersized his right to Free speech, and disagreed with the position that many of us staked out after reading Dr. Hurt's blog! About 240 years ago certain of our ancestors flung powder and shot in the name of Freedom! Such points as they won, gives this man the right to do that. I wholeheartedly support that right! And I recognize it for what it is! However when anyone, and most everyone, excersized their right of Free speech to disagree with him, the view changed! He stated " be a free thinker here can carry with it some strange consequences." So it would seem that his right to Free speech(and Free thinking) is sacred! And everyone who fails to bow to his thoughts are hurling strange consequences at him! What kind of arrogance does it take to insult everyone else's ability to think? Are there consequences for arrogance? One consequence would be the shattering of a deafening silence!

One parting thought! If you are buying into any of what Dr.Hurt was shoveling yesterday, and think you may have genes that make quitting almost impossible, I have a challenge for you! Walk into a hospital room where someone is dying from a horrible, and painful disease caused by a genetic predisposition, and tell that person this: "I am just like you! I am dying because I have a genetic predisposition that makes it to hard for me to quit smoking."


The Freedom Train!!!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 19, 2011

Good Morning fellow Exer's! This morning the Freedom Train will be leaving from the Railyard! There are no milestones listed in the conductors notes! Now I do not believe that there are no milestones out there today! Sooo, what I am going to do is ask all who have something worth celebrating (and that is all of you), to come aboard the Train today and tell us about it!

I would also like to take a moment to acknowledge our Super Exer's (my name for the "elders") and the Quad Squad( My new term for those over a thousand days!) These people are absolutely tireless in their efforts to help us all to help ourselves, and help each other! Thank you, to all of you who make it easier for those of us who follow your footsteps! I love you all!

Now as spring approaches with its new beginnings, let us all re-double our committment to ourselves, and our famillies, and our friends! We are all on this wonderful journey to Freedom! Relax and enjoy the ride!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!                               Tommy


Good Morning fellow Exer's! I hope we all survived the corned beef and cabbage, and green beer! Welcome to the Freedom Train! We will be leaving shortly for another daily run to Freedom from tobacco! If you look out the window you will find we are in North West PA. This is where we are picking up Papa Jim! Papa Jim has been an inspiration for so many of the people that I have looked up to in my quit! The Freedoom Train is honored to have him aboard! In the still of the night, last night, Papa Jim quietly left the Triple Digit Club! So,lets all congratulate him on his arrival in the "QUAD SQUAD"! That is right 1000 days! Way to go Papa Jim!

The next stop for the Freedom Train will be in Maryland! Bonnie!! I know that there is a lot going on in your life right now! Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your Dad! Please take a litte time out and join us today on the Freedom Train as we celebrate the first 500 days of your New and Improved Smoke Free life! Bonnie, you are a special Lady and you have done so much for so many! Thank you for being a part of our community! And, thank you for gracing the Train with your presence today! Bonnie, Welcome aboard! Would someone get her a cup of Bengal Tea please!

From Bonnie's we head out to pick up Mommaof2. This young lady probably has no idea that we are coming! However, the conductor has it from a reliable source that Mommaof2 is also the mother of a 100 day quit! So, grab your best party dress honey, and your dancin' shoes! The Freedom Train is coming to get you to celebrate your 100 days of Freedom from what your son calls "cigarats"!

This Train is bound for Freedom From Tobacco! " IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"         ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!                    Tommy


Good morning fellow Exer's! Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I hope ye all be wearin' the green! Today the Freedom Train is on the way to pick up Aunt Dee! Do you feel the ground shakin' Doris! Do you hear that Train Whistle!! We are coming to get you! We know! Everybody knows, that you are joining the One Year Club today! So get that best party dress and your dancin' shoes! We will be there in just a few minutes! I am sure that everyone knows Aunt Dee! So today, jump on the train and tell her how much she is loved in this community!

I-can-do-this!!!! What a name and what an attitude to bring here! And do it she has! Amanda joins the One Year Club today as well! Amanda! Amanda! Come and ride with us! I know that you are busy with that new baby, but the Freedom Train is baby friendly! So come and let all these lady's ohh and ahhh at the baby while you celebrate! Congrats on the quit and the new addition!!

Now bring on the corned beef and cabbage! The Irish soda bread and the green beer!

Come one! Come all! Let us celebrate the Freedom from the "Golden Leaf"!


ALLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!               Tommy


Good moring Fellow Exer's! As you can see the Freedom Train has a lot of special pick-ups today! So lets get to it! The first stop this morning is in Ohio! Deb! Deb! Have you got that party dress on! Yes, you can use the some one you wore when you quit, 3 years ago!! Congrats to you on a 3 year quit. You are one of our Super Exer's for sure!

Our next stop is in New Jersey! Here we are picking up the lovely Denise! We are a day late!! Sooooo, Today we will help Denise celebrate the first day of her third year of Smoke free living!! Grab you best party dress Denise! And you dancin' shoes! Today we celebrate you on the Freedom Train! I am sorry that we missed your 2 year anniversary yesterday!!

The next stop is a very special one for me! We are picking a young Lady that I consider one of the most important on this site, and a truely wonderful human being! Kellie, Dress in your finest! May I have the first dance? Or if you dont feel like dancing, just come up front and sit with me! The Freedom Train spends it days trying to honor milestones! Today the Train itself is honored to have you aboard! Hey! Everybody! Kellie has 650 days today!! If there anyone here who does not know Kellie, you need to go to her page now. Read of the personal sacrafices that smoking can cause! Then count your blessings! I count Kellie as one of the blessings in my life! Kellie you are a true SHERO to me!

While we are out west out next stop is to pick up Brodertr. Tony you have a tough act to follow, boarding after Kellie!  That in no way diminishes your accomplishment! For you who do not know, Tony is joining the One Year Club today! He is one of our two male honorees today! Welcome to the Freedom Train my friend and congrats on the first full year of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!

Last stop is in the state of Jawgia! Here we are picking up Jawidge! Our exceptionally articulate friend is celebrating  200 days today! I could say a lot of nice things about Jawidge, but I am sure you would rather hear his words! So Jawidge put on your best party dress clothes and let the celebration begin!




Good  Morning fellow Exer's!! This morning the Freedom Train starts out in Rhode Island where we are searching for Steph(RI1811). Steph has 50 days today! This young lady came to our community and got off to a very rocky start! But once she saw the responses of people that she did not even know, and realized that we cared about her, an impressive transformation occured! Now she is doing great and is very strong in her quit! She will soon be one of the poster people for the wonderful support you can find here! Grab your prettiest party dress Steph, o', and your dancin' shoes. we are celebrating you today!

I would like to take a moment also to honor one of the best friends that a person will ever find, here or in a 3D scenerio. My Dear Sweet Friend Sootie has 16 Smoke Free months behind her today! I almost missed this, and I would have been very sad about that! Sootie, drinks are on me in the bar car! Or, you can drive the Train if you would like! Love you!!

I also want to point out that in looking around, I am seeing a lot of misunderstanding and disagreement! Sometimes those who try to explain the misunderstanding are not very clear! Then we have some who just want to point fingers at those they do not care for! They are not helpful! I just want to point out that disagreements are always going to exist. But, we can disagree without being disagreeable! If a person has an opinion that you do not agree with, that does not make them a bad person. Talk it out and understand each other! Make no mistake! If I see someone here, who is doing or saying something, that is absolutely wrong, and may be harmful to our community, I will be the first and most agressive of the attackers! But for the most part what we have here are minor misunderstandings! So everyone take a deep breath and let's talk, in a civil manner!                  "Beware the ides of March!"

Now it is time to begin today's celebration of all the milestones and all the joy we are finding on the way to Freedom! If you have milestone today, please jump on the Train and announce yourself! Let us CELEBRATE!!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                          Tommy


Good morning Fellow Exer's! This morning the Freedom Train will start it's daily run to Freedom from tobacco in Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Sandi! We are coming to get you! Sandi is celebrating 2 full Smoke Free years today! We will not allow her to celebrate without us! If you do not know Sandi, you should! Sandi was smoking 3 packs a day when she said enough! Since then, none, nada, zip, zilch, zero! Young Lady, you a a great source of inspiration to us all! So grab your best party dress, and your dancin' shoes! The Freedom Train welcomes you! Thank you for being part of our community! And letting us be part of yours!

I have noticed in the last few days that many here are having a very hard time! I just want to encourage all of you to hang on! I have never seen so many people working so hard to save the lives, and quits of their fellow Exer's. Protect your quits my friends! Remember to reach out, blog what you are feeling,(Ask the audience)! Call a quit buddy,(Phone a friend)! Do not lose your quit without using all of your lifelines!

A couple of other people I would like to acknowledge, before we roll! Breathe free! May I have this dance honey? I know that you have had some hard times. But you have honored your committment, and stayed Smoke Free for 31 days. That is a solid month on any calendar. I am proud of you! Simtagous! Next dance please! I am sure that many of you have noticed Marcie! Last night we had a fellow quitter who reached out for help!(He ask the audience). I rushed to his aid, only to find I was not the first responder! Marcie was alredy there! Now Marcie has not even reached her quit date yet! Still, she was there, working as a distributor of "Collateral Kindness"! That is the spirt I love here!!

Now it is time to Party! Come one and all to celebrate Freedom! This Train is bound for Freedom!




When it seems hardest!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 14, 2011

We have a friend here who was having a really hard time with his quit last night! I sent him a message that I think may be a usefull thing for many of you to have in your "ninja kit"!(quit tool box). So I am reposting what I wrote here! Use it if you can!


"There is a demon living in you! He is called the nicodemon! He has the ability to put thoughts in your head! You have the choice of listening to him, or not! He is dying! You are killing him! The thoughts that he's putting into your head are ones of desperation! He wants you to save him! Are you willing to give your life to him? You wrested the the control from him! You have shattered the chains of bondage that this addiction has kept you in! You have tasted FREEDOM! Will you become a slave to this nicodemon again? You have a chance to breathe free! Take that chance! Turn you head, and let the little ******* die! You have control of your life! Keep it my friend! Keep it!!!"


Freedom Train's Sunday Drive!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 13, 2011

Good Morning fellow Exer's! The Freedom Train will go on a leasurely Sunday drive today, on it's way to Freedom from tobacco. I hope all of you remembered to adjust your clocks last night! If you failed to do that, you might want to think about it now! The last few days have been kinda tough for the engineer/conductor! I want to send a special "Thank You" out to all who have recognized that fact, and have been there for me!

Today we are stopping up in Minnesota to pick up Nancy M Pearson! Two day ago while we were celebrating on the Train, Nancy was quietly enjoying her own celebration! She slipped under the Train's radar with 800 days!! Yes, I said 800! What a wonderful feat! Nancy, you provide an incredible inspiration to us all! So, please grab you prettiest party dress and come celebrate with us today! And yes, it is OK to bring your cats!!

Just a one of other thing before we start rolling! I noticed today a couple of people who are reaching out to family members and trying to show them the joy of Smoke Free living! I would like to ask everyone to go by Sandy's and Breathe Free's blogs and offer encouragement to their family members! Those folks may not be on board the Train today! They may not be on board the entire quitting process yet! But hopefully they will read their sisters blogs! So please go and try to help them see the light! Now let us go and party! Great music and food yesterday!! Thanks to all who contributed!




The Freedom Train!!!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 12, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! This morning the Freedom Train is taking the slow senic route! We are leaving the station late to give everyone a chance to sleep in on this Saturday Morning!

 Once again we start the day with unfinished business! Yesterday we missed two milestones!(at least) So today we will celebrate 101 Smoke free days for both terrib and caw caw! Reaching the triple Digit Club is an awesome accomplishment! It is one that should be celebrated and rewarded. I hope you ladies did something special for yourselves yesterday! Today I hope you will join us on the Freedom Train for a day of celebration!

If you sense a bit of frustration this morning it is there and it is real! On the Freedom Train we really want to celebrate everyones milestones! We even strive to include people who do not like me, and people that I do agree with! However the magnitude of the task of keeping track of everyones days is overwhelming! Thank you to those who are sending me heads-ups! That helps a lot. But so many are still falling through the cracks, and that bothers me! I do not want to hurt anyones feelings! So please send me notes. Help me be aware of your friends and neighbors that deserve to be honored here! Even tell me about your upcoming milestones! Now! Let's get this Train rolling!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD                           Tommy


Good Morning fellow Exer's. As you roll out of you sleeping berths this morning and look out the windows some of you may recognize Emporia. Kansas. This is the birth place of William Allen White. Without question one of the greatest journalist of all time! This is also where we are picking up a young Lady named Susan aka Williewookie! This great friend of ours has forgotten to smoke a single cigarette for an entire year! Let's all help her celebrate this memory lapse! By now we hope the thought is totally expunged from her mind! Welcome to The One Year Club Susan! We are proud to have you join us! Get ready to party!!

The next stop for the Freedom Train this morning is out on the West Coast! We are heading out to pick up our wonderful friend Pugs Girl! This young Lady has 100 Smoke Free days behind her! Grab that prettiest party dress honey! We are on the way! Do not be in a big rush though! The Freedom Train always has the safety of its passengers in mind! So we will not be arriving in California until we get a signal that the tracks are free of damage from the expected tsunami. Our thought and prayer go out to all who are affected by this disaster!

We also extend a heartfelt congatulations to Sheryl, who has 850 dfays today! Go Sheryl go! What an inspiration! We also have stop and sing Happy Birthday to Anacondahead! I am not sure which birthday, but I am pretty sure she is leagal now! Happy Birthday Sweet Lady! I will stop by your page and sing!!

Meanwhile the party will continue aboard the Freedom Train! I think we are featuring seafood today! Note to culinary: Please prerare a Philly Cheese Steak for Sandy! She is not a seafood fan! That is all that I have in the conductors notes! I would like to remind all who failed to enter their number of days quit on Monday, to please do so today! Here at the Freedom Train we do not like to miss anyones milestones!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!                          Tommy


Good morning fellow Exer's! This beautiful morning finds the Freedom Train sitting in Durham, NC! And no it is not just a trip back home for me! We are here to pick up the lovely Carenda! Yes Carenda! The one who tirlessly post all those message of good cheer, and hope on your pages! There is a celebration in order! Today Carenda has 601 Smoke Free days behind her! That is right not 600 but 601! If you think that means that I dropped the ball again, well, you are right! Carenda, please forgive me for missing yesterday! We will try to have a celebration that will surpass your expectations!Welcome aboad the Freedom Train! If we can do anything to make you day more fun, please let us know!!

This morning I would also like to recognize one of the most special people I have ever met. Here or anywhere else! The Freedom Train is steaming at a high rate of speed up to the great state of Maine! How about you KathyS!! A double milestone day! Kathy is not only celebrating 400 Smoke Free days, but she iS doing so on the anniversary of her birth! That is right it is her birthday!!(thirty something I think, going by looks here) HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATHY!! (I will sing at your page later)! Kathy you are a wonderful person and a wonderful friend. I know that my life is better because you are my friend!

KS100207!!Grab that pretty party dress you have been saving for a special occasion! You have 50 days, and the party is on!

I also noticed that a dear, dear, friend, who has busy with life, and has not been around for a while was on site this morning! I have not "talked" with her yet, but I hope she is back to stay! A lot of you will remember MissiAnn. If you do not know her, I hope you get the chance to meet her! She has a way of lifting all who know her! Welcome aboard the Freedom Train MissiAnn! You always have a place here!

Once again today, this Train is bound for Freedom frome tobacco! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"          ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!                     Tommy


Good morning fellow Exer's! This morning the Freedom Train starts out in Texas! Our friend Vickye has 150 Smoke Free days and we need to help her celebrate! So grab that best party dress honey, The train is on the way! Vickye has not been posting with us for very long, and she gives us all a very special reminder! I think sometimes we all get wrapped up in our conversations with, and about each other! We tend to forget that our words are being read by a lot more people than the ones we are having a back and forth with! There are lurkers out there! Do you know how many people read what you write? No, you don't. And your words have power and meaning! And they are out there forever! People will come and read! Some will choose to come forward and join in the conversation! Many more never will! I hope that the words I use, everyday, here will encourage a lot of quitters, that I will never meet! It is a safe bet that I will offend a few as well! I hope they will ignore me and continute to take what they need from others! But Vickye serves as a reminder to all of us that people are out there, and we have an opportunity to make a difference in their lives! So today let us celebrate Vickye's 150 days Smoke Free! And let us be mindful of those who are yet to discover that they have a voice here as well!

I also want to say thank you to all of you who helped those who struggled yesterday!




Good morning fellow Exer's!! That is right! The Freedom Train is in Maryland this morning because our dear sweet Gypsy has 150 Smoke Free days behind her! GYPSY!! Do hear the Train coming! Grab you prettiest party dress honey! Today the party is about you! You have quietly added so much to our community! It is time we said "Thank You"! Hey, everybody look we are passing Bonnie's place! Good morning Bonnie! Our prayers are with you!! Also wanted to give a shout out to my good Friend Sandy, who has now surpassed the two month mark!! Go Sandy!!!

One other honorable mention! Our sweet MrsKatieK was joined in her quit yesterday by her husband(pockets)! What a great thing to see! True love and support for all of life, including their quit! Please clear off adjoining seats here on the Freedom Train today! Welcome aboard, both of you!

The conductor was pleased that a number of you choose to give us your number of day quit yesterday, for the train calender! If you missed the Train yesterday or failed to list your number of days, please do so today! We want to recognize every milestone but the task is rather daunting!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!                                          Tommy


Good Morning fellow Exer's! Once again the Freedom Train is ready to leave the platform on it's daily run to Freedom from tobacco! Today, once again there are no milestones listed in the conductors notes! I am sure there are some great milestones being hit today, and I am missing them! One of the purposes of this Train is to motivate people to reach that next milestone. I want to honor people as they reach those! I want people to look forward to having their quit celebrated. The basic plan is to celebrate 100 days and multiples thereof, and year anniversaries! However, since I am driving this Train, I reserve the right to add anyone I feel needs to be honored, or those who might need a little pick-up!

Please understand that everyone is invited to ride with us everyday! If you have 20 minutes, or twenty years, all who yearn to breathe Free are welcome here! Toward the end of recognition, I try very hard, but I do miss people! So in an effort to do better, I am asking everyone to post on this blog with the number of days you have been Smoke Free, as of today! As you message your friends and fellow Exer's today, please ask them to come here and do the same! The Freedom Train is always looking for ways too make your journey more comfortable and fun!

I would also like to welcome Angela who is riding with her Mom today! This Train is bound for Freedom!!



Good Morning fellow Exer's! If you have never enjoyed the scenic beauty of Idaho, you should move near the windows of the Train! The Engineer/Conductor comes to Idaho with his hat in his hand this morning and asking the forgivness of our dear friend Choptrice/Lesa. Once again the Freedom Train missed an honoree! Yesterday, our Lesa entered the One Year Club! Thankfully many of our members were aware of this, and extened congratulations to Lesa! I misread my writing! Sooooooo, Lesa, please forgive me! Put on your best party dress honey! We are going to rock the tracks today to give you the kind of celebration you so richly deserve! And let me be the first to say "Congrats on the first full year and a day of your New and Improved Smoke Free life! Lesa, you have contributed so much to our community and we are proud to have the opportunity to salute you!!

Elsewhere, I have noticed that some of you seem to be struggling! I read a blog yesterday morning from someone who was hoping to get through the day smoke Free. I looked at it in much the same way one would look at a suicide note! I read it twice and realized that it was to late to save this quit. As it turns out, I was right! Folks please lose the junkie thinking! Lines like; I hope I can, I don't think I can, I wish I could, I do not believe I can, wish me luck. These are all signs that you are not committed! There was a time when I was not committed either, although there were a number of people who thought I should be! I have said this before and I will say it until everyone agrees with me! You have to grow a backbone where your wishbone is! Stop wishing and get it done! If you learn nothing else from all the writtings and stories here, please heed the advice: Before you light that cigarette, reach out to us! It does not matter how! Blog and wait 10 minutes for responses! Ask the audience! Phone a friend! Do not lose your quit before you use your lifelines!

Today the Freedom Train welcomes all who yearn to breathe Free! It is a great day for a Sunday drive! It is a great day to be alive! This Train is bound for Freedom! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"             ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!                               Tommy


Good Morning fellow Exer's! Patty! Do you feel the ground shaking? Do you hear that whistle blowing? The Freedom Train is coming round the bend into Grapevine, Texas!! Get your best party dress honey! Today the party is about you! You and your 100 days of living Smoke Free! Come and celebrate young Lady! 100 days is a great milestone! It is a day to do something special for yourself! What could be more special than a party aboard the Freedom Train?

I would also like to acknowledge another dear friend in the great state of Texas, that fought through a very tough day yesterday! Thank you to all who were there to help Carolyn continue to Breathe Free! Come up front and ride with me a little while this morning sweetie!

Welcome aboard all! Bring your friends and neighbors! This Train is headed to Freedom from tobacco! Tickets are Free! The only requirement for riding this Train is a desire to breathe Free! So come one and all! Bring your extra baggage! There is no baggage charge and we will help you sort it out!!

One other thing that you all need to know, as you work through this journey! We are behind you, if you start to slip!We are in front of you, to help pull you through the rough spots! But most of the time we are right beside you, enjoying the journey to Freedom!

Once again, This Train is bound for Freedom!! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"    ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!                    Tommy


Good morning fellow Exer's! The Freedom Train starts out this morning headed for Pattymint's place! While I have not seen much of my friend Pattymint for a while, she has been quietly racking up the days! 365 of them! That is right! Pattymint has one full Smoke Free Year behind her! What a great milestone, and I hope she will join us to celebrate her accomplishment!!

Also, today our sweet friend Bobbiesue celebrates 150 day! Please welcome her to the Train! Way to go Bobbiesue! You are kicking ash!

Also, today we are again running north of the border to pick up Zena! She is doing a very solid job with her quit and providing humor that keeps the whole site laughing! Today is Zena's birthday! I have it on good authority that we will have a special musical preformance on the Train today!

So, come one, come all, and join us, as the Freedom Train once again makes it run to Freedom from the evils of tobacco! This Train is bound for FREEDOM! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN!"                                           ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!           Tommy



A time to pray!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 3, 2011

My fellow EXer's,

Once again I am calling on all of you, and asking you to send up prayers, Our dear friend Bonnie has received terrible news today. Her father has been diagnosed with in-operable lung cancer. I have no details, except the one question you all are asking. He never smoked a day in his life! So, all of you who can, and will please take a moment and send up a prayer for our dear Bonnie, her Father, and all of her family. I am sure she will pass on details when she is up to it. Until then our job is to keep up the flow of Knee Mail. We have seen what our prayers can do before. Let us offer them up again! I thank you and Bonnie thanks you as well!

Again! Today the Freedom Train has no milestones listed in the conductors notes! I am sure there are some out there! If you know anyone who hits a multiple of 100 days today, please notify me at once! If you know someone who has a year, or multiple thereof, let me know! If you have someone special that you think should be honored lets talk!

Maybe we should all just talk a little, between all the food and drinks! You know , I look around here everyday and see a group of incredible people and I wonder how I was so fortunate as to land here! I looked back to my first days here trying to figure out why I stayed! This led me back to my early blogs! I arrived on the 8th day of my quit! So I never really worked the program! The first 32 days I was here I only wrote 4 blogs! Many of you might be surprised that I could keep my mouth shut that much! The point is, I did a lot of reading! Today I would like to thank some of the people who were the first responders when I arrived here, with no clue how to make my quit stick!

My very first blog got six comments!

SmokedOut: Teresa, you were there for me! I will always be here for you! Forever

James: The happy quitter, 5 days ahead of me! I will never catch up!

Breakinthechains: Thank you for always being there!

My second blog found Dale! Through a lot of ups and downs you have my respect!

By my fourth blog no one was paying much attention! But I met a new friend that would quickly become a great influence in my life! A person I can talk to about anything, and never have a doubt that she will be honest, and tell me if I am right or wrong! Sootie! You must know by now how special you are to me! You are my OAK!!

I have made a lot of really good friends since that fourth blog! There is no way I can name them all. There are a few I have to mention! Dawn, Sheri, Bonnie, Tammy, Peggy, LindaN, Brenda, Maggie, KathyS, Thomas, Janice, Daisy, and Pig Brotha!  I could go on all day!

My point is that you come here to quit! All the information you can ask for is here! There are a lot of places to get info! What makes this place special is the people! If you are new, get to know the people! There are those who come here and tell about themselves, and go to bed! They will not be with us long! Get to know the people here!! There are strangers here that care more about you than your best friend does! They will invest their time in making sure you are successful! Why! "Collateral Kindness"! They understand that the best way to help themselves is to help someone else! Plus, there is that feeling that comes when someone tells you that you have made a difference in their life! Today, I want to pay tribute to all who all the people who made that difference for me! And, to all of you who allow me to help myself by helping you!

This train Is bound for FREEDOM!!        ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!              Tommy


Good morning fellow exer's! This morning the Freedom Train begins it's daily journey to Freedom from tobacco, in the state of Ohio! Eddie! Hey Eddie! Do you feel the rumble! Can you hear that whistle blowing! That is the Freedom Train rolling around the bend! We are coming to pick you up! ONE YEAR FREE of the bondage of nicotine! You have come to this site every day and chronicled the steps of your journey in a candid and joyful manner! I never remember a single blog that was not positive and upbeat! Very early in your quit you recognized the good that this Freedom brought to your life, and you never looked back! Don't look back now either! Look around! See all the people who are going to be on board the Freedom Train today celebrating for you and with you! You have reached a fantastic milestone, and have done it in a very impressive matter! You are a great example to all!

Congrats are also extended to all who woke up today to another Smoke Free day! Hop aboard the Freedom Train! We are headed to total Freedom from Tobacco! Bring along your extra baggage! We will help you sort out everything!

This Train is bound for Freedom!!    ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!! Tommy



This Blog is for YOU!!

Posted by pir8fan Mar 1, 2011

If you have quit smoking recently, This blog is for you! If you have relapsed lately, this blog is for you! If you are thinking about quitting, this blog is for you! If you are an "elder" here, this blog is so you don't have to write it! 

Day after day, I come here and read the same thing over and over again! There are 1,417,261 problems that all caused by quitting! And everyone knows, in the back of their minds, that if they just smoked one cigarette all their problems would disappear! That is something that Peggy might step in at her stable! It is pure horses..t!!!!!

Day after day, I find the same group of people telling everyone how to educate themselves! The same people who seek no recognition, and have been here for a long time are telling you exactally how to be successful! Is anybody reading what we write! Do not think it only applies to everyone else! We do not write these things for ourselves. Peggy does not need to tell Dale how to educate himself! He has been there and done that! Mothergoose9(Connie) is not spending her time here because mikein@tlanta needs advice! Sootie does not find time to come here every night because I need to learn about my addiction! OK, I will concede that I have a lot to learn, but my quit is secure!

We do not write this stuff for, or to ourselves! These blogs are for you! Come, and read, and learn! There will be a test sooner or later! We bust our butts to help you! For Godsakes let us! Do not just come here and write about yourself! I am sure you are wonderful!! But write and read! Identify the problem and then read our answers! We can help if you let us! We know how! And if you do not learn anything else, PLEASE learn this! If you get weak, and you are about to smoke, reach out to us! Give yourself, and us a chance to save that quit! There are people here who care a lot more about you than you care about yourself!                  Tommy

This message is brought to you by The Freedom Train! Making daily runs to Freedom from tobacco! "If you are not riding with us, you are missing the Train!"

Good morning my fellow EXer's! I hope you ladies brought your best party dresses and paraphernalia! Guy's lets get out our best! It is a 5 year party! Five years ago Giulia made a committment to herself! And everyday for 5 years she has gotten up and honored that committment! I can not tell you what that is like! Most of you can't tell me either! What I do know, is when I get there I expect one hell of a party! Today should be no less for Giulia! I think LindaN is going to be out of pocket for part of the day! So those of you who can, please help with the food, beverages and party supplies! Congratulations Giulia! People like you have made this site the best place on the planet to come and quit! There is no way we can overstate the good that you have done here! Thank you for helping build a station from which this Freedom Train can run!

Also this morning I would like to ask all to welcome my new friend and yours Gardenangels! She has just over 48 hours behind her and is fighting off the physical addiction for 24 more hours! She is making her first trip on the Freedom Train today! Please make her feel welcome!!

I would like to remind all of you the I am not as young as used to be and the first, second third thing to go is the memory! Please keep me reminded of upcoming milestones! You will also notice that in my dotage, I will occasionally honor someone just because I want to do it! But I do need all the help I can get fot the milestones! The original plan was to honor mulitples of 100 days, and year anniversaries! There is a lot of flexability in that!

This Train is bound for Freedom!!   ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!           Tommy


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