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Good Morning fellow Exer's!! The Freedom Train is a little late this morning as we were taking on extra fuel to start the morning In Canada! Why you ask? Because we have to pick up MotherGoose9(Connie)! Can anyone remember what you were doing 2000 days ago! That is right 2000! Connie knows, because she quit smoking! She made a committment to live Smoke Free and she has honored it! I think she is beginning to get the hang of it!!! Congrats on a spectacular quit Connie! And thank you for being here still, to guide the rest of us! You offer valuable insight to the thousands that aspire to follow in your footsteps!

Next the engineer will do a mia culpa! As much as I try to let no one fall through the cracks, it happens! I always feel bad and someone as special as Quitter shold never be missed! But miss her I did! 300 Smoke Free days is a great milestone! You can for the first time see a year from there! I am extremely remorseful! Please everyone congratulate Quitter on the first 301 days of her New and Improved Smoke Free life!

Our next stop is to pick up Twinney14! How about a 200 day celebration! Just do that 10 more time and you will be where Connie is today! These are great milestone for all of you! The Freedom Train honors you today!

One more piece of business before we roll away from the station! I am not sure that 333 days is a milestone that everyone marks! But today we will! bjmarks has 333 today! I just waqnted to take a moment to thank her for aways being here with her wisdom and remarkable in sight! BJ! Come and hop on this Train! Party with us!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM!         ALLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                 Tommy




Posted by pir8fan Feb 27, 2011

I was just scanning the blogs of the day and noticed a disturbing patten! Evidently our quits are destroying us! I have seen quits blamed for: Irritability, Sleeplessness, Joint pain, Negativity, Depression, Tears, Feeling down and a host of other maladies! Even Squishy Brain Syndrome!

I have a question! Did you ever experience any of these things when you smoked? Of course you did! They are a part of everyday life! They happen to people who smoke, to people who don't, and to people who quit! There is no real relationship here! People, life happens! And this is life! Do not make your quit the scapegoat for every problem you face for the rest of your life!

You have chosen to quit for whatever reason! Embrace that decision! What will it be? Breath or Death?   IJS  Tommy

GOOOOOOD Morning all my fellow Exer's! I hope everyone's day today is as good as my yesterday! Yesterday I choose to shirk responsibility and go have fun! I met a good good friend at the beach! We went for a long walk on the beach(that would have killed me a couple of years ago)! There was sun and sand and people enjoying their Saturdays. I paused once to send warm wishes to all of you who were in cold climates. But it was great exercise. Note to self: Take a hat next time! Had a few cold beers and a nice lunch! A good time was had by all and the world did not stop turning! Life continues and I hope it is smoke free for all! Dale blogged this morning that we should wake up and smell the coffee! I would encourage you to relax and drink it as well!

Speaking of being Smoke Free, has everyone noticed that Bewyrd has the first 100 days in the rear view mirror! That is a fantastic milestone! We are all happy for you! Do something special for yourself today! I do not think Bewyrd is a frequent Train rider so please stop by the Bewyrd page today! Please make sure that Bewyrd knows that the train is coming!!

Today we will also be making a special stop to pick up our dear friend Aztec! I am not sure that 663 Days is a particuarly well know milestone, but I want us all to let her know how important she is to us! Many of you never see the great work that she does behind the scenes! Many of you may have missed Train rides were it not for her contributions to the conductors note! Aztec, You are special honey! Now get on this train and let's party!

Congrats to all other milestones today! If I missed anything let me know! Come aboard and celebrate another Smoke Free day! This Train is bound for Freedom, now!                       ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!           Tommy


......... every one of you!! We have recently noticed some people that seem to be waiting for an invitation to ride the Freedom Train! This is a blanket invitation to all! You do not need an ingraved invitation! All you need is a desire to breathe Free! All you need is a will to be an active participant in your own life! Tickets to this Train are free to all who are willing to make an effort! Leave your cigarettes behind and come and celebrate every single day of your New and Improved Smoke Free life! There is never a charge for baggage! Bring aboard all that extra baggage that has weighed so heavily on you! There are people here who know how to help you sort it out! If you have been quit an hour, a day, a week, or a year, everyone and every quit matters! We want you on this Train everyday! Celebrate yourself and celebrate life! Sootie explained it in a way that opened my eyes! I knew when I got here that I had no fear of death! So why make the effort to quit! Then one day I read Sootie's words! You do not quit to keep from dying. You quit so you can live while you are here! I love Sootie! Hit me right between the eyes! How much of my life was I missing while I was looking for a place to smoke? How many people did not want to be around me because of the stench? How many missed the intelligent things that I said, because I was doing something stupid while I was saying them? How many people only saw an idiot committing suicide? How many opportunities have I missed? I will miss no more! How about you! You have taken control of your life! And really, who else should have that control? Certainally not an inanimate object that is trying to kill you! Right?

Today the Freedom Train offers a special Saturday run to honor and salute all of you who feel you have no voice! Come forward today and be heard, and be welcomed to the community that supports this daily run to Freedom! this Train is for you! Come out in the open and celebrate among your peers! There are Exer's here! There are people here who have been where you are, and will help themselves move forward, by helping you! I know you are out there and you are should never feel that you are alone!!

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!                        Tommy


Good morning my fellow Exer's! Please lower your head and watch your step as you board! If you do not do this, please lower you voice and watch you language! This Train is headed to Freedom and I would like to welcome you aboard!

Today We are making some special stop to pick up special people! Our first stop will be for M! You will recognize M by the Woodstock desguise! M comes here on a regular basis and distributes good solid advice! 75 days today is cause for celebration! The next stop is for a special young Lady who comes here daily with a total devotion to God! She cares about and prays for us all! Today Indin Girl celebrates her first 50 Smoke Free days! Congrats honey! You are honoring your committment to yourself and to God! We are proud of you! Also there was an oversight yesterday! So today we are making a special stop to pick up Lanie. She has 51 days today and just because the celebration is a day late does not mean that it is any less intense! Thank you for being with us Lanie! Last but not least Sandy has a 50  full days! Yesterday we celebrated her 7 weeks/50 days! Today she get to double dip and be the cause of another celebration! Living near the rail yard has it's advantages!! Can you party two days in a row Sandy??

As always, anybody is welcome aboard the Freedom Train! There is always a celebration going on! That is because we are always moving folks closer to the Freedom that they deserve! So if you yearn to breathe Free, climb aboard! Bring all your extra baggage! There is no charge, and we will help you sort it out!!   ALLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!         Tommy



Ellen just pushed my button!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 24, 2011

Ellen just dropped me a note to say thank you! You are welcome Ellen! She also said that her 8 weeks were nothing compared to some of the longer quits! Ellen, please listen to me now! Never, ever say that your quit is nothing! It is one of the most remarkable things you will ever do! I do not care about the number! The truth is that you have quit! Everyday since then, you have the opportunity to turn your back on that quit and go smoke! You have chosen not to do that! Everyday since I quit I have had the opportunity to turn my back on my quit and go smoke! I have chosen not to do that! Peggy quit smoking over 6 years ago! Everyday since then she has had the opportunity to turn her back on that quit and go smoke! She has chosen not to do that! We are all even! We have chosen not to smoke every single day since we quit! Every day we have a choice to make. As long as we make the right choice every day, we are all in the same boat (or on the same Train if you will)! We are Exer's! We are brothers and sisters in the same epic struggle! And we are winning!! Never say your quit is nothing! Your quit is you. It is your character! It is you, displaying your strenght to the world! It is something you earn the right to be proud of every single day! So be proud my dear friend, because we are proud of you!!                 Tommy

Good Morning all of my fellow Exer's! I hope everyone got a good nights sleep and woke up ready to party!!! That is important, because we have so much to celebrate today! Before we get to the individual celebrations, I would like to remind everyone that this daily run to Freedom is a celebration of every single one of us! While we single out folks that have milestones that are cause for celebration, this Train is so much more than just that! It is a symbol of the strength that lies with-in us all! It is not the power of me or thee, but the power of WE! Each of us has the power to do great things, but together We have the power to do anything! So, thank you all for lending your strength to each other! Together we make an unstoppable force, that will take everyone who wants to go, to the Freedom that we all deserve!

What were you doing 700 days ago?? Breakingthechains was hammering at his first chain! For the last 700 days, he has constantly hammered away at the chains of bondage! By the way, he broke all of his a long time ago! What he does now is use the chain bustin skills he has aquired to hammer at yours! This is a man of integrity who has escaped the schackles of addiction, and now works diligently to help you break Free also! Stop what you are doing for a minute, and salute your friend and mine, Breakingthechains!!! Welcome aboard!!!

The next stop the Train is making today is in the Lone Star State. there we are stopping today to pick up Ellenmt! She has 8 weeks today. Everyday she shows up and helps us recognize the honorees of the day and i just thought if would be a good day to recognize her!

Then we are coming back close to home for me! The next stop is in Bonita Spring, Florida! Now that I have stopped smoking, I could probably walk to there from home! It would take me most of the day, but I could do it! But today it is a train ride! Has anyone been paying attention to Sandy! I have! Today is a sort of double celebration for her! As I write this, Sandy has 7 wekks behind her. At 8:00 PM EST she will have 50 days! So pick a number and lets celebrate!This Young Lady comes to this site and reads about us everyday! She quitely offers great wisdom, without creating controversy. She is a true asset to this site! I am proud that she allows me to call her my Friend! If you do not know Sandy yet, you should take the time to welcome her! She is a great example of "Collateral Kindness". She is helping herself as she helps others!

Is anybody here ready to party?? Yeah!!! Lets get this Train rolling! Freedom is just down the tracks! And that is where we are going!! Grab any extra baggage you might have and let us help you sort it out!! Thsi Train is bound for Freedom!!!       ALLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                     Tommy



Thank you Breathe Free!!!!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 23, 2011

I am re-posting this from last night because I like it!!!!!!!

Breathe Free sent me a message earlier today that talked about the child in all of us. She thanked me for running the Freedom Train, because it helps bring out that child. I responded, and afterward felt that I should share that response with everyone. Thank you Breathe Free for inspiring this!! I hope you all see yourself here!!!!




Let the child in you run Free! Do not let the child be hindered by labored breathing! Do not let the child be anchored in the quicksand of addiction. Free the child of the bondage impossed by bad choices! Release the child from the shackles of the nicodemon! Let the child in you run Free! And laugh at all who would tell you to slow down! Now run!!



That is right! Have you got that party dress on yet Rita? Do you feel the ground shaking? Listen for the whistle! The Freedom Train is coming after you! 150 Smoke Free Days!

 Ladies and Gentlemen, If you do not know Rita, it is high time you said hello! Rita is the personification diligence in her quit! 150 Days ago this Lovely Young Lady joined us under the pretext of needing our help! I am here to tell you that she did not need us! She came to help us! She probably did not know it at the time, and neither did we! During the time that Rita has shared with us, tragedy after tragedy has befallen her! This includes the loss of her beloved father! Through all, this remarkable woman has proved to all of us that there is never a reason to smoke! She has remained steadfast and true to her committment to herself and to us!! I stand to applaud her as she come aboard the Freedom Train today! Rita it is an honor to have you aboard! BTW! Rita loves cake! She has had to miss a lot of our celebrations. So, I am asking all who can to bring cake for Rita today!

I hope everybody woke up this morning with a sense of accomplishment! Wherever you are in your battle with this addiction, you are not alone! There are people here who care about you! Some you may not know, Some you may not like! But all sharing one common goal! The enemy of my enemy is my friend! As we look to our petty differences, let us keep our focus on our true enemy! Let us remember that we are all allies in the same battle!! I wish you all FREEDOM! And that is where this Train is going!! Hop on! And remember, if you are lugging around a lot of extra baggage, bring it with you! There are no baggage charges, and we will help you sort it out!!

ALLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!                                 Tommy



Thank you Breathe Free!!!!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 22, 2011

Breathe Free sent me a message earlier today that talked about the child in all of us. She thanked me for running the Freedom Train, because it helps bring out that child. I responded, and afterward felt that I should share that response with everyone. Thank you Breathe Free for inspiring this!! I hope you all see yourself here!!!!




Let the child in you run Free! Do not let the child be hindered by labored breathing! Do not let the child be anchored in the quicksand of addiction. Free the child of the bondage impossed by bad choices! Release the child from the shackles of the nicodemon! Let the child in you run Free! And laugh at all who would tell you to slow down! Now run!!



Good evening all! I must apologize! The Freedom Train was side tracked this morning due to negligence on my part, as I failed to peroperly maintain and care for communications equipment! I have reprimanded myself and paid a fine! I assure you that I will be more careful in the future!

So with that said, is anyone ready to party?? Exekex Step up to the front of the train please! I am also asking onelasttime to join you! Between you there are 800 Smoke Free days! And they are evenly divided! Each of you have 400 days! Did you know you were "quit buddies"? I did not! At any rate 400 days is a fantastic milestone! You each in your own way, blaze a trail for all who come behind you! No matter what agreements and disagreement may come, I respect both of you and salute your achivement!!

Ok, Where is she? I think I saw a Young Lady who needs, and deserves a little extra love today! Ah ha, there she is!! Does anyone here know meagain? How about Lynette? Oh, same person, new name! 10 weeks!! You go girl! I don't care what name you use, we love you just the same!

I realized today that the unintended concequences of a night run may be a good thing! We could see an increase in the Trains revenue in the bar car! So everyone step right up! The first round is on me!! We are Bound For Freedom!!! ALLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!                                             Tommy



Freedom Train Sidetracked!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 22, 2011

Due to unforeseen issues, the Freedom Train Will be making a special evening run today! Sorry for any inconvienences this may have caused!

Notes for the day: Exekex 400 days!! Onelasttime 400 days!! Meagain 10 weeks!!

Yes indeed it is! Come aboard today as we celebrate the birthdays of two of Freedoms greatest champions!

First of all George Washington! The Father of our great Country! This is the man who was choosen to lead by those who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to establish a country conceived in Liberty! The very definition of Freedom can be tied to the coat tails of the men he lead in to battle! Men who marched on bleeding, frostbitten feet, tied up with burlap strips! Men who were willing to die, because they saw a leader with a vision that everyone of us today benefits from!

Then there was Lincoln! What name is the first to arise when one thinks of Freedom for all? This is the man who took a war that stared as a battle to defend the rights of states agains the orders of federal beauracrats, and turned it into a war to end slavery. And end slavery he did! Today we can proudly proclaim that we live in a country that believes all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights.......!

So, today I ask everyone to step aboard the Freedom Train and help us celebrate our own march to defeat the evil oppressor, the nicodemon! I ask all to join the fight for our right to breathe free! Wear your Red, White and Blue today! Come aboard this symbol of Freedom and celebrate the fact that you are Free. I hope you are Inspired by "Collateral Kindness" to share that Freedom with others!

May God Bless You All!!!  And God Bless America!!        ALLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!         Tommy

I would also like to send out congrats it cin whos 100 day celebration slipped through the cracks yesterday!! WTG cin!!      JTP


There are no milestones listed in the conductor's notes today! So we are going to celebrate the opportunity we all have to make this a day special for someone. If there is someone special to you at this site and you have never really let them know, today is the day! If there is someone here that you feel does not get the recognition they deserve, take a moment and shine the spotlight on them!

Let me get this ball rolling. First I want to look back at what a great day yesterday was on the Freedom Train! Good friends, Good food,(thanks for the wings Maggie) and Irish Rose did a graphic display of the beauty we can see from the seats of The Freedom Train! She helped up stop and smell the roses! Or at the very least, recognize the simple beauty of life that we are often too busy to pay attention to! Thank you Irish! I must insist however, if we are bringing cats onboard, we are going to need a litter box somewhere!

The Train itself was honored by being the star of a very vivid dream that was chronicled in a blog yesterday! That blog was also an impressive tribute to all of you! Look how many of you are touching this young Lady's life! I did not count all the names that she mentioned of those of you who showed up in her dream! But I will say that if anyone wonders if they make a difference here, yes, you do!!!!!!!

The Engineer/Conductor was extremely honored last night when an old friend returned to our site for a visit. This man said that my first ever post on this site made the difference for him! Those of you who have had that honor know the feeling that comes with it. The rest of you still have that coming to you. It is worth the any effort to earn that accolade. That man would probably be surprised to know that he is in the conductor's notes. He will have 400 days on Tuesday!

Also yesterday, we made use for the first time of the Freedom Plane! I hope to be able to post pictures of it soon, for all who did not ride to the airport with us to pick up Linda!

Today there will some among us who will struggle with their quits! Today may present you with the opportunity to save someone's life! Be prepared! Be vigilant! Be the distributor of "Collateral Kindness"! Help yourself by helping others! What a way to quit! What a way to live!! This Train is bound for Freedom for all of us! Bring a friend or find a new one along the way! I did!          ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!                     Tommy


We are at the airport waiting for The Freedom Plane to land!! The Train has no tracks to follow across the Atlantic! Sooooo, we had to send the Freedom Plane Over to the UK to pick up our Sweet Linda for the day! Linda is involved in a very brave battle for her health! She also has a has a year of Smoke Free life behind her! She deserves to have a day of celebration aboard the Freedom Train! I know that Saturdays are sometime low ridership days on the Freedom Train, so I am asking all to share the news that Linda has made the symbolic journey across the pond to celebrate with us! We will get her back home in time for Session 15!! Thank you for sharing this journey with us Linda! You are a Sweetheart!

From the airport the Freedom train heads for the "Live Free or Die" state! The conductors notes show that Hammer aka Live4thedash has also been kicking ash for a full year! Come and party with us! Leave that fish bowl full of money at home! Everything on the Freedom Train is Free!!

If the conductor missed anyone, please let us know!      This train is bound for Freedom!!          ALLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!



Good Morning all you Wonderful Ex Smokers! It is Friday and it is time for a Big Time Party! We will make our first stop today is in MN Where we are steaming over to pick up Laurie! How appropriate, since she spends so much time picking up everyone else! Hop on this Train Honey!!! You have 200 days to celebrate! We love you! Ohh, and while we are in MN we will stop by the station and pick up M!. M is waiting at the station to be a part of today's celebration! I hear there is some coffee there as well! I could use a cup this morning!! (With Splenda and heavy whipping cream please)!

So where do we go from here? O, of course we have to pick up AuntDee! Good Morning Sweetie! The conductors notes has you down for 11 months! Yeee Haw!! Come and share you wit and joy with us today on the Freedom Train!

Next stop is in the wonderful State on my birth, North Carolina. Kathy, grab you best party dress! You did not think I was going to ignore your 250 Smoke Free days, did you? Of Course not! It is always an honor to have a teacher on board! Perhaps we can talk about my horrible spelling!!

As the Train pulls out of NC,we will pass right thru No-Mans-Land. So as we are do that, I am going to stop and pick up Pipster! 60 days is not usually a milestone we give special recognition for here on the Freedom Train! The reason we are doing it today is because......... I want to, and I am driving!!!

We also have a first time rider in our new friend Determined in Dakotas! Don't you just love people who start out Determined?! Now let's get this party started! I still need some coffee!!!      If I have missed any milestones that I should have caught, Please, Please speak up! Wheather it is you or someone else! This Train Is headed to Freedom for all!!!   ALLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!                Tommy


How about a year? That would be what Terrie(TCollinskeo) is celebrating today! The Freedom Train makes it first stop today in the great stae of Arkansas! Terrie put out her last cigarette a year ago, opened the refrigerator and grabbed a cold turkey and has hung on ever since! She did not believe she could ever be a non- smoker! What are you thinking now, Girl????? She planned her work and worked her plan! Now it is time to celebrate! Let's go get Maggie!!

Do feel that rumble Maggie? Do you hear the Train whistle? It is the Freedom Train, and it is coming to pick you up! We will be thundering through the tall timber in the Pacific Northwest to find one of our finest! Grab you best Party dress honey! The freedom Train will be rockin' and a rollin' down the tracks today! Thank you for being part of us!

I want to give a special shout out to LindaN, who did a great job of handeling the train yesterday in my absence! For those who do not know, I made a trek to the East Central part of the state yesterday to visit our dear Friend Dawn. I am happy to report that Dawn is facing the hard times in front of her with all the courage and grace we have come to expect from her. Please keep her in your prayers! Do not be surprised if you hear of a miracle! With her strength, working hand in hand with Gods mercy, and our prayers, anything can happen!!!

Now let's get this party rolling!! FREEDOM here we come!!!    ALLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!                    Tommy


Good morning all of my fellow Exer's! There are no milestones listed today in the conductors notes! If you know of any I am missing please speak up! The Train will still be making it's every day run to Freedom from tobacco today! Everyone should come aboard and relax! Enjoy the ride!

We do have  a special announcement! Shelia, who has been working the program here at EX has reached her quit date! Please welcome her on the Train for her first Smoke Free ride today! We look forward to seeing her here everyday!!

Also, our dear friend Teresa(SmokedOut) is back on the site with us! Let all extend a "Welcome Home!" to her and I want her to know that there is always a seat reserved for her on the Freedom Train!!

Let's get another fun filled day started! Enjoy the Freedom!!! ALLLLL ABOARD!!!                      Tommy




Not one, but two of our wonderful friends are joining the Triple Digit Club today!! Mari (Michelle) hits 100 days today! Gaills also reaches the the same milestone! This is indeed a great milestone! It is a day worthy of celebration! And celebrate we will in the fashion and style of the Freedom Train! In addition to the celebration here, you should both take a little time and do something special for yourselves today! Listen and you will hear the Train whistle. We are headed your way! Sooo, Jump into your best party dresses, and let get this celebration started!

Everyone, come on aboard and lets help these ladies celebrate! Remember this celebration is about you as well! We all board the Freedom Train for the same purpose! We are headed toward the Freedom from nicotine that we so richly deserve!! Hold your heads High! No matter where you are in your quit, this Train is for you! It has the power to take us all where we want to be! Enjoy the ride!!!

ALLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                        Tommy


Our Newest One Year Club Member .. The lovely GeminiGypsyLady... Janice! Our master gardener came here from day one with a no non-sense approach that made us all know that she is special! She has slapped us in the face with reality when we  became unruley! She has encouraged us when we were down! What do you expect from someone who's very livelyhood is based on bringing beauty to the world! I can tell you that I love GGL! But, this is your opportunity to help celebrate this wonderful human being! So I will toss this to you! Tell Janice how much she means to all of us!!

Sooooo, Janice, that deep rumble you are hearing is the Freedom Train rolling into St Aug's! Pull yourself away from that fountain of youth, that you so obviously drink from! Climb on board!! Let the party begin!!!! Everyone Seeking Freedom from tobacco, hop on! Help us celebrate with Janice, and celebrate your own journey to Freedom! All are wecome, and all are cared for, and about!!!  ALLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!     Tommy

BTW!! I want wish all a Happy Valentine's Day! I am not sure, but I bet we will have flowers and chocolate for all on the Train today! Thank you all for sharing this special day with us!! You all have a place in my heart! JTP




A Sunday Drive!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 13, 2011

I woke up this morning with my head spinning with all that I need to do today! I wonder how I will do it all! Then I wondered if it really matters so much! Some of it does! And I will Focus on the things that matter!

With that thought in mind, I have decided that today we will take the Freedom Train for a Sunday Drive! Anyone who wants too can take the controls for a while, and decide what track we go down! There will be no sense of urgency today! We will just relax and enjoy the fact that we are Free! So come forward if you will and pontificate on what this Freedom means to you! The great champion of Freedom, Ronald Reagan once ask, "Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?" I will ask today: Are you better off than you were when you still smoked? Tell us why! Expound on the future that you have created for yourself! Visit the lack of future you were building for yourself! Tell us why you are here and where the Train needs to go for you to have true Freedom! Today, just enjoy the ride! Share what you will! Or just quietly enjoy the words of your friends and family here at EX!

A frequent rider pass will be issued today to Peggy! She has 2200 days! I remember fighting for my first 100 days! She has been there and done that 22 times in a row! What power! But she knows, and some of the rest of us know, that the power for the next hundred come from the last hundred, and the ones before that! The more hundreds you have the more power you have for the next one! Relax and enjoy the ride today Peggy! Thank you for being here!!

ALLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!! We are rolling toward FREEDOM!                                   Tommy



Pray for our Rita!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 12, 2011

Tragedy has been a constant companion of our dear friend Rita! She is having a very hard time these past few months! In spite of all of this she has maintained her quit! She is a great example of the fact that there is no reason to smoke! Please offer up prayers one more time for this fine Lady and her family! Thank you all in advance!! Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer's! The train is about ready to leave the station for it's daily run to Freedom from tobacco! We, of course will have a party on board to celebrate all milestones reached today! Mainly though we will celebrate the opportunity we have to breathe free!

I recently had my heart swell with pride at a blog where a young lady gave me partial credit for keeping her quit alive! Something I said made a big difference to her and I never even knew it! Over the time that I have been here that has happened a few times! I can not tell you how good that made me feel! The line that struck a cord with her was "Grow a backbone where your wishbone is". Good advice for all who wish they could quit! But let us take this a step farther! My guess is that we have all had a pivotal moment in our quits when we could have gone either way! Someone said or did something that saved us!

Today I would like for everyone to go back in their memories, and think of those moments when your quit could have gone down the toilet! Who saved you! What did they say! How did that effect you! Take moment and pay tribute to someone who may have very well saved your life! Let the people who made a difference for you know about it! I am not fishing for compliments! But I believe that those who have made a difference in your life should get to enjoy the feeling I had a few days ago! I will start!

Last year in April I had almost 90 days when I suffered my second heart attack! A lot of bad things were going on in my life! I was at rock bottom! I was on this site looking for a reason to keep trying. Honestly, I was looking for a reason to keep living! I was not finding it! So, I gave up! I push my chair back from the computer and started to stand up to go and get a carton of cigarettes! But, I got a message! A very intutive young lady that I had barely even spoken to before, sent me a message. I remember it well! It said "Are you OK?" I sat back down and answered! We messaged back and forth most of the rest of the weekend! The rest, as they say is history! I am still here. My quit was saved! That young lady is no longer here. But I would like to take moment to recognize her, and say thank you so very, very much Sheri!! Wherever you are!!!

Now it is your turn! Send a Valentine greeting to the heart of the person who did the most to keep you alive! Enjoy the ride on the Freedom Train! I am thinking we are going to hear some great, and very moving stuff today!



Ask HWC!!! The Freedom Train leaves the station this morning to go and pick up a special guest! HWC has three years behind him! What were you doing three years ago! HWC was doing battle with the nicodemon! He accumilated a huge arsenal to help in this battle! The best news is that he will share it with any of us! If you have been here for any time, you know who HWC is! If you do not know him, you are missing out on a wealth of information about our addiction! Both the info he carries in his head, and the library that can be found on his page! If you are struggling with your quit, believe me, you need to know this man! A heartfelt congratulations goes out to you my friend! Thank you for choosing to remain a part of this community! No one will ever know how many lives you have saved!

The next stop for the Freedom Train is to pick up SteveB! Today, we will help him celebrate his first 200 Smoke Free days! Let's all welcome him aboard! Great job Steve! We are proud of you!! So, conductor, load up the party supplies, and lets get this Train rolling toward Freedom!!! ALLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!    Tommy



1500 Smoke free Days

Posted by pir8fan Feb 10, 2011

Some of you were not even old enough to smoke 1500 days ago! Jonescarp was! But he choose not to! For 1500 consecutive days he has honored that decision! How strong is that! Back home we would say "That is strong enough to kill corn knee high"! So the Freedom Train is steaming around the bend with the whistle blowing! Do you hear that Dale! Can you feel the ground shaking! Come on out, and climb aboard! Some of these folks have something to tell you!! The Freedom Train is honoring you today! I might even let you drive a little while! We are headed to Freedom from tobacco! ALLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!

Coincedentally, Ima Deer has the same number of days!! Who knew??



Origin of the term Redneck!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 9, 2011

There were some hurt feelings yesterday because of a lack of understanding! For those who really care to know what a Redneck is this is kinda long but it is enlightening!!  I had heard this before and copied this from!


Some may believe Jeff Foxworthy either developed the term “redneck” or it simply describes a poor, uneducated person from eastern Kentucky or southern West Virginia.

It’s all simply not true. In fact, the term redneck originated in my home state of West Virginia, in an area known as the southern coalfields.

In fact, it all concerns a large group of coal miners in protest to a murder and to become unionized – while wearing red bandanas around their necks – marched across the state and fought a bloody battle at Blair Mountain (West Virginia) in the fall of 1921.

The protest is known as the largest armed uprising in U.S. history, while some 10,000-coal miners confronted state and federal troops in an attempt to unionize the coal miners of West Virginia.

The month-long war was deemed the “Red Neck Wars” because of the red bandanas. And, one of the most notable of the battle’s union organizers was Mother Jones.

To make a long story short…The spring of 1920 was a troubled time in the West Virginia Coalfields. A nationwide coal strike settled during the winter and won unionized miners a 27-percent wage increase.

Unfortunately, the settlement didn’t help most miners in southern West Virginia, the largest non-unionized coal region in the country.

When the United Mine Workers (UMW) stepped up its campaign to organize Logan (my hometown), Mingo and McDowell counties, coal operators wanted revenge and hired private detectives (Baldwin-Felts) to cancel all union activity.

Miners who did join the UMW were fired and literally thrown from their company-owned houses.

However, tension between the two sides exploded into deadly violence May 19, 1920 when 13 Baldwin-Felts detectives arrived in Matewan to evict union miners from houses owned by the Stone Mountain Mining Company.

It was a time of anti-unionism and “yellow-dog contracts.” Before being hired by the Stone Mountain Mining Company, miners had to sign the contracts pledging never to join the mineworkers union or to associate with union members.

In exchange for signing the contract and being committed to buying food and clothes from company-owned stores, mine workers and their families received jobs and homes to live in.

As the coal industry began to boom, greedy company men began to pay less money to the mineworkers in order to make more money. To make things worse, the company would lower their payments to workers the same day they would raise the price of food and clothes in the stores where the workers had to shop.

Folks opted to move to the area in order to make a nice life for themselves. But dealing with such gluttonous work politics on top of tough working conditions created turmoil.

Well, Matewan Chief of Police Sid Hatfield became involved on behalf of the evicted families. And after the eviction of several families, the Baldwin-Felts detectives ate dinner at the Urias Hotel then walked to the depot to catch the 5 p.m. train to Bluefield, Virginia. However, Hatfield, who said he had warrants from the county sheriff, intercepted the detectives. Detective Albert Felts then produced a warrant for Hatfield’s arrest, which Matewan Mayor C.C. Testerman claimed to be a fake.

All the while detective didn’t know they had been surrounded by armed miners, who were watching from windows and doorways all along Mate Street.

During the face-off between the detectives, Hatfield and Testerman, more than 100 shots were fired. The bloody battle known today at the “Matewan Massacre” left seven detectives and four townspeople dead – including Felts and Testerman.

Of course, Hatfield became a hero and was eventually acquitted of murder charges for his part in the massacre. However, in the summer of 1921 Hatfield and his associate Ed Chambers were shot to death by Baldwin-Felts detectives on the steps of the McDowell County Courthouse, where they were to stand trial for a shooting at a nearby coal camp.

Learning of the murders, almost 10,000 united miners began the redneck march across the state of West Virginia to avenge the deaths and to drive Baldwin-Felts detectives out of the area once and for all.

The march ended at Blair Mountain, where state and federal trooped defeated miners and halted the UMW’s campaign in southern West Virginia. Afterward, most of the southern coalfields remained non-union until 1933.

So the next time you hear the word redneck, you can say it doesn’t have anything to do with being barefoot and pregnant nor does it describe a person living in a mobile home or in a trailer park. In fact the word redneck simply describes a group of men just wanting to make an honest and fair living.

Good morning my fellow Exer's! I hope the sunshine finds you all happy and Smoke Free this morning! The Freedom Train is about to leave the station on it daily run to Freedom from tobacco, and the temptations of evil! This morning the Train has two special stops! First of all we are stopping to pick our Jojo! Jojo has 100 days, and we all know and recognize what an important milestone that is! Congrats Jojo, on the first 100 days of your New and Improved Smoke Free life!!! The second stop has nothing to do with number of days! But it is for a very worthy Exer who recieved some very good news yesterday! We are welcoming our lovely and gracious Aztec on board today! We will have special celebration sparked by the news she recieved yesterday! In case any of you missed it, the biopsy of her pancreas came back negative! She is cancer free! Once again the combined prayers of this group were heard and answered! With these thoughts in mind, IT IS PARTY TIME!!

Note from the engineer: Yesterday we hit a few rough spots alomg the tracks! That happens! We were, however, able to keep the Train on the track!! The lesson here is that there will be rough patches, but your job is to keep your quit on track!! Have a great day all, and enjoy the ride! FREEDOM here we come!!



If people relate to each other and develop a sense of comradere by laughing together, then that can help us stay smoke free! If people post humorus stuff, it is not taking up any space that the more serious people need! If someone thinks there is something to be gained by sitting around all day bemoaning the horrors of quitting by all means let them do that! I for one will not sit here saying "This is a sad and solemn occassion Sista Rose" or "This is a absolutely horrible tragedy Brotha George"! This is not about how bad quitting is! This is a place to celebrate the renewed spirt of life! This is a place to be happy we can quit! This is a place to rejoice in the successes of each other! It is also a place to offer help to those who need it! Those things are not mutually exclusive!

If you are convinced that you need to be sincere and solemn every minute, I feel sorry for you, but I will defend your right to feel that way!! By the same token I will not ask you to defend my right to celebrate! What I will ask you to do, if you do not like the celebration, is kindly ignore it! That is easy to do! We all know that there is no one size fits all! We all know that we are not going to do things the same way! I have said before that we are not trying to graduate from charm school here. We are fighting for our very lives! It does not matter how you choose to fight your battle, I will do all I can to help you! But, if I choose to fight mine with a smile on my face, and laughter in my heart, then I not only ask that you respect that! I demand it!  I thank you in advance for your respect!      Tommy!


Here we go!!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 8, 2011

Once again today the Freedom Train leaves the station to make it's daily run to Freedom from tobacco! For the second day we have no major milestones in the conductors notes! We are happy to announce that our beloved Brenda is back on board! At last contact she was asking for quiet ride today! That may of course turn into a full blown party before the day is done, given the nature of this group! At any rate the conductor is slipping at his job and needs your help! Anytime you know of anyone with a major milestone coming up, please send the info to my message board marked attn: Conductor! Now settle back and enjoy the ride to Freedom!!  ALLLL ABOARD!!    Tommy



Freedom Train!!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 7, 2011

Good Morning all my fellow Exer's! What a party yesterday! I see a number of you slept on the train! Those margaritas will sneak up on you, huh? But all is good because there are no cigarettes on the Train! Another Super Bowl has come and gone! This one was a great ball game, no matter who you favored! Two great and storied franchises put on a very entertaining spectacle!! Congrats to both teams for reaching the pinnacle of their profession! I would like to look at what we do here on a daily basis and make a few comparisons!

#1. Preperation. 

Each year these professional athelets come to a summer camp! Here they work on the physical conditioning that their bodies will need to endure the ravages of a long season!

Each day newbie come to this site! They look to us for the mental conditioning that they will need to endure the onslaught of the nicodemon!

#2. Study.

The next step for these ball players is to learn or relearn the fundamentals of thier profession! They must memorize their playbooks so they know what they need to do on every single play! They look forward to their season starting, so they can put what they have learned to good use!

The next step for our newbies is to study. Here they learn to accept the fact that they are addicts! They learn the fundamentals of a quit! From charting their smoking episodes to recognizing their triggers! They start to look forward to their own personal quit date!

# 3. Pre-season.

Camp breaks and these atheletes go on the pre-season! Here they get the first chance to put into motion all that they have learned! Some will do very well. The coaches will recognize them right away! They will recieve special attention! They will become team captains or starters! These people will not back down, ever! In them is a basic understanding that was verbalized by the great Vince Lombardi!  I do not have the exact quote, so forgive me as I paraprase "In life, the harder you work for something, the harder it is to give it up!" Those who have neither learned this nor put in the effort will continue to struggle!

The third step for our new newbie is to go out and put what they have learned in to motion! They quit smoking! Some will do very well and the "elders" (the folks I call the Super Exer's) will recognize them right away! They will recieve special attention! They will become leaders at this site! They understand how hard they worked to get here, and are determined not to give up! Those who have not worked as hard will continue to struggle!

#4. The season begins! It really counts! What these atheletes do every day matters. The food that they eat. The beverages that they drink. Every bit of exercise they get! And every thought that goes through their heads. All of it make them who they are and determines how much success they have! The coaches understand that not everyone is blessed with the same level of talent! It is their jobs to help those who are having the hardest time to become winners! They also understand that not everyone has the comittment and dedication to make it! Those are the ones that disappear from the rosters! Some will work hard enough to come back. Some will never understand what it takes!

For our fellow Exer's..........Hell, just re-read the paragraph above this!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the Freedom Train! Our goal is to help everyone to Freedom from the bonds of slavery they have choosen for themselves!!


Good Morning fellow Exer's! There will be a huge party on board the freedom train today! There is much to celebrate!! One year ago today two different people a long ways apart started the same journey! Their determination and focus has brought them to a major milestone today! Moe, Do you hear that rumble? That is the Freedom Train stopping to pick you up to celebrate you entry into The One Year Club! And, Yaya, Party Time! Yaya also celebrates the same milestone! Two new inductees on the same day. Can anyone say PARTY!!!! Also with written apologies in hand we will be stopping with special party invites for two fine exer's that somehow did not get into the conductor notes yesterday! Mary was inducted into the One Year Club yesterday! With sincere apologies to you Young Lady we ask you to come a party with us today! Also up in the Great State of Minnesota we will stop with the same special invitation and sincere apologies for Quitter, who celebrated the 9 month milestone without any recognition from the Freedom Train! So as you see there is much to celebrate today! SOOOOOOOOOO, Put on your beat party clothes and lets get this show on the road!! BTW! I hear there is some kinda ball game today too! ALLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!



A word of explanation!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 5, 2011

I was ask last night if I was going to run the Freedom Train for myself today! The train will definately run! But not just for me! I am very proud of the fact we are having milestone parties on the Freedon Train everyday! But that is not the intent on the train! It is indeed a train to freedom from tobacco! While there may be parties going on, the train is intended for everyone that wants to be free! So, everyone, Welcome aboard! Take your shoe off and relax! Move around and visit with your neighbors! Share information. Ask and Answer each others questions. Come to enjoy your journey to freedom! The train is running everyday and it is for everybody! Bring all your extra baggage, we will help you sort it out! Let us all see the freedom from nicotine that is just up the track! Let us help each other enjoy the journey!!  ALLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!            Tommy


After a slow start this morning the Freedom Train is running to pick up our Patty! She is celebrating 100 days today!! Listen up Patty the train is coming around the bend! So jump into your prettiest party dress and let's get this celebration going! Congrats on the first 100 days of your New and Improved life!! If you have excess baggage, bring it and we will sort it out!! ALLLLLLLL ABOARD!! It is party time!!!!!!


The math with the clock on her page is a bit "fuzzy", but official records indicate that Peggy actually stopped smoking 6 years ago today! What were you doing 6 years ago! Peggy was working through that first day! With some of our "Super Quitters" it is hard to realize that they once were where we are! We must listen and learn from thier experence! They know the pitfalls! They have seen it all! Why has Peggy hung aroud here for 6 years? It is not because she needs us! It is because she knows we need her! How many people in your life really care about you and your quit! If you did not count Peggy, you need to count again!!!  Who is more deservig of a second ride? ALLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!



I have many people here that I am proud to call my friends! One who has been steadfast through all that I have gone through has been Dawn! Tonight I feel lower than a snakes belly because while I was running around doing the math and picking up people on the Freedom Train, I missed a very important milestone for a very special friend! There is no excuse! I can only apologize! And that I am doing in this public forum! I have no doubt that my apology will be accepted because that is what is in the heart of Dawn! That makes my error even more egregious! So, as humbly as I can ask, Please forgive me Dawn! And please, all who are still awake raise a toast to one of our very finest!!!! WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOO!! Love you Honey!!

"Never order GRITS from the hot cereal menu in a hospital"

While I am reporting that our Dawn is still hospitalized at this point, she says that she is feeling better than she has felt for quite a while! She has also recieved some good news recently! This is attributed to your prayers! Please continue to offer up the "knee mail" for our dear friend Dawn!! Thank You All!  And have a great Smoke Free day!         Tommy

That is right! This morning the Freedom Train has plowed through all the ice and snow to make it's first stop in Excelsior, MN Our Beautiful Laurie has reached the 6 month point in her quit! Way To Go Laurie! Laurie, who is here bright and early every morning to pick up everyone who is down! Laurie who always has a hug for eveyone! (New Nickname Hugs). I like hugs! After all she has done for us, today we get to recognize her! Sooooo, Laurie climb aboard the train. Bring any extra baggage! Your Half Year Party is about to start!! ALLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!



Help if you can!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 1, 2011

The Freedom Train has three parties going again today! Brenda's final re quit, Melodee"s One Year Club and Peggy's 2160 Days! We need Grapics! Food, Beverage, Dancing, and other party graphics! Any one who can is ask to contribute!! Thank you!!

The Freedom Train has been diverted by a special message from Aztec! She has alerted us to the fact that Peggy has 2160 Days! How many of us can count that high??? Hop on Peggy you are part of the special Party on the Freedom Train today! You are welcome to bring any extra baggage, but you have traveled on this journey so long that I doubt you have any!!   ALLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!


Lets go Brenda!! the Freedom Train is here to pick you up! Bring any excess baggage! Please leave behind any smoking paraphernalia!! Welcome back! Good bye nasty stinking addiction!! Porter, please bring Brenda up front! Until the party is Started she is riding up here with me!!! ALLLLLL ABOARD!  

Next stop is to pick up Melodee 09! She Joins The One Year Club today! Then on to pick up Peggy who has 2160 days today!


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