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We are Baaaaccckk!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 29, 2010

The turkey is carved, the sandwiches eaten, and the carcass is turned into soup!


We met with our kin, toasted all of our friends, and now we return to our group!


I wish everyone here, a season of cheer, and all the good things that can be!


Thru the holiday season, let's FOCUS on the reason, we all choose to be SMOKE FREE!


Tommy Piver


Thomas!! 250!!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 25, 2010

As we all arose to our Thanksgiving and reflected on that which is in the the past, we have a neighbor who is reflecting on 250 smoke free days in his past! Thomas is a great source of inspiration for all of us! I am not sure how many of you are here today, but please stop for a moment and join me in saluting Thomas on the completion of the first 250 days of his smoke free life!! Go Thomas!!


600 days for Rick M!!!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 24, 2010

What were you doing a half a dozen hundred days ago? Rick M was reflecting on his first smoke free day! How cool is that! 600 days! Some of you probably do not know Rick! To a lot of you he is the single most important person in your quit! Rick comes here, without a lot of fanfare, and is among the first to greet many of our newcomers! He offers quite and gentle support for quitters from their first day. That support never stops. To quote one of the people he mentored "He never gives up on anybody!"

So as we all prepare in our own ways for our Thanksgiving celebrations, stop, take a moment, and raise a toast to one of the finest neighbors in our community! For all you do, Rick, this one's for you!!


Where are you???

Posted by pir8fan Nov 22, 2010

Today a blog spoke of the dangers that face people in the 30-100 day range! These dangers are real! The people who seem to do the best during this period are the ones I see subscribing to my theory of "Collateral Kindness" New people here go through a very real period of romance with their new quits! I remember it! I also know when it ended and I was asking questions like: "OK where is my reward? I have done good! What is in this for me? Do I get one cigarette now?"

Your reward is on its way! Mean while you have to protect your quit! The way you do that is "Collateral Kindness"! It is time to look to the newbies! You are their heroes! I have 325 days and a lot of people have more! New people do not relate to me! They may respect me, but they do not relate! They are trying to get through hell week! Their focus is the next few days and weeks, not the next few months! They are looking to you for help and guidance! You are the ones who have most recently been where they are! Look back! Help these new quitters get through what you have just made it through! I can remember what they are going through, but they don't know that I can! They see me as too far removed from the begining! They see you as the heroes that can offer them the most help! And you can!

Guess what? When you get caught up in this process you also help yourselves! You are reminded on a daily basis of what you went through! You are reminded of why you quit! And you remember how important it is to protect that quit! You help yourself by helping others! "Collateral Kindness"!!! It works everytime it is tried! Use your ability to help others in order to help yourself! What a great concept for quitting! What a great concept for living!    I am Tommy Piver, and I wish you well!


300 Days! lewis65!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 21, 2010

There is very strong and for the most part silent quitter among us! This Lady lives in San Jose, CA. She is here and doing lots of reading! She does not ask for help, and does not get involved in any of our dramas! She goes about her new smoke free life and says little! But you can bet that when she speaks it is worth your time to stop and listen! She probably does not care for the fanfare that I am about to start, but I am going to anyway!

Would everyone please join me in a hearty Congratulations for lewis65! You are doing a great job Young Lady and I appreciate the fact that you allow me to call myself your friend! Now due to my low level of computer skills, would someone please post some flowers on this blog for this Lady, from me!!

Keep going girl!! Next stop, ONE YEAR!!!!                          Tommy


Accentuate the Positive!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 19, 2010

Good morning all! I found a number of very positive blogs and comments this morning! As I found myself using the same words to respond to a second blog in a row, I had an aha ha moment! I was saying for the second time " I hope you have a day that is as great as your attitude." I suddenly realized that we uaually do! I realize there are times when life slaps you up side of the head on otherwise great days! But, so often our days mirror our attitude! If you believe it will be a great day, odds are it will be! It you believe that something good will happen, it probably will! There will be days when that practical joker called life will pull your chair out from under you as you start to sit down! And you will land on your backside! But get up, tend to the joker, and put your smile back on! Today is your day! Do not let someone else dictate to you what kind of day it will be!

Midnight decends on the east coast and the Ides of November are upon us! This date In history is very significant. I am sure lots of wonderful thing have happened on November the 15th! But for our site and our family, nothing more important than November 15th 2009! That is the date that our Dear Sweet Sootie quit smoking and took control of her own life! Most of you I am sure know Sootie! I, for one, stand in awe of her incredible wisdom and the courage she has to give it to you straight! Some may take offense to that. Not everybody can handle the truth without a chaser! I respect anyone who knows right from wrong and has the integrity to side with right every single time! A dear friend of mine said tonight, I should tell you all that if you want to know how to quit smoking gracefully, you should look no further than Sootie! She has brought Class, Integrity, Wit, and Honor to our little neighborhood! We are all better because she is here!

Happy One Year Anniversary Sootie!! Everyone join in!! LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!!!!! 


Take 5, Give 5

Posted by pir8fan Nov 12, 2010

I have been thinking for the last few weeks that something is missing here! I have heard it said that the joy and the enthusiasm is not here anymore! I wondered aloud where it went! One thing I have learned over the years is: If you are going to claim something is wrong, you had better be damn sure how much of it is your fault! So, let me start by taking a huge slice of the blame myself!

Today I looked and found the joy and the enthusiasm all over the place! It was in Aztec's blog to welcome our Butt-Kicker back! It was in Heidi's 300 day celebration! It was in Jamie's blog about her first 30 day's! And it was in all the responses to Laurie's search for help as she drops the NRT's! It was all over the place!! All the kindness and caring a person could possibly need is here! It was on display today!

There have been days when it was harder to find! We have lost some great people in the last few months! There are strong and quiet voices of reason that are rare visitors now! There are great cheerleaders who for one reason or another are no longer audible here! But we still have an excellent core of really good and caring people! This is still a great neighborhood to live in! Our families are not always on the same page, but we read the same book! We are here to help each other quit smoking, and stay quit! So let us re-double our efforts to replace the good that is no longer here until more good comes along! An extra 5 minutes of happiness is my pledge. I ask all of you who can to spread a little extra joy!


300 Days!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 9, 2010

SuzieQ Has 300 smoke free days behind her! Please join me in sending a hearty congratulations to my friend from back home!! Way to go Sweetie!!! Do I sense a party about to start! Flowers and cake and and maybe a good old fashion pig pickin". We are proud of you Young Lady!!


"I hear tell the....

Posted by pir8fan Nov 8, 2010

..... the road to Hell is paved with good intentions!" (thanks Randy Travis)! Just read Doer's blog about intentions and felt compelled to throw in a little more that my two cents worth!

To have good intentions and mean well is a good idea! I used to think that the best a man could ask for was to make a noble journey from womb to tomb without screwing up anymore lives than necessary! It is the " Take what you need and leave only footprints"mentality. Maybe that is as good as some of us can do! It does not seem like much of a legacy though! So the question that naturally follows is what do you want your legacy to be? Do you want one? I don't think you have a choice!

When we depart this life, we will leave behind memories in the minds of those we have touched ! There are a lot of people who will tell you that they will not judge you! It is probably not intentional, but they are being less than honest! We are judged every day by those with whom we come in contact! Marc Antony said in the words of Shakespeare: " The evil that men do live long after them, but the good is oft interred with their bones." It is also said that people may forget what you do or what you say, but they never forget how you make them feel! All of this is true. Maybe the only thing that matters is how you feel about yourself! But what determines that! I contend that your feelings of self worth come directly from those very people who claim not to judge you. How can you feel good about yourself if people all around you point out your faults?  Judgement is not a bad thing! It forces us to look with-in, and try to be a better person! I have not always been a good person and to this day I have my flaws and faults! The way I recognize these is through the imput of others. The person that judges me aloud also give me the opportunity to become a better person! I want to be a better person! I think that this site is a microcosm of life. I believe that most of us want to lead a meaningful life! Wanting to is not enough! How many are willing to do everything it takes to live a better and more meaningful life? You don't need to answer aloud. Just think about it. Be good to others! Be good to yourself!                           Tommy


Life keeps happening!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 4, 2010

I have done some reading tonight. We have had a few celebrations recently! We have had a lot of bad news lately! Life keeps happening! I found myself counting the times I saw the word stress! I think most of us get our share of it! Sometimes it seems like that is all we get! Lets stop and think! Do you know anyone with no problems! Odd are if you do, they are dead! As long as we have life we have hope. As long as we have problems(stress) we have life! Take a minute and focus on hope! Find the things that bring you joy! Find those moments of happiness! The positive will aid your quit! The negative will kill it!

Rule #1. Do not smoke for any reason!      

Rule #2. There is nothing to say how you will feel! You may be happy, or you may be depressed! If you have a choice, I recommend happy! But for questions, see Rule #1.

Rule #3. If you have any questions about how to maintain your quit, See Rule #1.

Rule #4. If you wonder about acceptable reasons for smoking, see Rule #1!

Rule #5. If you believe you quit is harder than anyone elses, and that may be a reason to smoke, see Rule #1.

Rule #6. If your life is harder than most, and that makes you want to smoke, see Rule #1.

Explaination of Rules!

Rule #1 is universal! It is one size fits all, and it works every single time that it is followed! It works right up to the time that it is broken! So it you want to quit and stay quit, just remember Rule #1. and follow it everyday!

Rules 2 thru 6 are totally irrelavent! Follow Rule #1 and you will be just fine!!

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