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Elvis used to say that! He said it a lot better than me, but he could not have meant it  more! 292 days ago I had myself an eight day quit and an attitude that I was deprived of something I really wanted and needed! I saw a commercial for a web site that I figured was mostly about Socialist trying to dictate what people should do! Eight days into a quit, I am not the first person that ever looked for a fight! So, I show up here and dump some chum into the waters and wait for the sharks to show up! After a few day of total calm and a few warm welcomes, I tried again! It took me about 30 days to realize that no one here was pushing a political agenda! I was disappointed and ready to leave when it dawned on me that there were a bunch of good people here who cared about my quit! Well, what do you know? It also seems that I had a nice 40 day quit going! So I decided to hang around a bit longer. One day I began to understand that my quit was not as rough as some folks. How could I not care about those who were having a hard time. They had cared about me! I coined a phrase " Collateral Kindness" to explain what goes on here! I also knew that I had a role to play in the caring and sharing that causes total strangers to want to give back what they took from here. To share with others the freedom that they had found!

Tonight I sit her with 300 nicotine/smoke free days behind me! I look back at all the love and caring that was shown on this site today! For me, and for Brenda, and so many others! I see my friends rush past me with a nod as they become first responders to someone  in need! And I see their winks of approval! I feel good about me! You my friends have made my life better! I appreciate you! I wish you all FREEDOM!!


Look at KathyS!!!!

Posted by pir8fan Oct 20, 2010

Has anyone noticed that she has 250 smoke free days!! please join me in congratulating Kathy!!

For those who are new here, seek out Kathy!! She is so often the kind voice of reason when nothing seems to make sense! She is an extremely warm and caring person! She is a great asset to this site!! Lovin you Kathy!!!

What do you think Brenda? PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Take it to the limit!!

Posted by pir8fan Oct 20, 2010

Good morning all! I woke up this morning to realize that there are limits to what I can do! There are limits to what I should do! Seems as though they are all physical! I can not fly (wish I could)! I can not run a four minute mile (dont want to)! I can not lift 600 lbs in the clean & jerk! (why would anyone?)!

Then there are the limits of what my mind can do! All of them are self imposed limits! Today, there are limitless posibilities of what I can accomplish! If I can conceive an idea, I can nurture it into reality! And so can you! I am setting some goals today, and I will reach them! I am not going to try to set your goals for you! But, I am going to suggest that one of them should be to love yourself! Love yourself enough to avoid self destruction! Smoking is a terrible way that we have beaten ourselves up! STOP IT! Your mind has the power to overcome this!!  We all can do this if we set our minds to it! Make up your mind! Be firm in your committment!! WE DON"T DO THAT ANYMORE! Your mind can do this! FOCUS on the benefits of quitting! Never lose your DETERMINATION to be healthy for yourself, and for those that love you! Today, the possibilities have no limits! What is your dream? What are YOU going to do about it!

I do not care what you call her! Tomorrow morning she is going to wake up with 100 smoke free days behind her!! That is right! She tried and failed several times! But she had good friends that never gave up on her because she never gave up on herself!! !00!!! That is right! 100 Days!! Count them!

Tammy, I want to be the first to reach out pat you on the back, and say congratulations! You listened to your friends! You endured some tough love! And you leaned on the softees when you had too! But through it all, you never lost your FOCUS!! You keep your DETERMINATION!! And you "Started" a new smoke free life! So as you put your first 100 days behind you and head for the second, I would like to say that I am proud to call you my friend and proud that you allow me to be your friend!

Our good friend Sheri wrote a blog today that talked about how one should continue to seek our help and how we should continue to be here for those who do not make it the first time! Tonight you stand as a shinning example of exactly what she was talking about this morning!! It is easy to support the people who have little or no trouble quitting! But as a group of caring people we should all work as hard as we can to help those that need it the most!

Everyone, please join me in offering Tammy the kudos that she deserves!!!! I think there may be a Party tomorrow!!                     Tommy


Even Today!

Posted by pir8fan Oct 9, 2010

As a commissioned sales person one of the first things I learned was not to get to high when it was good, and not to get to low when it was bad. Sales work like that. It is chicken one day and feathers the next! There is a paraliel, between that and "starting" a new smoke free life. I have been here for a while now and I have watched a lot of people come and go. The people who seem to be the most successful are the one who stay on a pretty even keel throughout the process.

Do not get me wrong! I believe that you celebrate every accomplishment and milestone along the way. We must pat ourselves on the back and pass that same pat on to others. But we must also realize that everyday is just one day. We will have many good days as we continue our smoke free lives! We must also realize that we are going to have bad days. Bad things will happen to every one of us! That is called life!

My point is simple! Enjoy and celebrate every good day that life brings your way. Also, be prepared for the bad days. They will come! So, do not get so high on the good days that it is a devistating crash on the bad ones! They are all just one day! Make all the headway you can on good days. But, keep pushing through the bad ones. You may not get as far on a bad day, but you are still going in the right direction. Live everyday! Find peace within your self! Take the bad with the good and keep your focus on the latter! I wish you all a good day!    Tommy


Good bye!!

Posted by pir8fan Oct 5, 2010

This is a reprint of a letter I wrote a while back. There are a lot of new people here since then. Aztec ask us to write good bye letters to tobacco and I still like my original one! So, here it is!!! Tommy


Good Bye Evil one! You came to me when I was young and showed me a new experience. And although the first time was awkard it seemed good in the end, and I wanted to try again! I learned and became better at what I was supposed to do! But the afterglow was short lived and I was ready again and again! You were alway there for me. At my disposal whenever and wherever. You never said no! You made it so easy for me to love you! You created a need in me, but you were always there to satisfy it! Is it any wonder that you were my first thought in the morning and my last thought every night? I reached for you first thing every morning! I had total control of you! Slowly it changed. I had to check every night to be sure you would be there in the morning! You were no longer easy. I had to work to make sure you would be there. Occasionally you would run out on me. I would feel usless and helpless and I would rush to get you. And there was the fear that I could not live without you! You blinded me to the truth! You gave me nothing except an illusion. And you took and took until there was little left but a quiveing mass, begging for his pride back.

You will decieve me no more! I see you for the thieving **** that you are. There was never enough for you! And now there is nothing! Every feeling I ever had for you is gone, leaving nothing but comtempt! You stole my youth! You impaired my growth as a human being. You almost got away with my very life! There is nothing here for you anymore. Leave!! Never look back! You have no place here ever again. Go and sing your siren song somewhere else. I will be you fool no more!


Tell us Mr. Shakespeare------

Posted by pir8fan Sep 30, 2010

------------How do you feel about all this DRAMA?

I have thought for a long time that it is better to remaim silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt! To that end I owe apologies to an untold number of people! If you are one of those people, I trust you will recognize yourself and accept my apology! I am afraid that a lot of those people are no longer here! I could name at least one off the top of my head! I will be silent no more! I will make a stand right here and now for what I believe is right!

For a while now It has been all the rage to attack someone for bringing their personal drama to this site! It has always been selective! There are some people you attack and some that you don't! I say if you don't want Drama then be selective in what you read and not who you are critical of! Quitting smoking is a major life change for all of us! It is affected by, and affects everything that happens in our everyday life! For some it is relatively easy and for others it is really a bear! All people are welcome here! The Dramas that affect our personal lives are just as much a part of the journey as the cigarettes that we laid down. Everything plays a role! How could there not be Drama! I know that there have been people embarassed away and sent packing by critics! Drama Critics! There are surely those who believe that this site should be a sterile lab for the sole purpose of demonizing smoking!

Guess what? Ain't happening!! There are real people of all walks of life that come here with real issues that relate to their quit! Do not tell me you are here to help people if you berate any one of these folks! We have people just in the last few days who have problems way beyound their addiction to nicotine! We have a person who cuts themself. We have people with family issues. We have people who have extreme health issues! We have people who use drugs! We have a variety of mental health issues! Hell, we even have a person with pigs flying out of her ass! All of these Dramas are a part of that persons life, and their effort to quit! If you are not going to shut out every one of these people, how dare you shut out even one! I do not care what you say among yourselves in private! However if you have the audacity to reach out and slap down any one who came here for help, and I don't care if it is in public or in private, then I believe there is a seat reserved for you in the front row of hell, and I hope you enjoy the heat!

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