A Kinder, More Genteel Place to Fail!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 18, 2010

Good morning fellow Exers! I would like to start the day by offering kudos to all who are strong in their quits! I would also like to thank the "Super Exer's" have graduated to a different level, but stayed on as professors at this school of life! You are the glue that has held this group together for a long time! Stand by for boat rocking!

I got a message from a very dear friend last night ( No, not her). My friend said some things that, after sleeping on for about 4 hours, seem true! Maybe I am suffering from sleep deprivation, but! If hell freezes over there will be less slipping and backslidding! There was a time when we had people reaching 100 days on a regular basis! Where is that now! It seems we have an inequitable amount of people who are not quitting! I see good people fail and then 27 people come rushing in to "stand them up, brush them off, and tell them to get back on the horse"! If the only thing that happens when you fail is you recieve a bunch of love and aprobation, then failure is not so bad! Where is the accountability? We have a bunch of people here with very strong quits because somebody pissed them off so bad they set out to prove they could do it! I will not call names but you know who you are! Now we have a bunch of people tip toeing around on egg shells, that are unwilling to hold people accountable! We are affraid to hurt someone feelings! Where is the tough love! I think it is better to hurt someones feelings than it is to to pat them on the back while they kill themselves! Don't get me wrong!! I care about most of the people here! I want you to be Exer's for life! I will give you all the time and attention that I can! The only thing I ask in return is that you commit to your own quit as much as I commit to it! I am not mad at anyone! If you "slip' I am not turning my back on you! I will continue to give you my best effort! But I need you to give me your best effort also! Lets all get honest with ourselves and realize that there are consequences to failure! Including the damage you do to yourself!

I wish everyone the best in their efforts today! You can do this!! We will help! Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!