Smoking and Self Respect!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 10, 2010

How do you feel about you? Be honest with me here. I will not tell anyone. As I look around at the blogs and comments, I think there may be a lot of folks here with very little self respect! I have been around a little bit and I believe the numbers are out of proportion. Is that because we have been demonized for being smokers? My guess is yes! For a long time we have been warned about the dangers of smoking. We have been told we were killing ourselves, and all those around us. We have an excuse! We are addicts! We have an addiction! Does that make you feel any better? Well, no! It is just ignoring the bad things others say about us, and putting another negative label on ourselves! Is it true? Yes. But is it always necessary to call a spade a "damn dirty shovel" ? No. I realize that we need to accept the fact that we have an addiction! But, we the members of this site are doing something about our addictions. We are helping other people beat their addiction. We deserve something better than a negative Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads!

I do not know what we should be called, or what we should call each other! I do know that it is important to stop the cycle of beating ourselves up and forfeiting our self respect! I am not naive enough to believe that everyone here is a wonderful person! I do however believe that without question there are a lot of truely good and honorable people here! I respect you! You need to respect yourselves as well! We did a bad thing when we became addicted to tobacco. That does not make us bad people. Take the positive that you are doing something about it. Learn that you are good! Learn to love yourself! And respect yourself! We try to give of ourselves to help each other. If you do not feel good about yourself, you can not possibly feel like you have anything good to share with others! I see people who do not realize how good and important they are, helping others everyday! If you are helping others, you are a good person! Give yourself credit! Respect yourself! I respect you! And a lot of other people see it too! You are my friends and you are worthy!!