Totally Awed!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 8, 2010

I wish I had the time and talent to write warm personal notes to everyone who extened a piece of themselves into my celebration today! I have been called names before, but not like these! Names that come to mind are Awesome, Hero, Wonderful, Marvelous, Inspirational! Geez guys could you set the bar a little lower! How can I ever live up to those standards! The thing I want you all to know is that while I appreciate love and recognition, and kindness as much as the next person, I know that I have feet of clay! I am one of you! Everyone of you who haven't reached this point have the ability to do this! There is a lot of determination required! There is also some luck needed! I have been fortunate not to encounter anything beyond my "cope ability" .There are many people including some of you, who are as, if not more determined than me! There are many who are smarter than I ! Not all have had the good fortune to have the group of friends that I have had! So as you extend your handshakes to me today, keep reaching to give yourselves a hug from me! Without all of you, this day would not be special. In truth I may not even be alive! My celebration is not of the number of days I have not smoked, It is a celebration of the number of people who care! Please know and understand that I care about each of you as well! Thank you one and all for this awesome display of genuine affection!      Tommy