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Birthday Alert!!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 27, 2010

It is now past mid-night on the east coast!! That means it is time to begin the celebration of our Birthday Girl---------------Teresa!! That is correct!! Our own lovely Smoked Out is celebrating the date of her arrival on this planet!! If I remember right this her 36th Birthday!! Ahha I remember it well!! After being 35 for three consecutive years, I once turned 36!! So everybody let's sing!!! (I would post a cake but I don't know how! I am sure Brenda will help me in a little while!) H-B-D my Dear Friend!!

Happy Birthday to You!

Happry Birthday to You!!

Happy Birthday Dear Teresa!!!!

Happy Birthday to You!!!!!!


Stop a minute!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 25, 2010

The "sexual harassment"not real! I had a e-mail at my private acct at embarq today from this person! They are only trying to lure you into contacting them! Do not fall for this!!


Buy into this!!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 22, 2010

Let's all play this one!!

Talking to a fellow Exer last night I put "Starting" (not quitting) a new smoke free life into a sales persons prospective! This morning I offered a Feature/Benefit of that freedom that we all need to sell to ourselves!! So I would like to start this and see where you will take it! Be creative and lets come up with a sales plan that really works!!

Feature: I do not have to go and look for a place to smoke!

Benefit: I have more time to spend on the people and things in my life that are really important!!

Go fellow Exer's

Good morning fellow Exers! I would like to start the day by offering kudos to all who are strong in their quits! I would also like to thank the "Super Exer's" have graduated to a different level, but stayed on as professors at this school of life! You are the glue that has held this group together for a long time! Stand by for boat rocking!

I got a message from a very dear friend last night ( No, not her). My friend said some things that, after sleeping on for about 4 hours, seem true! Maybe I am suffering from sleep deprivation, but! If hell freezes over there will be less slipping and backslidding! There was a time when we had people reaching 100 days on a regular basis! Where is that now! It seems we have an inequitable amount of people who are not quitting! I see good people fail and then 27 people come rushing in to "stand them up, brush them off, and tell them to get back on the horse"! If the only thing that happens when you fail is you recieve a bunch of love and aprobation, then failure is not so bad! Where is the accountability? We have a bunch of people here with very strong quits because somebody pissed them off so bad they set out to prove they could do it! I will not call names but you know who you are! Now we have a bunch of people tip toeing around on egg shells, that are unwilling to hold people accountable! We are affraid to hurt someone feelings! Where is the tough love! I think it is better to hurt someones feelings than it is to to pat them on the back while they kill themselves! Don't get me wrong!! I care about most of the people here! I want you to be Exer's for life! I will give you all the time and attention that I can! The only thing I ask in return is that you commit to your own quit as much as I commit to it! I am not mad at anyone! If you "slip' I am not turning my back on you! I will continue to give you my best effort! But I need you to give me your best effort also! Lets all get honest with ourselves and realize that there are consequences to failure! Including the damage you do to yourself!

I wish everyone the best in their efforts today! You can do this!! We will help! Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!


The Blame Game!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 15, 2010

I woke up this morning with a bit of a headache! My first thought was that the 4 1/2 hours of sleep was not enough! Then I came in a fired up my computer! I understood right away that sleep had nothing to do with my headache! It was right in front of my eyes! My quit clock said I had 257 days! This is the much feared 258 day headache! And we all know there are only two options! I had to choose whether to suffer through it or go buy cigarettes! Once again I choose to suffer! Of course as the day progressed and I suffered in silence, I could not help but remember all the suffering I have gone through since I began this quit! There were those two cardiac episode that I had because of my quit! There was that incident a few days back where the ground collapsed under my foot! Because of my quit I twisted my knee, my ankle, and my hip! If I had just had a cigarette surely I would not have been in pain! And then there was the time---wait--wait---wait a minute!!!! This had nothing to my quit! It is the everyday aches and pains of life! I had the same things when I smoked! I just did not have a quit to blame them on!

Relax people! Your quit is not going to turn you into a pain free, worry free person. It will make your life better in the long run! But not perfect! You already know all this. But the nicodemon!!! That little ******* keeps telling you that if you smoke all your problems will be solved! Just like they were last time you smoked! Do not let him blow that smoke up your skirt! It is the same kind of lie that kept you hooked for (fill in the blank)________ years!

Respect yourself and respect your quit! Life will never be perfect, but it is much better smoke free!!!


Squeeze life tightly!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 11, 2010

Nine years ago today a bunch of men got up and tied some rags around their heads and proceded to hi-jack planes and fly them into buildings! They killed 3000 of our fellow citizens who were not even mad at them!

Today may be the best day you have ever had! It could also be your last! We never know! So go forward into your day with wide eyed wonder and find every drop of happiness that life has to offer! Today is here and it is yours! Tomorrow? Who knows?

May God bless all of you! And God Bless America!        


Smoking and Self Respect!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 10, 2010

How do you feel about you? Be honest with me here. I will not tell anyone. As I look around at the blogs and comments, I think there may be a lot of folks here with very little self respect! I have been around a little bit and I believe the numbers are out of proportion. Is that because we have been demonized for being smokers? My guess is yes! For a long time we have been warned about the dangers of smoking. We have been told we were killing ourselves, and all those around us. We have an excuse! We are addicts! We have an addiction! Does that make you feel any better? Well, no! It is just ignoring the bad things others say about us, and putting another negative label on ourselves! Is it true? Yes. But is it always necessary to call a spade a "damn dirty shovel" ? No. I realize that we need to accept the fact that we have an addiction! But, we the members of this site are doing something about our addictions. We are helping other people beat their addiction. We deserve something better than a negative Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads!

I do not know what we should be called, or what we should call each other! I do know that it is important to stop the cycle of beating ourselves up and forfeiting our self respect! I am not naive enough to believe that everyone here is a wonderful person! I do however believe that without question there are a lot of truely good and honorable people here! I respect you! You need to respect yourselves as well! We did a bad thing when we became addicted to tobacco. That does not make us bad people. Take the positive that you are doing something about it. Learn that you are good! Learn to love yourself! And respect yourself! We try to give of ourselves to help each other. If you do not feel good about yourself, you can not possibly feel like you have anything good to share with others! I see people who do not realize how good and important they are, helping others everyday! If you are helping others, you are a good person! Give yourself credit! Respect yourself! I respect you! And a lot of other people see it too! You are my friends and you are worthy!!


Totally Awed!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 8, 2010

I wish I had the time and talent to write warm personal notes to everyone who extened a piece of themselves into my celebration today! I have been called names before, but not like these! Names that come to mind are Awesome, Hero, Wonderful, Marvelous, Inspirational! Geez guys could you set the bar a little lower! How can I ever live up to those standards! The thing I want you all to know is that while I appreciate love and recognition, and kindness as much as the next person, I know that I have feet of clay! I am one of you! Everyone of you who haven't reached this point have the ability to do this! There is a lot of determination required! There is also some luck needed! I have been fortunate not to encounter anything beyond my "cope ability" .There are many people including some of you, who are as, if not more determined than me! There are many who are smarter than I ! Not all have had the good fortune to have the group of friends that I have had! So as you extend your handshakes to me today, keep reaching to give yourselves a hug from me! Without all of you, this day would not be special. In truth I may not even be alive! My celebration is not of the number of days I have not smoked, It is a celebration of the number of people who care! Please know and understand that I care about each of you as well! Thank you one and all for this awesome display of genuine affection!      Tommy


Labor Day!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 3, 2010

This week-end we celebrate the freedom to work at a job of our choosing! It is hard to concieve of the idea that not all peoples have that option! God Bless America! This year their are not as many people celebrateing their employment! As conficatory taxes and mandated health care bite deeper into the pockets of American business, it is no surprise! This week-end unions will celebrate their power and tell us we are not smart enough to negotiate for ourselves! All the while they will take the money of the workers and funnel it to the same government folks who are busy destroying the American economy! And crushing jobs!

We at this site have come to realize that we have the power to overcome our addictions! We have discovered the we are responsible for our own actions! We have discovered that we can take that responsibility and get rid of an addiction that controls us and makes us dependent on it! That is power!!! Spread the word that we have the power to be independent of nicotine! We also have the strength and power to be independent of a government that would control us and make us dependent on it!

Stand up for yourself! Be independent! Stand up for America! Be independent!

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