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Self answering questions!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 30, 2010

Did you ever have one of those mornings where you can't seem to decide what to eat! I have been going back and forth between something good for me or something good to me! Good for me. Good to me. Back and forth.Why I am I waffleing ---------- That's it!! I am going to the Waffle House!!!!!


Dear Kellie,

Posted by pir8fan Aug 27, 2010

You don't know me, and I don't know you, but I sure would like to meet you! I have read your words and marveled at your courage for a while now! I look around and see so many with so much to be thankful for who "try" to quit smoking! We sit around our keyboards and pat each other on the back and talk about how hard it is to quit! We do not discuss the hardships associated with not quitting! Those reallties are a little too scary to talk about! Where is our courage?

Then we come to you! In an open and frank discussion of your real life, you force, us to look into the mirror. And often we turn away, at a loss for words. How hard it must be to spend your life trying to divert us from the trap you fell into, and seeing the indifference to your warning! Yet you summon up another snifter of courage, and and battle on. You struggle for everyone of us, in a tireless manner, and never looking for anything in return! I wish I had something to offer you, besides my unwavering respect! That and this salute to true courage!

One day we shall all take our last breath before we go and stand before our Maker. Shakespear said thru the words of Jullis Caesar " Cowards die many times before their death, but the valiant taste of death but once." I pray that we might all face our future with the courage you display everyday. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you face each new challenge.  Forever, Tommy


Let's kick this one around!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 25, 2010

I had an idea! I know that some will reject it for that very reason! But It could be helpful and it may not even be original!

I have suggested to a couple of people today, that they prepare a "Ninja Kit" to carry with them at all times! This kit would consist of a list of reasons why you quit!  There would also be picture of those to whom your quit is important! I am sure that you can all come up with other helpful items that would also be in that kit! Anytime that a person is tempted to smoke, they could pull out their "Ninja Kit" and go thru it until the temptation is gone! My guess is that you could number the items and eventually you would reach a point where, when tempted you could just think of a series of numbers! I will bet that someone out there has already done this, or something similar! Tell us about it!

Just a thought! Run with it if you like!



Posted by pir8fan Aug 25, 2010

I just read someone saying that smoking was a second nature! What is FIRST nature? Why would you settle for second? I'm Just Sayin'


Daisy,Daisy, 200 days!!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 21, 2010

Sometimes we seem to let things slip through the cracks! This one should not have! I fell down on the job! I am sorry Daisy! I shoud have had saw horses with red blinking light all around this crack!

There should have been a celebration! Where were the marching bands and the ballons! We missed the big day! I wish I could come up with an excuse, but there is not one!

Congrats my Sweet Flower for reaching the milestone of 200 days! A lot of folks come and go around here! You have shown the fortitude to stay! You are idolized by many and appreciated by all! You bring inspiration to so many! You are part of the reason that the Super Exer's are still here! Your success is what this site is all about!! Welcome to the 200 Club young Lady! We are better people because you are a part of us!!


NRT vs. The Turkey!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 19, 2010

There is a lot of discussion about NRT's the last few days! Let me preface my comments with this qualifer! It does not matter what method you use to quit! It only matters that you do quit!

My opinion is simple! Cold Turkey was the only viable option for me! All of the other methods gave me a ready made excuse to fail! I could stick a patch on and quit for a few days. Then I could not wear one and smoke! If anyone ask, "The patch did not work!". I was not my fault! I could take Chantix for a few months and keep right on smoking! Same story!! " The Chantix did not work". It was not my fault! I am sure you see how this goes!

The only option for me was to announce my quit and take "Personal Responsibility" for it! If I fail I have nothing to blame except myself! My biggest ally in this quit is my pride! That alone may not have been enough! Then I found this site! I found a bunch of total strangers that really cared and believed in me! Now the nicodemon might have been strong enough to make me let myself down! But he was not as strong as the "Power of WE'!! The people and friends I found here would never let me down!! How could I ever let them down?? I could not!  Then I discovered what I call "Collateral Kindness". That is the point where I started to help others instead of myself! This brought even more resolve to my new "Start" Today makes the 231st day that I have been totally free of nicotine! This site has been a huge help to me! And I can say that the people here helped me take "Personal Responsibility" for my actions!! Thank you to all who have helped me! With "Collateral Kindness" I intend to pass that same help along to those that have come behind me!


Team Concept!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 18, 2010

It occurs to me that we have a really great team here! If you would allow me I would like to talk a little about that concept!

First of all we have the the "Old Timers" who I call the Super Exers! I see them in the role of coaches and managers! They have been there, done that and seen it all! They share their wisdom with us, and help guide us to be successful! Then there are the veterans. We are the primary distributors of what I refer to as "Collateral Kindness"! I am reminded that we probably have the most important job! We are the liason between the Super Exers and the Short Timers and Newbies! It is importat that we be able to remember the difficulties associated with the early days of our "new starts", "do overs" or "quits". Whatever you call it there are problems that everyone has to overcome in the begining! No one shoud try to steamroll those problems, or belittle those who are having them! They are very real to the people who are having them! We must help everyone fight their individual battles! As with most teams we look at our Cheerleaders as a seperate team! This is not the case!!!! Our Cheerleaders are the glue that holds this team together! They not only bring happiness, humor, and good feelings to us, but they drive the emergency vehicles! They are the first responders to our newbies, and the first ones there when we have a teammate who falls. Often times they are there in time to prevent the fall! God bless our Cheerleaders!! We should give thanks for them everyday!

It has often been said that there is no I in team! While this is of course true, I submit to you that there are two I's In "Winning Team" They are Initiative and Integrity! As a part of a winning team we must take the Initiative to stand up for what is right and stand against that which is harmfull! We must also be deliberative and understand which is which! And we must  have the Integrity to honor our committments to ourselves, and our teammates! Will we make errors? You bet! But a winning team will find a way to overcome those and continue to win!

I thank you all for allowing me to be a part of this team! I will do all in my power to help keep it a "Winning Team"


An open letter of apology!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 15, 2010

First to Tim! I am sorry that I "spewed senseless venom" at you! I strongly disagree with the message I saw in your blog! And an open discussion of opinions is good! To attack your character and your motives in this forum, is wrong and I sincerely apologize for that! It is true that you have the right to come here and say what you will. I also have the right to disagree! That is where it should end and in the future it will! So, I say again, I am sorry!

Second to all my friends! Thank you to all who understood my point and stood with me! Thank you to all who saw the error of my ways and tried to steer me back on course! My apology is also extended to each of you! I took your website and used it to reach beyond the purpose of helping each other "Start" a new smoke free life! I took offense to what I viewed as insulting and went way too far with it! I have shown a flaw in my character and will continue to work to be a better me! Again, I am sorry. And I thank you, all! 

To newbies! Please ignore the hostility I have displayed here! This is a great place and there are many wonderful people here who will help you with your quits! Keep your Focus! You can do this!! We will help!!


Schwack is whacked!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 14, 2010

I am tired! I have tried my level best to ignore your mindless diatribe. I guess it was to much to think you would just shut up and go away! You continue to come here a spew senseless venom in a manner that caused one literary critic to proclaim  " I find the mixed metaphors humorous at best, and the "fanfare" confusing and annoying!" This critic also ask if your readers actually use their minds, and was tempted to use the lemming metaphor!

You have finally driven me over the edge! To have the arrogance to come her and portend to speak for non-existant entities such as "Big Tobacco" and "Big Pharma" is totally inane. To sit and tell my friends and fellow exer's that they are victims of these non-existant organizations is very offensive! We are all victims of nothing more than our own poor decisions! How can you blame a tobacco company? They are a legitimate business, producing a legal product, and I might add the only business that  Big Government forces to spend billions of dollars trying to convince people not to buy their product! If Big Government kept their noses out of things the Constitution does not grant them power to regulate perhaps these companies would not have to make their products more addictive to produce enough income to satisfy government demands! To attack the Pharmaceutical Industry is even farther beyond the pale. This industry has done more to improve the human condition worldwide than any other! Their prices have been forced through the roof by  Big Government regulations and a uncontrolled law suits that should never see the light of day!

Problem after problem is linked to just one thing! Piss poor decision making! We decide to elect Big Government politicians who restrict the freedom of the people and businesses in the greatest country to ever exist on the face of the earth! We decide to smoke! We make decisions to use the kind of drugs that leave us homeless in the streets! We make decisions everyday!  To then come here and tell people that they are not responsible for their own actions is foolish at best! There are consequences to every action! There are consequences to inaction as well! We are all responsible for our own decisions! To tell people otherwise is not only folly but is irrational as well!


Hope and change!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 12, 2010

Good morning all! No I am not running for office! What I am doing is looking around this site and finding a lot of folks who are trying to use these words to stop smoking and "Start" a new smoke free life! Unfortunately these are the wrong words!

We have no further to look than our own political landscape! We elected a President on this platform! Hope! What the hell is that! That is what you do when you buy a lottery ticket! That is what you hold out for someone else! If you want  do something different in your life, you have to make an effort. You have to get up off your butt and do something different. I am yet to find a single person who broke free of the chains of nicotine because they had hope! The way to do this is to learn what to do! Decide to do it. And and then follow through!!

Change will not do it either! Change is what you do when you want a new costume! And yes, we all wear costumes as we disguise ourselves as who we want to be! Change for the sake of change is worthless! Change does not mean you are going improve anything! In order to change for the better, you must first evaluate and understand what is right and what is wrong! Then you formilate a plan to change the bad things with out doing harm to the good! Once you have a solid plan in place, you act on it! Make changes for the good and anticipate unintended consequences! Be ready to adjust! Soon you will have a bunch of days behind you and you are well on your way to being the person you could have been a long time ago!

I wish you all well! Keep your Focus!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!



Posted by pir8fan Aug 10, 2010

As I was riding down the interstate yesterday it occured to me that there is a sign marking every mile! This was not news to me as I have ridden by literally millions of them! But yesterday I really thought about them as more than busy work for the prison population! These milemarkers tell us exactly how far we have come in our journey, and exactlly how far we are from our next goal!

Each day as I look around at you my fellow exer's I realize that eveyday is a milestone for all of us! Today Irish Rose has 2 months! That is a great milestone! Congradulations!! But every one here is passing a milestone every day! And all of them need to be celebrated! So to name a few names: Bobbi on your 39th day Way to go! Poker Player on your 20th day! Dawn on your 327th day! Joe on you 223rd day (me too). Brenda on you 51st day! Sheri on your 9th day counting up, and on #3 on the other count down! Neen on your 20th day! All of you who I don't have time to list! Today is a milestone for you too! Celebrate life, be good to yourself, and be good to others. Be happy for yourself and be happy for each other! Today is the only 8/10/10 you will ever have! Use it well!

Thank you one and all who expressed you concern for me this week-end! It was a nice escape! I saw two fantastic sunsets! I spent a good amout of time in solitude!! I encountered no bores! A bore is one who deprives you of your solitude without providing you with company! All was not perfect, here or anywhere! My ex-wife, and mother of my daughter died Friday night in North Carolina! Please remember my daughter in your prayers! Angie!

In the next few days I expect to catch up with everyone! You are all important to me! Many of you I am sure remember my old friend Mr. Pig Brotha! He is perhaps the greatest satirist ever and as it turn out an incredible prophet! It is with his permission that I am re-posting his blog of June 21st, 2010. My porcine companion, thank you for your insight and wisdom!



Go figure.


Dragging your foot out of your stomach past your tonsils because you finally got your knee in your mouth isn’t as honorable of a feat (all pun intended) as it may have been when you started in the first place.


I did not have sexual relations with that woman…”- Bill Clinton 01-26-98


 After the general public witnesses your intentional, accidental, on purpose, faux pas,  train wreck, etc…the next action is to take responsibility. Who… me? Yeah… you and the Pig  and all of the renouncement tribe that gloat because…


“I did it my way” – Frank Sinatra (over & freakin’ over & even Elvis… enough already)


Who is driving your train? Ego, ambition, gratitude, machismo, pretention (or the lack of), gentle respect, nurturing guidance, or (name your poison and fill in your blank) ___________.


“Drivin’ that train, high on cocaine, Casey Jones you better watch your speed” – The Grateful Dead (over and freakin’ over and it’s a blessing that Elvis never heard the tune)


C’mon, don’t try to tell an Old Hog that you don’t’ have a “blank”. If you don’t have a “blank”, it’s more than the local Veterinarian can diagnose. We will have to send you to the state farm for further observation.


Go directly to the first mirror, do not pass “Go” and look deeply into the reflective surface. Is that really you? Do you really advise humans on how to relieve themselves of a nasty ass habit?


OR… do you let the world know how “smart” you are now that you found your path to kick a nasty ass habit that you (and the humans for that matter) probably shouldn’t have started in the first place?


Do you revel in your new found brilliance or dig into your soul and repent for tearing down a perfectly good temple?


Saying too much invariably means that one eventually says the wrong thing. Believe it.


“Less Words = More Meaning” - Pig Brotha’ 2010


Think about it, do you pontificate for you or the humans?


The former in most cases is called masturbation the latter is classified as compassion.


Final question, “Is you rubbing’ humans or just rubbin’ your old smoky spot in public?”


Either way, I am glad that we are all here!


Keep Your Barn Door Closed,


to anyone who cares!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 6, 2010

I am taking a mental health week-end! I will be back on Sunday afternoon! There is nothing wrong with me and I am not angry with anyone! I just decided that I deserve a break! Love to all! Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!  Tommy


Here he goes again!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 4, 2010

Good morning fellow exer's! While responding to a blog this morning I found myself thinking! Many who know me here understand that this is not something I do very often! However, I did remember a phrase I had heard long ago. I realize that it had been a big help to me, and I thought I might share it with anybody that is still reading at this point!

"Learn from the mistakes of others! You do not have time to make them all yourself!"  It is a good point! The application of this theory is to educate yourself about your addiction! But remember that the educational materials are generalized! They have to be! Everybody is different! There are exceptions to every rule. I bet you are one of the exceptions! I know that I am! We are all exceptional people! So take all the material, use what you can and leave the rest behind for the exceptional person that will follow you! Remember "you are unique, just like everyone else" So find what works for you! Sometime you have to try on a lot of shoes before you find the ones that really fit!

The other thing that education does is teach us to do our own thinking! That way we do not just come to this site and run off of a cliff behind the first person that turns a phrase well enough to sound ilke a leader! You have a choice. Lead, follow, or get out of the way! It is better if you take control of your own life! If you don't, someone else will!!!!

Today I encourage each of you to take control of your future! Be the person you always wanted to be! Go forward and prosper!


Thank you for----

Posted by pir8fan Aug 2, 2010

---------- helping me have strength! Some of the people I care about had a bad week-end! I have friends that are no less committed than I who had their quits go into remission briefly! It reminded me how lucky I have been to get the right inspiration at the right time here! Like Phoenixes, my friends have risen from the ashes (pun intended) and have new full blown quits! I can't help but realize how fragile a thing a quit is! Conventional wisdom says that my friends just were not committed enough! Conventional wisdom is neither conventional nor is it wise. My friends found themselves in situations they were not prepared to handle! I am not pompus enough to think it could not happen to me as well! I am thankful that it has not! I will not condemn the ones who were less fortunate! Today I will stand with all who need a hand! I will be in front of you if you need to be pulled through a rough spot! I wll be behind you should start to fall back! But mostly I will be beside you with the reassurance that you are worth my time and efforts. You are valuable! You are special! You are important to me today and everyday! You are my friends! I don't have a single one of those to spare!

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