I "Started" down-----

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 28, 2010

----------this road a few days back! I am not sure I went far enough though! So lets see if we can get around a few curves!

You may recall that a few days back I proclaimed I was done with quitting! And I am! I ask you to take my hand and move forward in our new "Starts". We talked about having a "do-over". A few of you reached out and embraced the new attitude! I am not sure if it soaked in with everybody! So please indulge me as I try one more time!

Way to often we come to this site and encourage each other to "Quit"! And every day we see people do just that! They come here and start a new smoke free life! And then they "Quit" I believe the negetive connotation of the word is something we should erase from our vocabularies! It is not OK to "Quit" Whether it is "quitting" on your new found freedom from tobacco or "quitting"in your personal life! We come here and find freedom and we want more! We find that we have power to change things and we want to do that. It may be the wrong thing to do, but who cares, we have power! We are in control!! Or are we? Smoking was a part of your life for a reason! You have the power to change that! And you should! It is a bad thing on soooooo many different levels!

Then there is the rest of your life! All of the other things in your life are there for a reason! You have a new found power to change things! That does not mean that you should! Wholesale change simply because you can is never good! Every aspect of your life must be judged on it's own merits! There is good in every life and it should be cherished. There is also the bad that needs to be changed. Make your judgements carefully! They affect many people!

Today I choose to continue my new "Start" in life! I will try to help others get that new "Start"! And I will embrace the good in my life! I will not throw the baby out with the bathwater! I will cherish my life! And I pray that you will do the same thing!