I am done with the whole quit thing!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 22, 2010

It has taken 203 days for this light bulb to come on! I am not a quitter! Tobacco almost made me a quitter! It almost made me quit living! It almost made me quit breathing! It almost made me quit caring! But I AM NOT A QUITTER! I am a starter! I have started over in my life! I get a "do over"! Not everyone get one of those! I am lucky! Tobacco only cost me 1 kidney, 3 heart attacks, and few other minor things! But I get a second chance! From this point on I am no longer a quitter(Never liked the word anyway). I am a starter! I am starting to live! I am starting to breathe better! And I am starting to care more about me and you!

Everyone, take my hand, and let us all start together!