A funny thing happened on the way to 200!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 19, 2010

200 days today! It is another milepost that will pass in the standard 24 hours! I have actually set my sights on this one since I passed 100! This was the next big goal! Somewhere along the way it changed! I passed the 100 day mark as a smoker who had made it 100 days without smoking! Making it another 100 seemed like a noble goal!

I can not put my finger on when it changed, I just know that it it did! I think it was about the time I coined the phrase "Collateral Kindness". I realized that I had come to you, my friends, and found the understanding and the support to transition from a nicotine addicted smoker, to a person who understands his addiction, and has a firm grip on it! Somewhere along the way It ceased to be a struggle! I am at peace with the fact that " I don't do that anymore"! So my thinking changed to "Who else can I help to get where I am". I do not know the answer to that! I hope it is you,if you have not reached this point.

I am not sure where my next milestone really is! Maybe there are no more! What I do know is that I get more satisfaction out of seeing new people reaching their milestones than I get from my own! Schwack has 90 days today! Congrats to him! Other of you are reaching your own milestones today, tomorrow, the next day! I share in your celebration! I look forward to the day that all of you will share the feeling I have today. The pride that comes with the knowledge "I don't do that anymore! And I never will again!"