Let me clear this up!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 8, 2010

There seems to be a bit of misunderstanding about my blog yesterday! I said that in order to quit you had to declare yourself quit and have the integrity to keep your word!

I was not in any way impling that it is a simple thing! For some it may be that simple! For most it is not! Some can just say "I quit" and live happily ever after! Most of us do not get the fairy tale! I can tell you with out doubt that as I sit her on my 189th day, that I will never smoke again. Was it easy to reach this point? Hell no! I had the same thoughts that everyone else has. I could smoke just one! I could smoke today and quit again tomorrow. Where is my reward? How many days do I have to be quit before I get to smoke again! Any of that sound familar? As recenty as a week ago I had a day that I thought it would be good to get a couple of packs of smokes and head into a dive bar and smoke and drink until I fell down, or the place closed. I am happy to report that I did neither. But in the end when the struggles happen, and they will, you have to have an anchor some where. Your personel integrity is that anchor!

I wish a happy smoke fre day to all! Remember! Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!