Oreo reaction!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 1, 2010

I was fortunate enough to be involved in a discussion about the role Oreo's play in our ability to quit smoking! Now being a man I am alway schocked when I find out that women seem to talk a lot about diets. That is not a subject that comes up very often in guy conversations. (Unless we are comparing Hooters wings to others). It occured to me that this may be the third rail that I should not touch. I realize that I could make a lot of you hate me if I am not careful! That being said I could not resist the challenge!!

My experience with quitting went like this! Day 1! I am not going to smoke. Maybe a snack will help! Day 2! I am not going to smoke! Maybe a snack will help! Day 3! I am going to have a snack! Maybe it will keep me from smoking! Day 4! This food is actually better without smoking! Day 5! (at Burger King) " I will trade you a pack of cigarettes for a burger and large order fries. Could you add a chocolate shake to that please!" Day 6! I am supposed to remember something about cigarettes, but I need to eat first!

Surprise First 3 weeks I added 13 pounds! The cool thing was I had not smoked a cigarette in three weeks. I was feeling pretty good about myself except my clothes seemed to be shrinking! Just for the record, how many of you are thinking "Take the money you are saving on smokes and get new clothes!"  Wrong!! I am thinking "I am going to die of morbib obesity but at least my coffin will not smell like an ash tray!"

Then the thought hit out of the blue!! I said to myself " Self, you are kicking the nicodemons butt! You have broken the one of the hardest and nastiest addictions in the world! You have taken control!! If you can do that you can do anything!! Take control of what you put in your mouth!" Easier said than done, right? Wrong! It is the same plan. Find you weaknesses and overcome them! Be Alert! We always need more lerts! No, Pay attention to eating triggers. Now you don't have to smoke, but you do have to eat, But ultimately you are the one that has to commit to controling what you put in your face! Commit and honor your commitment to yourself! That sound familar?

Now here is the part where I incur the wrath! The first 3 weeks as a quitter I gained 13 pounds, In the 5 months since I have lost 28 pounds. I sit here today 15 pound lighter than I was the day I quit! The big secret is there is no secret. It is just a commitment to yourself. You quit smoking! You can do anything!!