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I "Started" down-----

Posted by pir8fan Jul 28, 2010

----------this road a few days back! I am not sure I went far enough though! So lets see if we can get around a few curves!

You may recall that a few days back I proclaimed I was done with quitting! And I am! I ask you to take my hand and move forward in our new "Starts". We talked about having a "do-over". A few of you reached out and embraced the new attitude! I am not sure if it soaked in with everybody! So please indulge me as I try one more time!

Way to often we come to this site and encourage each other to "Quit"! And every day we see people do just that! They come here and start a new smoke free life! And then they "Quit" I believe the negetive connotation of the word is something we should erase from our vocabularies! It is not OK to "Quit" Whether it is "quitting" on your new found freedom from tobacco or "quitting"in your personal life! We come here and find freedom and we want more! We find that we have power to change things and we want to do that. It may be the wrong thing to do, but who cares, we have power! We are in control!! Or are we? Smoking was a part of your life for a reason! You have the power to change that! And you should! It is a bad thing on soooooo many different levels!

Then there is the rest of your life! All of the other things in your life are there for a reason! You have a new found power to change things! That does not mean that you should! Wholesale change simply because you can is never good! Every aspect of your life must be judged on it's own merits! There is good in every life and it should be cherished. There is also the bad that needs to be changed. Make your judgements carefully! They affect many people!

Today I choose to continue my new "Start" in life! I will try to help others get that new "Start"! And I will embrace the good in my life! I will not throw the baby out with the bathwater! I will cherish my life! And I pray that you will do the same thing!


Questions sometimes answer----

Posted by pir8fan Jul 26, 2010

----------themselves! I have a very good friend who twisted her ankle last night! (I hope it is OK Honey)This morning I was out walking Max (my loyal canine companion) when my thoughts turned to food! As I am debating cooking breakfast or taking myself out, Max lunged at a rabbit! I stepped off the edge of the walk and twisted my ankle!! You don't have to hit me over the head! I get it! Question answered! I am off to IHOP!

It has taken 203 days for this light bulb to come on! I am not a quitter! Tobacco almost made me a quitter! It almost made me quit living! It almost made me quit breathing! It almost made me quit caring! But I AM NOT A QUITTER! I am a starter! I have started over in my life! I get a "do over"! Not everyone get one of those! I am lucky! Tobacco only cost me 1 kidney, 3 heart attacks, and few other minor things! But I get a second chance! From this point on I am no longer a quitter(Never liked the word anyway). I am a starter! I am starting to live! I am starting to breathe better! And I am starting to care more about me and you!

Everyone, take my hand, and let us all start together!



Posted by pir8fan Jul 21, 2010

It is another Milestone day at our site! Now I do not pretend to be smart enough to keep up with all the milestones! So everyone feel free to pitch in the ones I do not list!

# 1. Sheri has 150 days today! Yesterday she brought us all good news about her medical issues! Today she celebrates the 150 day milestone! Sheri, we are all very happy for you! Thank you for everything you contribute here!!

#2 MissiAnn has 50 days today! That is right.I know it seems like she just got here a couple of minutes ago, but it has been 50 days! Has anybody won a bigger piece of our hearts in so short a time? Thank you for being here MissiAnn!

Every one please stop by and let these Ladies know how much they mean to us!

200 days today! It is another milepost that will pass in the standard 24 hours! I have actually set my sights on this one since I passed 100! This was the next big goal! Somewhere along the way it changed! I passed the 100 day mark as a smoker who had made it 100 days without smoking! Making it another 100 seemed like a noble goal!

I can not put my finger on when it changed, I just know that it it did! I think it was about the time I coined the phrase "Collateral Kindness". I realized that I had come to you, my friends, and found the understanding and the support to transition from a nicotine addicted smoker, to a person who understands his addiction, and has a firm grip on it! Somewhere along the way It ceased to be a struggle! I am at peace with the fact that " I don't do that anymore"! So my thinking changed to "Who else can I help to get where I am". I do not know the answer to that! I hope it is you,if you have not reached this point.

I am not sure where my next milestone really is! Maybe there are no more! What I do know is that I get more satisfaction out of seeing new people reaching their milestones than I get from my own! Schwack has 90 days today! Congrats to him! Other of you are reaching your own milestones today, tomorrow, the next day! I share in your celebration! I look forward to the day that all of you will share the feeling I have today. The pride that comes with the knowledge "I don't do that anymore! And I never will again!"


How did you make it this far!

Posted by pir8fan Jul 17, 2010

When I was a little boy, my Grandmother used to tell me not to say anything until I knew what I was going to say! I guess even way back then I loved to talk! Some things never change! I have a faint recollection of my Great- Grand-Mother too. She was the kinda spooky old lady that watched everything with the eye of a eagle, kept the same smile on her face, and never spoke! Both of those Ladies have had an influence over the last couple of hours of my evening.

Tonight I have had the same urge to jump right in and put myself into your conversations that I always have! Although I really did not have anything to say! Realizing this, I have remained silent! My Grand-Mother is proud! I have also taken a page from my Great-Grand-Mothers book! I have been sitting here with a fixed smile on my face as I have watched my family go about their evening! I am greatful to be a part of this family! I see you playing and teasing each other. I see some of you" Whistling thru the Graveyard ". For anyone unfamilar with the term, I means you make happy noises to hide your fear! I know that there are a few of you who are still in fear that you will blow your quits! And that is OK! Blowing a quit is something to be afraid of! And if that fear keeps you vigilant, that is good! I am not going to be the one to tell you that you can do this without the fear! I see some of you who did not make it on your first try! But you have made it now! There were people who beat you up pretty bad! And there were people who picked you up and dusted you off. They gave you encouragement to make it. And you did it! Some of you made it because you had to show the ones who beat you up that you were better than they thought you were! Secret is, they knew all along you could do it if you got mad enough! And you did it!

The question I am putting out to you tonight is: How did you make it this far? What helped you? Who said the one thing that made the light come on? Where are you, and where are you going? Lets take moment and give thanks to each other, and appreciate where we have come from, and where we are! Feel free to pat yourself on the back! Please go first! I will just sit here and smile for a little while longer!


Avoid jerks!

Posted by pir8fan Jul 16, 2010

I am reminded almost daily that life is 5% what happens to you and 95% how you re-act to what happens! Avoid knee-jerk re-actions! A craving is something you need to think about, not something you have to do something about! If you stop and think you are smarter that a cigarette! If you do not agree, please explain how you are dumber than---------------------. Actually if you are not smarter than a cigarette, I really don't want to hear that explanation! Just don't smoke!


Another Thought!

Posted by pir8fan Jul 14, 2010

Embrace all of your Dreams!! Our nightmares can not touch us! Our pleasant dreams can make us happy! And, our daydreams show us the limitless opportunities that await those who dare to reach for them!


Tommy Piver          Circa 15 minutes ago



Posted by pir8fan Jul 14, 2010

It is a day for celebration at our site:

Anacondahead    1 full year smoke free!                Way to go girl!!

Dawn                    300 days!                                       Ditto Cutie!!

James                   200 days                                        And still HAPPY!!!

Please take a moment to acknowledge these achevements!! If I msised anyone please let me know! Everyone take pride in your quits today and, Keep your FOCUS!!


God Bless America!

Posted by pir8fan Jul 13, 2010

I have been wrestling for quite a while now with the transition from who I have always been, to who I have become! I saw a blog a few minutes ago that stirred something in me! So I have something to say that may upset you or it may make you stand and cheer! I am not expecting a whole lot of neturality on this one!

I saw a blog a little bit ago in which the writter seemed somewhat surprised that you could choose smoking or non-smoking in a St. Louis restaurant. Many of you know that I have been quit for 194 days now and that I will do anything I can to help others quit as well. That being said, I must also say Thank You St Louis!!!!!

It is good to know that Socialism has not completely taken over the country that I love! While I totally agree that everyone should lay down their cigarettes and walk quickly away, I will defend until my final breath the right of all to kill themselves in any damnfool way that they choose. This is America! The greatest country to ever exist, without question. We are the one that have made life better for all the world (except when we banned DDT). We are the most charitable people ever to exist! We became great because people are free to make their own choices here. Yet everyday we see an all out assault on those freedoms. If you check with federal law, smoking is still legal in this country! Yet private business is told " You may not allow a legal activity in your place of businees". It is my belief that if a person risk his capital and opens a business, and creates jobs, and engages in something legal, then it is nobodys business what he allows or disallows.

The difference between Freedom lovers and Socialist comes down to this! If I see something I do not like and do not want to be around, I get away from it! If a Socialist see something they do not agree with, they feel compelled to ban it to everybody! It takes a lot of arrogance to think no one is ever right but you!

I will forever regret that I choose to smoke for a brief 44 years. I will never condemn the fact that I had the right to make that poor choice. Nor will I condemn the fact that I have the right to quit! I like my new choice better!

Just a little food for thought!            Tommy

" Never measure the depth of your dispair without first gauging the height of your possibilities "

Tommy Piver,          circa 5 minutes ago


Some of us-------

Posted by pir8fan Jul 11, 2010

---------- may have missed our calling! I just saw a TV news person interviewing a lady who is a "Culture Critic"! Where do you send a resume for that??????? And I wonder what the job pays. A lot of us are doing it for free!

If you have been around long enough, you may remember that I showed up here 6 months ago! I was 8 days into my quit and not even a little bit happy about it! Truth of the matter is I saw an ad and thought I would check it out and see what kind of propaganda the left wing was spewing, and maybe pick a few political fights! It took me a little time to realize there was not much of a political nature going on here. Instead, I found a bunch of honest, caring people here, doing their best to help each other through difficult times! As time went on I felt a need to be a part of that, and I saw many others do the same. People came and some went and I recognized a pattern in the ones who stayed! I coined a term to describe what I saw here. Collateral Kindness. Those who come to help themselves and stay to help others. God bless all who practise this. You will never know the countless lives you have saved!

This practise seems to have spawned a new energy and enthuiasm at this site. I watched for a long time as people came her looking for the magic bullet that would make them quit. Some came and learned that there is no magic in the words written here. Quitting is a bit of work that you have to do for yourself. Some dissappeared! They were not willing to do the work. I hope they all come back before it is too late.

I look around today and I see a new type of quitter, I see  people coming aboard who are educating themselves and offering inspiration to each other, and those of us who have been here a while. They seem to come here understanding the magnitude of their task, and how much you help yourself as you help others. There is courage and strength and wisdom flowing around this site with a power that seem to build on it's self!

I have long been proud to be a part of this site, but never more proud than today! Please, everyone keep the energy going! Keep the enthusiam going! Above all, keep your quits going!  You are remarkable people! Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!      Tommy


Let me clear this up!

Posted by pir8fan Jul 8, 2010

There seems to be a bit of misunderstanding about my blog yesterday! I said that in order to quit you had to declare yourself quit and have the integrity to keep your word!

I was not in any way impling that it is a simple thing! For some it may be that simple! For most it is not! Some can just say "I quit" and live happily ever after! Most of us do not get the fairy tale! I can tell you with out doubt that as I sit her on my 189th day, that I will never smoke again. Was it easy to reach this point? Hell no! I had the same thoughts that everyone else has. I could smoke just one! I could smoke today and quit again tomorrow. Where is my reward? How many days do I have to be quit before I get to smoke again! Any of that sound familar? As recenty as a week ago I had a day that I thought it would be good to get a couple of packs of smokes and head into a dive bar and smoke and drink until I fell down, or the place closed. I am happy to report that I did neither. But in the end when the struggles happen, and they will, you have to have an anchor some where. Your personel integrity is that anchor!

I wish a happy smoke fre day to all! Remember! Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!


Never Quit Smoking----------

Posted by pir8fan Jul 7, 2010

----------Again!! It only takes once if you do it right! Say you are quitting and have the integrity to keep your word!!


KathyS has 150

Posted by pir8fan Jul 3, 2010

Days!! Everyone please stop by and pass on "atta girl's" We are proud of you Kathy!!!


I Declare!!

Posted by pir8fan Jul 3, 2010

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to disolve the bands which have connected them to their tobacco products and assume among the powers of the earth, the seperate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Natures God entitle them, a decent respect of the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes that compell them to the seperation!

We hold these truths to be self evident, that all exer's were created with equal opportunity to quit, and that they were endowed by their Creator with certain unailenable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty, and the persuit of clean lungs!

We , the exer's do here by solemnly publish and declare that we are independent of tobacco and obsolved of any loyalty to the producer thereof.

We the exer's do here by attach our signatures to this document and mutually pledge to each other to protect our quits with our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor!

Witness my hand!          Tommy Piver


Kicking ash!

Posted by pir8fan Jul 1, 2010

The ash is kicked

The habit fell

It's summer now

and it 's hot as----------------------usual!


Oreo reaction!

Posted by pir8fan Jul 1, 2010

I was fortunate enough to be involved in a discussion about the role Oreo's play in our ability to quit smoking! Now being a man I am alway schocked when I find out that women seem to talk a lot about diets. That is not a subject that comes up very often in guy conversations. (Unless we are comparing Hooters wings to others). It occured to me that this may be the third rail that I should not touch. I realize that I could make a lot of you hate me if I am not careful! That being said I could not resist the challenge!!

My experience with quitting went like this! Day 1! I am not going to smoke. Maybe a snack will help! Day 2! I am not going to smoke! Maybe a snack will help! Day 3! I am going to have a snack! Maybe it will keep me from smoking! Day 4! This food is actually better without smoking! Day 5! (at Burger King) " I will trade you a pack of cigarettes for a burger and large order fries. Could you add a chocolate shake to that please!" Day 6! I am supposed to remember something about cigarettes, but I need to eat first!

Surprise First 3 weeks I added 13 pounds! The cool thing was I had not smoked a cigarette in three weeks. I was feeling pretty good about myself except my clothes seemed to be shrinking! Just for the record, how many of you are thinking "Take the money you are saving on smokes and get new clothes!"  Wrong!! I am thinking "I am going to die of morbib obesity but at least my coffin will not smell like an ash tray!"

Then the thought hit out of the blue!! I said to myself " Self, you are kicking the nicodemons butt! You have broken the one of the hardest and nastiest addictions in the world! You have taken control!! If you can do that you can do anything!! Take control of what you put in your mouth!" Easier said than done, right? Wrong! It is the same plan. Find you weaknesses and overcome them! Be Alert! We always need more lerts! No, Pay attention to eating triggers. Now you don't have to smoke, but you do have to eat, But ultimately you are the one that has to commit to controling what you put in your face! Commit and honor your commitment to yourself! That sound familar?

Now here is the part where I incur the wrath! The first 3 weeks as a quitter I gained 13 pounds, In the 5 months since I have lost 28 pounds. I sit here today 15 pound lighter than I was the day I quit! The big secret is there is no secret. It is just a commitment to yourself. You quit smoking! You can do anything!!

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