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Posted by pir8fan Jun 30, 2010

" Lost yesterday between sun-up and sun-down, two golden hours. Each was studded with 60 diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they will never return!"

Smoking can cost you your life!

Smoking does cost you the minutes you are living!!

Do not smoke!


Everybody quits!

Posted by pir8fan Jun 28, 2010

The choice is who throws away your last pack? You or the mortician?


Thanks GGL

Posted by pir8fan Jun 27, 2010

I was just speaking with Geminigypsylady and remembered something from my childhood that I thought was worth sharing with everyone,

When I was young we used to spend two weeks every suumer with Aunt Lucy and Uncle Harpel. Uncle Harpel was a tobacco farmer!! These were good, honest, hard working, God fearing people!! Every Sunday morning, without fail we went to church. One summer eastern North Carolina experienced a very long drought. Some of the area farmers had irrigation sytems, but they were no help as all the ponds dried up! I remember going to church one Sunday back then. Now we are talking about a small country church! On a typical Sunday you may have 15 or 18 people there. On this particular Sunday the church was packed!!!! Now the old preacher was a very wise man, but it did not require the brains of a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on.

That Sunday morning the preacher came out, we sang a few songs (or at least made a joyful noise unto the Lord). Then the preacher came forward and ask "How many of you came here today to pray for rain?" There was some mumbling and most of the folks admitted that was why they were there! The wise old preacher then ask: " How many of you brought an umbrella?" It seemed no one had! The preacher then said " You all can go back home. It will not rain because you have no faith!! "

What ever you need or are looking for in your life today, be prepared to get it. If you are praying for rain, carry an umbrella!!!

Have a great smoke free day all!!


Look at all the people!!!

Posted by pir8fan Jun 26, 2010

Sometimes we get caught up in our lives and do not pay as much attention as we should to what is going on around us!! I was just looking around and re-living some of my fondest moments here. Suddenly it occured to me! "Who are all these people and where did they come from??"

There are an awful lot of people here that I do not know!! That is my fault and I apologize! Welcome all of you! I know that a few people have been working very hard to make "newbies" feel welcome! I have not done my part! The truth of the matter is that I lack typing skills to get around to a large number of people!! But all who come for help should get it!

In case you have not figured it out yet, you are among some of the best people who ever walked this planet!! I am sure a lot of you have been welcomed and some of you are probably wondering " Who are these people who keep sending me messages?" The answer is simple. They are a group of people who have educated themselves on the addiction of smoking! They are people who made commitments to themselves and honored those commitments! They are people who have found a new freedom in their lives and felt compelled to help as many others to that freedom as they can! They are people who, for the most part you will never lay eyes on, who care about you! Maybe more than you care about yourself.

You came here to quit,right? These people will help you every way that they can. They will educate you. They will encourage you! They will hold your hand when you are scared. However, as much as they are willing to do for you, you have to QUIT! If you want to quit, quit!!! Make a commitment to yourself tonight that you will be free of tobacco! Take pride in that commitment, and honor it!! It has been said that "We lie loudest when we lie to ourselves" . Do not lie to yourself! Do not allow your addiction to lie to you!! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! WE WILL HELP!!

My name is Tommy and I am on my 177th day smoke/nocotine free! This site and these people saved my life!! Be kind to the people here because I love them!!!


You did it again!!!

Posted by pir8fan Jun 24, 2010

Last week I came to my family here and ask you to pray for my daughter who flew cross country on a red eye to watch her mother die. The out pouring of prayers and good wishes humbled me! Therefore, I knew the answer when the doctors told my daughter that in spite of all their knowledge and diagnosis and prognosis her mother was recovering. So when she called me to tell me the doctors did not know how she bounced back, I told her to tell them that her Daddy's friends did it! God bless you every one!!!!!!!1

Did you run out if gas today (in your car)? Did you run out of gas today (energy wise)? Did a waitress mess up your order today? Did the battery die on your cell phone? Did someone say something that you did not like? How about that smoking thing? Did you fight off a few cravings today? What was your biggest problem of the day?

Today, in Florida a young lady of 29 took her last breath because of a disease caused by smoking!! 29 Years old! What were you doing when you were 29. Were you just getting a handle on life? Maybe you were married and had young children! Do you remember thinking the whole world was wide open to you? You could do anything and go anywhere!! Did you fire up another cigarette and start planning a future! We have all  the evidence we need today that the words "cigarette" and "future" do not belong in the same sentence!

So many of us dodged so many bullets!! For the most part, we don't know or think about the ones who did not!! Did some magic genetic code save us? Why was I one of the lucky ones? I don't know! I never will! What I do know is that if you are one of the lucky ones, you have pushed your luck enough! There is a game called Russian Roulette! You put one bullet in a revolver, you spin the chamber, stick the barrel in your mouth and squeeze the triger. You find out if your luck has run out! Anybody want to play?  Go and buy a pack of smokes, spin one out, put it in your mouth and squeeze your lighter! Find out if your luck has run out!!

Today in Florida a young lady of 29 took her last breath! God we commend the spirt of our young sister into Your Loving Hands! We ask you to help us keep the lesson!! Amen



Posted by pir8fan Jun 21, 2010

What are we here for???? We are here to support each other!! Help each other!! That is it!!!!

We have crowned no King! We have elected no President! We have not been over thrown by any Dictators! We have not wittnessed the birth of a Messiah!! We are a group of people with a common goal!! Everybody has a totally different journey to that goal!! My way might not work for you and your way might  not work for somebody else! This is a trip to the top of the mountian! If it is a race, it is one everyone can win. I can not be more victorious by throwing you off the mountain!!

We have a lot of strong willed people here! But if my will is stronger than yours that does not make me better than you!! The site belongs to all and all should be welcome here!! If you have an idea, please present it in a civil manner and lets discuss it! Every time someone start issueing orders civility goes out the window. Instead of "you should not" what is wrong with "maybe we should consider". Let take our disagreement to a private level! Dumping our dirty laundry into a public forum does no good for anyone!! It is OK to have different opinions!! Let's discuss them. But I do not get to order anyone to do anything! And I am not taking orders!

Have mutual respect for each other!! We have ran off some pretty bad people. We have also ran off some very damn good people! I am tierd of it! So, "Maybe we should consider" keeping disagreement on a personal level!

I will remain available on a personal level to entertain disagreements for the next few hours. In the mean time if you can't say anything nice to your fellow exer's, then "Maybe we should consider" not saying anything at all!!


Thank you All!!!

Posted by pir8fan Jun 17, 2010

I just wanted to post a quick thank you to all who responed with your prayers and well wishes for Angie. Her mother is still alive but non-responsive! Angie is doing OK so far. It may be a different story when the end comes! I will keep everyone posted! But once again I find myself astounded by the love and caring that flows from this site! Thank you one and all!!

BTW  Thank you also for all the wonderful birthday wishes I have recieved. I am truely humbled to be in a community of such caring people!!  Hugs too all of you!   (((((((((ALL OF U))))))))!! Tommy


Prayers please!

Posted by pir8fan Jun 16, 2010

Please pray for Angie!! Angie is a 31 year old lady who spent last night on a red eye flight from San Francisco to Greenville, NC, to sit at a bed side and watch her mother die. She had a bad night and the next few days will not get any better. She has been thriogh so much in her life, but what is worse than watching your mother die?

Angie is my daughter!!! Many years ago Barbara was my wife! Angie is going to be devistated!! I have walked hand in hand with death too many times to be devistated. I can deal with this. I only pray that Angie can too. So, if you have a moment, please send up a prayer for my "Little Girl" !    Thank you!!        Tommy


Flag Day!!!!!

Posted by pir8fan Jun 14, 2010

Happy Flag Day everyone!!! Remember to show you colors today!! Be proud & DON'T SMOKE!!!



Posted by pir8fan Jun 13, 2010

I am sure most of you have heard this before, but it bears repeating!!!

Yesterday is history!

Tomorrow is a mystery!

Today is a gift!!

That is why it is called the present!!

Enjoy the present! Live in the moment!  DON"T SMOKE!!




Posted by pir8fan Jun 11, 2010

Once upon a time there was a serial killer! Every day he got up and selected his victim for the day. Everyday he killed one person. One day he awoke and realized what a horrible person he was! Determined to do better he decided he would only kill one person a week. Now he does not consider himself a serial killer anymore!!! Do you?

Once upon a time there was a smoker! Everyday this person got up and selected their cigarettes for the day.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------?


What makes a quitter?

Posted by pir8fan Jun 6, 2010

Dale, as I thought about you beating a dead horse with loose socks I was inspired to write this. Thank you for the inspiration!

I have pondered for quite a while now what makes some quitters successful while others fail. Sucess does not seem to be divided along gender lines although there are more women than men here. I think that just reflects the fact that men are more likely to keep things bottled up. Age does not seem to be a factor, Nor does race. It is not size or shape or which side of the political aisle you are on. Then I thought about dead horses! An ahh haa moment!! That is it!!

A lot of you here are old enough to remember the greatest horse to ever run around a race track. The horse was Secretariat!! This magnificent animal won major races by margins that made everybody wonder what was so different about her. Eventually she died and I am happy to report that Dale was nowhere in the area at the time. An autopsy revealed that the horse had a heart that was much, much larger than that of a normal horse. About twice the size!

I think that is the answer. As I look around this site I see so many people showing so much love and compassion for people that they may never lay eyes on. There are people who came and found their quits, yet stayed to help total strangers. And I don't mean just for a few months. I hear these people called "oldies" but they deserve a lot more respect than that. I call them "Super Exers" Every day I give thanks to them, and marvel at the size of their hearts!!

Let us all expand our hearts and strive to emulate them!!

What race?? The human race!

Go out today and chase your dreams with all your heart!!

It is never too late to become what you might have been!!!


What will you wear?

Posted by pir8fan Jun 5, 2010

As we get dressed and ready for another day, we all decide what we are going to wear! I would submit to you that the most important thing you will wear today is you expression!! Be smoke free and smile!!!



Posted by pir8fan Jun 4, 2010

There is a great vitimin to help you make friends!! It is ------------------ B1

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