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A special day!

Posted by pir8fan May 31, 2010

As we look forward to our holiday, lets pause and remember the reason for it. Lets take a minute to pay homage not only to those that paid the ulitmate price for our freedom, but all who sacraficed so much. Not only the dead, but the wounded, those that keep the home fires burning, and those never saw their loved ones return, I offer this salute! It has been repeated over and over that freedom is not free. And that is true. Today I look to the heros of the past with awe and respect. I also look to the future and hope that there are heros there as well. We have paid such a price to make this the greatest nation in history. We have done so much for so many! Let us keep our FOCUS on our freedom! We should never lose our DETERMINATION to be exceptional!! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!


A buck and a half!

Posted by pir8fan May 30, 2010

Day one hundred and fifty has come and mosty gone! The parade never got out of the warehouse! Maybe the floats all had flat tires! The marching bands did not show up! Maybe thay have been smoking and did not have the wind for it! Truth is I am not so great after all. I am like everyone else!! I made it another day without smoking! I hope you did too!

I have a lot more friends here than a man probably deserves! So, today instead of a celebration of my feat of not smoking for one hundred and fifty days, I want to step back and be humbled by the great people here! You have all done so much for me, including giving me a reason to keep on living. So, today take a moment and pat yourselves on the back for all the kindness you share here. You are truely remarkable people. I am proud that so many of you allow me to be your friend!! Go forward my friends,---------and prosper!!



Posted by pir8fan May 26, 2010

A lot of the relative newcomers to this site have no doubt seen me close comments with the lines " Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!! " It occurs to me that a lot of you do not know where that came from. So, I thought I would clear it up!

It is my feeling that with focus and determination you can do anything!! To illistrate this point, way back on my 64th day ( March 5th ) I wrote a blog featuring Gertrude Ederely and Sir Edmund Hillery.

Gertrude in 1926 became the first woman to swim the English Channel. Few remember that it was her second attempt. On her first attempt in 1925 she set out in pea soup like fog. She eventually gave up. She was with-in a quater mile of the shore. She said she could have made it if she had known how close she was!! The folliowng year she returned on a clear day and became the first woman and only the sixth person to swim the English Channel. She did it more than 2 hours faster than the five men who preceded her. Her reason for success, she was able to FOCUS on her goal!!

Many know that Sir Edmund Hillery was the first man to climb Mt Everrest. Not everyone knows it took more than one try. Edmund Hillery gave a speech at the base of the mountain soon after his failure. During this speech, he shook his fist at the mountain and proclaimed, " I will get you next time. You are as big as you will ever be. I am not done growing yet! " This is the DETERMINATION that led to his success.

From these two stories I take the advice that I offer her on a regular basis!! Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!

In case you did not do the math, I am on day 146!!  Try to keep up!! Protect your quit with your life because that is what you stand to lose.


Who did you touch!!

Posted by pir8fan May 20, 2010

Who's life did you touch today? How did you change the future for someone you don't even know? Do you know? Odds are you don't! One of the miracles of this site is the way we share info with each other. Who does not love that feeling when someone tells you that something you said or did made their life better? There is an instant bond, and you want more of that feeling. It is the "Collateral Kindness" I have spoken of. Here we occasionally get the chance to get that feedback!

But, what about when you are not here? What small act of kindness did you show someone today? Who else saw it?  That lady that you smiled at and said good morning to, what burdens did she carry? Had she lost all faith in human nature? Did you restore that? Was she planning something tragic? Did you prevent that? I don't know! Who else did you come in contact with today? How did you change their life? Are the people you met today better off because they met you, or worse? What seeds did you sow today? How do feel about reaping what those seeds produce?

Did you give everyone you met today the best you that you were capable of? I hope you did!! I hope I did!! We are not going to get much feedback from the rest of the world. It has been said that the great Joe DiMaggio was once ask why he hustled so hard on a play late in his career when his team was way ahead. He replied by waving to the crowd and saying "There may be someone there who has never seen me play before". I pledge to give everyone the best me I can be from this day forward! And i will not smell like smoke!


The Maine way to quit!!

Posted by pir8fan May 14, 2010

Good morning all! I would just like to ask every one to stop by KathyS's page today and offer her congrats on her first 100 days smoke free. Those who have been around a while do not need to be told how special our Kathy is. If you are new here you should befriend Kathy. She is so often the quiet voice of reason when things are not going well. Many of us have recieved encouraging words from her at times we needed them most, and wondered how she knew!! She contributes freely and ask for nothing! So let's all take moment and pay a fitting tribute to a great friend!

Way to go Kathy!! We are proud of you, and you should be proud of yourself!! Thank you for being my friend!!!


For all Mothers!

Posted by pir8fan May 8, 2010

Attention all Mothers, and I think most of you know who you are!! Tomorrow is a special day set aside to pay tribute to your virtues! The virtues of a Mother are far too numerous to list! I suspect that the job is part instinct and part learned behavior. And where does one learn such behavior? From your Mother. So first of all, everyone of you lovely ladies are a walking tribute to the person that taught you to be a Mother. Then there are your children. They love you!! They appreciate the night you stayed up with them when they were sick. They remember the nights you could not sleep until they were home safe. They remember the times you laughed and cried with them. Or just let them talk. They may tease you and call you a martyr. But they know! They may not express it very well, but they know! You are the only source they can count on for unconditional Love. There will be times when your children will not like you, and times that you will not like them very much. But they know! You will never stop loving them. From you they will learn to love themselves, and learn to love others. So it is that all the love in the world first comes from Mothers.

I would like to take this moment to salute all the Mothers here, that bring love to this site everyday, It is fitting that there is a day set aside to honor you. And, I would like to wish all of you a very, very HAPPY SMOKE FREE MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!! Thank you for the Love you bring here!!!!!!  Tommy



Posted by pir8fan May 7, 2010

Words have power! While power is the ultimare aphrodisiac, it is also the ultimate intoxicant! For quite a while I have been able to share my words and thoughts with you at this site. Most of them have met favorable responses! However, I recently choose to beleive that I knew what was best for someone else. Maybe I was drunk with the power I found here. At any rate I betrayed the trust of someone very special! I apologize for that! I am schocked at my own actions and have spent some time reflecting on them. I have had to re-evaluate myself as a man I have often said that this site has made me a better person. It looks like I have a ways to go before I am the man I want to be. A few of you have noted my absence for the last few days. Thank you for your concern!!! I am back! I am back with an apology to one very special person. I am back with my pledge to be a better friend to all of you. Please be patient with me as I continue to grow as a human being. As always: Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!

Thank you all for allowing me to call you my friends!!


How about Sheri!!

Posted by pir8fan May 4, 2010

I don't ask for much, and tonight I am not asking!! I'm telling!!!! I have knowledge that Sheri is havig a very hard time! We are about to let her get away! We are about to let her lose herself! We are about to let her lose her quit!! So Everyone drop what you are doing. Contact all your friends! I want to see the biggest out pouring of love this site has ever seen. I want her message board smoking! I want her in-box full!! I want to see blogs written about her. Lets let Sheri know what she means to us and lets do it now!!!

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