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This the 12th day that I no longer smoke. I still want to smoke but I am not going to.I have detailed before that my reasons for quitting are taxes and insurance. One of my friends yesterday said she did not want to make big tobacco richer. So called big tobacco is not getting richer in the USA. Their profits are coming from emerging nations where smoking apparently does not cause cancer. Any profits that they realize here must be plowed in advertisement telling you not to use their products. The only one profiting from smoking in America is Big Government. Ironically, tobacco companies make their profits in America on whiskey. Check out the number of distillers owned by tobacco companies. TRIVIA!! Just for fun list all the industries in free countries that are required to buy advertisements telling you not to buy and use their products!!!!

I have noticed a lot of people are concerned about weight gain when they give up smoking. I have averaged gaining a half pound per day since I quit. I saw on Television the other day that Government experts are now saying obesity is worse that smoking. Can you imagine!! After all these years of being bombarded with mostly meaningless stats on how bad smoking is, they have found something worse. I figure that with my current rate of weight gain I will die of morbib obesity in 12 to 16 months. I may of course br saved by the upcoming Government attack on sugar and fat. When the government attacked smokers those that did not smoke did not care. I wonder how many of the same people will look to me to help fight government control and taxing of food products. Oh well! If the government does not act in time to save me from obesity, at least my coffin will not smell like an ashtray!!  WAIT A MINUTE!! Maybe I could take responsibility for my own actions!!!! No, I guess BIG BROTHER needs to do it for me. After all what is government for??


Day Nine

Posted by pir8fan Jan 9, 2010

Thanks to all who commented on my blog yesterday! Today is day nine of my deprivation. I still have the cravings, I still want to smoke. I think that I will always want to smoke. But I am not going to do it. I hope some of you who want to quit can take inspiration from the idea that someone who does not want to quit can be successful. I do not want to quit, but can no longer endure the expense of cigarettes and health insurance. So I have quit! Days 7 and 8 were tough. So far day nine is going pretty smoothly. I went "cold turkey". Each of you will make your own choice about that, but I believe that sucess will have to come from determination and mental toughness. I think that using quitting aids gives you an excuse for failure. If you go back to smoking, it is not your fault, the quitting aid failed. If you really want to quit, get rid of excuses for failure. Take responsibility for yourself!!!


New guy at this site

Posted by pir8fan Jan 8, 2010

Today is day eight!! The first 6 were not that bad. Day 7 was tough. Today everything I start to do make me want to stop and have a smoke first.

This is hard. I do not feel like someone who quit smoking, I feel like someone who us being deprived of his cigarettes. I have smoked for more than 40 years ( pack a day at age 13 ).  I have had cancer and a heart attack. I can give you every reason in the world not to smoke, but I still don't really want to quit. This is a monetary thing. In the past year, federal and state taxes in Florida have added $2.62 to the price of a pack of cigarettes. I was in San Francisco three week ago and a carton of my brand was cheaper there than at home in Naples. Cigarettes higher in Florida than California, Who would have ever thought that? Also Insurance rates changed as of the first of the year. Smoker rates are more than 3 times as high for a lot less coverage, and they will do blood test to make sure you are not smoking. If you need another reason to quit and stay quit think about those numbers for a few minutes!! Between the price of cigarettes and insurance it would cost me about $14,000 a year to continue smoking. And it is only going to get worse!!! If these numbers have not hit you yet, stand-by, they are on the way! Think about your age and what you would prefer to buy with all the money it will cost you to smoke.

Good luck to all.


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