Ok...it's about Trust

Blog Post created by pipster540 on Feb 19, 2011

Do I really trust what the elders are telling me?  Can I trust myself to hold steadfast to this quit?  It’s like this…

Most days, most triggers are gone...like the morning smoke, after meals, off work…most of the time I don’t think about them and if I do, I just do something else…it’s all good.

But I think my addiction is trying to tell me that I’ll never be a REAL non-smoker…that I’m only going to be one of those miserable not smoking people…not one of the pretty people….the happy ex smoker people…

Do I trust the elders and know that this is just my addiction talking?  That I’m really not any different than anyone else when it comes to quitting…I’m not special…I’m not unique…that if I do what I’m told...take a few suggestions…I can stay free.  Can I have faith that in just a few more weeks things are going to be so much different in regards to my quit?…That I’m going to, someday, be thrilled with being an EX? 

Can I muster up that much trust/faith/fortitude/determination/persistence?  Yes, with a little help from friends….I do believe this is possible. 

Leeza put up the following link on her Page that leads to a blog that Jonescarp did about “No Man’s Land”…I found it very helpful...so I put it up here…’cause this is how this deal works…and if you could relate to any of my ramblings  above you might find it useful too…



Protect that Quit…any way you can.  For now, I’m going to go clean my office….then go buy cheap candy and cat food at Dollar General…Wahoo! 

 Have A Nice Day