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I want to give some hope here, I don't think about smoking at all anymore, it never crosses my mind. I play acoustic guitar with a friend of mine every other Friday. His wife and son both smoke, they are the only people I come into contact with that smoke. Again, I know that they smoke but it doesn't phase me, except the next day when I smell it on my clothes. There are a few people in my life that "Vape" but I have no desire for that either, even when I've had a few beers, it just doesn't occur to me to smoke anymore. I'm 54 and to be honest with you, in my early 40's I was having issues with erections and used Viagra. Today, I have no issues and I know it's from not smoking. If you are a guy and that doesn't convince you, I don't know what will. People talk about all the cancers smoking causes, but the effects on your cardiovascular system are more common and lead to more trouble in my opinion. One more thing I want to say, quitting at any age is good, but I have noticed that everyone I knew who smoked since their late teens, early twenties, once they hit 60 or so and they have continued to smoke, they die before they hit 65. Heart attacks, strokes, lung cancer, it may or may not be true, it's just my observation. Quit now, don't wait, you won't regret it, I was a slave to cigarettes, they owned me. One last thing, there are people in your life that want you to quit, they may give you an ultimatum, never try to hide it from anyone, I did and I regret the time I lost with family because I looked for excuses to be alone so I could smoke, you can't get that time back. I know that 99% of people on this forum are supportive, but I know that some people will think I'm an idiot for the some of things I've said. I don't care, I'm being honest and yes, I was an idiot for trying to hide it from the people who cared about me.