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Posted by philly33 Feb 28, 2017

Hello all my friends.Guess what I am searching for a new car I will be driving soon and I am so thankful and happy that I am 50 days smoke free today.New car smoke free


Posted by philly33 Feb 23, 2017

Hello everyone There are people close to me that really hurt me.Like my husband I tried to help and tell him being clean is the way.I mean when you still want to surround yourself in the same things that got you messed up in the first place you would think something needs to change,so I tells him that I need some space to protect myself because I've come to far and really want to accomplish some things in life and guess what he hooks up with a female YUP! Just like that because he's mad at me.I normally would have went off and took a smoke,but that's not going to happen am stronger than that and like Terri would say I won't quit on my quit!


Posted by philly33 Feb 22, 2017

I now can walk the streets and see people smoking and smell the nicotine in the air.I was unable to do it before I know am a addicted and I know I deserve a better life


Posted by philly33 Feb 19, 2017

Am dealing with a person who dosent think addiction exists.I mean if you abuse drugs,alcohol,cigarettes you have a problem and it's called addiction,and doing one of those three often leads to the other.I tell this person that we should not drink and the answer is I still am going to drink and do and offers me when I already explained myself.Its like that person don't want to be clean but I do.So I read the bible a lot and it states...Do not be deceived.Bad company ruins good morals.I will stay free.Thanks everyone for the great support ❤


Posted by philly33 Feb 18, 2017

I believe that  marijuana is a drug and it can lead to other things like smoking cigarettes do you guys agree ?


Posted by philly33 Feb 18, 2017

40 days clean


Posted by philly33 Feb 12, 2017

God wants us to live a life free from all things that harms us.Ive come to and agreement to follow Gods way I've notice every time I do he gives me everything I need and want  he will never leave me nor for sake me.There is a demon that is trying hard to get our souls and following God is the only safe place.I made my plan and can't change the past all I can do is follow Gods plan.nicotine free

bigger things

Posted by philly33 Feb 11, 2017

So I was really spending a lot of money on cigarettes.I probably brought at least two cars...What....Its time for me to buy a house for my family me buying a house is more important than buying those cigarettes..besides my house will last longer.


Posted by philly33 Feb 10, 2017

Have a great weekend my friends 

30 days free

Posted by philly33 Feb 8, 2017

Thank you God and all my guys!


Posted by philly33 Feb 7, 2017

Hello my friends.Am sad right now I have been married for almost two years and am heading for divorce.I know what the bible says about divorce but if your other half has never did his or her part and not now then what do you do.Me myself pay all my bills and go to school for a better life and for my children too.Not that am looking for it but always gave and support and wanted the best for my husband but nothing in return not evening a dinner out.i broke away from cigarettes for a better life and now it's time to break away from people who don't mean you no good for a better life.the sad part is I haven't done anything wrong in this relationship and haven't done anything wrong with cigarettes but allow  it to destroy me. Tomorrow 30 days clean.


Posted by philly33 Feb 6, 2017

Am not afraid of the dark am afraid of what's in the dark....Am not afraid of the cigarette am afraid of what's in the cigarette.Clean I am.. but afraid:)

No Idea

Posted by philly33 Feb 5, 2017

I had no idea that I wasn't  addicted to cigarettes but addicted to the nicotine and the chemicals that's in the nicotine.27 days clean from nicotine.

I won't I just won't

Posted by philly33 Feb 2, 2017

I will not stop on this wonderful new journey.Ive come far and strong I love to be clean from anything that harms me.My new plan is working and I won't quit.