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Posted by philly33 Jun 24, 2017

I am starting again.I have to pray everyday and say my plan everyday God please forgive me:) Day one nicotine free

Hello my friends

Posted by philly33 Apr 14, 2017

I will not let life get to me.I will get this 

It was different

Posted by philly33 Apr 2, 2017

the very last time I smoked a cigarette it was different.The taste and smell where something I've never taste or smelled before or maybe didn't notice and now notice because am on a mission to staying clean from it.Its like God wanted me to taste and smell that the way I did .Ive completed my just for today in peace.Amen


Posted by philly33 Mar 29, 2017

Hello remember when I said that I have a new plan well am addicted to it.My new plan is changing my life almost a week sickeratte free.Addicted!!!!

I want to live

Posted by philly33 Mar 26, 2017

Why should I let manmade stuff give me a disease or kill me.ENOUGH!! Look I have a great plan I would like to complete in happy good health and I plan on living to make sure that happens.I will not smoke again ENOUGH of those sickerattes  


Posted by philly33 Mar 23, 2017

Just completing my just for today.One day at a time 

New plan

Posted by philly33 Mar 21, 2017

I quit today and I did slipped I think because of me needing some comfort from obstacles,But now I will look to God that I was missing Amen my friends 

I believe i know what it was

Posted by philly33 Mar 15, 2017

I believe i know what it was thinking over it for a few days.Ex is the best thing that has help me stay quit oh I love you guys believe when I say I do...but a few days ago I was drinking red wine and urge for it.YES I know Mr.Thomas has explained in the article he shared,but I guess I also felt like I needed a little comfort maybe because of what my husband has put me though and instead of coming to you guys for that comfort I took a dangerous way.I was almost 70 days free.Thats ok am back now with true friends.sorry to disappoint 


Posted by philly33 Mar 14, 2017

Hello everyone I don't know why I did it.I know that I been going through some things and I slipped.I though the rest of the ciggerattes out yesterday.I really love this site I really don't know why.

My plan

Posted by philly33 Mar 10, 2017

I am so bright and will continue to be.I will complete my just for today in peace and am safe 60 days nicotine free Amen!


Posted by philly33 Mar 6, 2017

Even though am going threw some things I am still moving forward today I picked up my keys to the car

Please help

Posted by philly33 Mar 5, 2017

I have been doing so well for two months.I am sorry to vent my Bussiness like this,but my husband who I have helped and took care of for two years has betrayed me.I believe when you are married you should never sleep with another man or woman.He has done just that.The women girl really started to call my phone and harass me saying she has my husband.Wow I've been upset the last few weeks but still standing strong back than I would have ranned for that drink or nicotine but this time it's different two months nicotine free yup that's me:)


Posted by philly33 Mar 4, 2017

Hello my friends I've decided to save money to buy a house.Yesterday I opened up a checking and savings account.I will save money every month to buy something that will help me to look better than those darn cigarettes.


Posted by philly33 Mar 2, 2017

Today is my birthday I am now 33 years old this is my first birthday nicotine free in over 15 years.I love this new life it fits me and I Thank you my friends for supporting me.Now I can put on some lipstick and really be cute 


Posted by philly33 Feb 28, 2017

Hello all my friends.Guess what I am searching for a new car I will be driving soon and I am so thankful and happy that I am 50 days smoke free today.New car smoke free