Blog Post created by pcpartr1960 on Sep 18, 2015

Yesterday morning I thought I was doing a good thing using my e-cig and working down through the different level milligrams until I was ready to quit the nicotine. I thought that would make it easier on me in the long run while quitting. Well, curiosity grabbed me hard and I started searching the NET again as I had done many times for two days before.

This time what I found out wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. With all the reports I found online, none of them were by the FDA or NIDA. The two most credible agencies in this world and neither one of them has actually done a study of the electric cigarette. Anyone can find these same writtings I did, but they won't find anything through the FDA or NIDA to support their claims and that is what bothered me.

It turns out that my thinking I was helping myself was nothing more than me liing to myself. I don't believe the e-cig is safe to be using. After everything I have read it is surprising how I was so willing to put that poison into my system "one puff at a time."