day 3, 2/23/12

Blog Post created by olykerry on Feb 24, 2012

Today I put a patch on as soon as I woke up, and chewed some nicotine gum. Made breakfast for myself and a friend, and laughed instead of getting angry when a full container of cocoa powder fell out of my cabinets and all over the floor. Laughing things off and not smoking over them is a victory for me.

Put post-it notes with affirmations about not smoking and reasons I want to stay quit all over my house.

Took a nap in the afternoon with the patch on and had a terrible dream. Went to the gym, started to get a headache while exercising, took the patch off.

Talked to several friends who are nonsmokers and a friend who wants to quit about quitting. Experienced kind of a "pink cloud" feeling about becoming a nonsmoker. I am excited that my lung capacity is already improving, I am excited to never have to smoke again. It had been feeling like a trap for a long time; I had to interrupt whatever I was doing to go smoke.

Watched videos about nicotine receptors in the brain, began reading the quitsmokingonline.com site recommended in a comment.

My mental obsession with smoking is very strong and I noticed that tonight. For some reason I have more cravings at night and each time the thought pops into my head that I should go outside and smoke I have a little pang of disappointment and sadness when I consciously counter that with the thought that I don't smoke any more. I know that that grief feeling is a normal withdrawal symptom and I am relieved that it's fairly mild and manageable.  Overall I've had a pretty good day! I haven't gone more than a day without a cigarette in at least 14 years and I'm so excited that this isn't as horrible as I'd feared.