The Lodge

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Apr 24, 2020

For four days I refrained from food and drink.

I sat alone in my lodge turning away all that would come to the entrance.

I thought only of the thing I had set myself to do.

I then drank the purging tea to rid myself of any lingering impurities.

Four times I drank and spewed the poisons from my stomach.

I went to the purifying lodge to sweat.

I threw sage on the coals of the fire outside and stood naked in the smoke.

Six times did I enter and sweat.

Six times did I bathe in the cold water.

I entered the sacred ceremonial lodge after the last trip into the water.

For six days did I send my voice to Creator.

I kept the sacred woods burning.

I lay the sacred plants on the coals.

Creator lifted me to float in the mist of the the Otherworld.

We spoke for many fingers of time.

I pleaded for this illness afflicting the people be ended.

I asked for a healing for all the peoples.

Creator heard and returned me to the lodge.

I have done all I can.

Creator will do as He will.

May all be well that hear these words.

May you have health.

May you have peace.

Soaring Eagle