Still Trekking Along

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Jun 27, 2019

To begin, I want to welcome each and every new member to the site. You have made one of the first, and best, decisions of your life. Quitting smoking will save some problems later in your life possible.

Your health is so important and needs to be preserved at all costs.

I didn't listen to the warnings and now I am dealing with the results. We are all here to do our best to support you and help you quit those death sticks.

To those new to NML,just follow the trail left by those that have gone before. Trust your camel to keep you on the trail. They have made this trip many times. 

The packs are loaded with supplies and there are supply caches at every oasis along the trail. Take advantage of each of them to rest and resupply.

Keep a sharp eye out for traps set by Nic and his bunch. They could be anywhere along the train.

About halfway across the desert you will come to a very deep dropoff. This is Desolation Point. Many have fallen over the edge here and lost their quit. That is why this area surrounding the drop is called The Relapse Rocks.

This old traveler is still making the journey back and forth across the desert of NML. He has had to slow down and take more rest stops however.

When I stop, I stay in the tent where I am shaded from the heat and sun.

I wish you all safe travel along the trail. 

The journey is not easy, but, it can be done. Many have gone before you and are waiting on the other side of the desert to welcome you.

Take each day as it come and you will make the crossing safely.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master.