Rampage !!!!

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Dec 28, 2018

I awoke early this morning in a very foul mood. Sand fleas, ants, or some other little biting creatures had invaded camp. To top it all off, a scorpion decided that I needed to be stung!!

That is what brought me fully awake!!

We had been on the trail of some raiders that were destroying things along the trail when we made camp last night.

I told the porters this morning after what had happened during the night to either get rid of the creatures that were biting, or burn the blasted camp down and replace everything!!!!

I saddled up and resumed tracking. I was told that they were very close and I wanted to catch them.

After an hours ride, I found them and ambushed them.

They were captured without any shots being fired. 

We tied them all together and I sat down to try and decide what to do with them.

I had one that appeared to be one of the leaders brought to me.

Normally I would have stopped the bedoins from being too rough in their questioning, but, as I was still in a very bad mood I let them have free rein.

When the questioners saw that I was not going to stop them, they became rather cruel in their tactics to get answers.

After a few hours of questioning several of the captives and getting the same information from all of them, I told the men to take them to the old ruins deep in the desert and leave them there. I told them to make sure that the captives didn't leave the place. 

These old ruins are now inhabited by a colony of vipers. I know that if my men drove the captives in that none of them would leave the place.

I am now heading to where the trail is damaged the most to make repairs. 

I sent word to the Sheik of the hiding place of a group of Ol' Nic's crew. He will take some men and clean that bunch out so they will not be harrassing travelers any longer.

Keep traveling my friends. The land at the other side of NML await you. The water is sweet and the food is filling. 

I suggest everyone makes Carp's Cave their first stop. I can't say what the menu will be, but the food is great. I know the Scorpion Stew is the best I have ever tasted. Maybe they will have some Cobra Shish - Ka -Bobs on the menu when you are there.

I leave you now with these words ....

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master