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Mixed News

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 18, 2018

I went to my primary doctor this morning to follow up on the hospital stay.
She says that I am doing well in my recovery. Lungs sound nice and clear. Vitals are within my norms.
She also told me what the hospital people didn't.
I have lost more lung. A small amount it's true, but, it is gone forever.
That explains some things that I suspected. There had to be a reason that it was harder to move air than just cold and flu.
I will continue the program to keep everything working as well as they can. Meds, Nebulizer, and exercise.
To all our new quitters.... Keep your quit at all costs!!
You do not want to cause any more damage to your body. Your body can repair minor damage caused by smoking, but, you have to never touch another death stick.
Continue your journey and keep it strong my friends. Keep it alive so you can remain alive longer.
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.



Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 14, 2018

I promised to try and update everyone.

I have been sleeping quite a bit.

I cough a lot and am bringing up very little though.

My chest is very tight, but, I am able to move air OK.

Continued bouts with low-grade fever and chills.

I am feeling better than when the big red bus picked me up though. Then I wasn't sure if I would see the sky again.

This looks like it might be a long process to recover this time.

As you might imagine, I am not happy with what Nic and his friends have done to my body. I will get over this though

Be safe out in that desert. Be very watchful and wary for the traps Nic and his buddies might have set for you out there. They could have them hidden anywhere. 

Be especially watchful if you are close to Desolation Point out in the Relapse Rocks. Many have been blindsided there and have fallen over the edge.

Keep your journey alive and going friends.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.



Glad To Be Back

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 13, 2018

Just a quick post folks.

Just got back home late yesterday from the hospital.

I was taken to ER Wednesday evening for breathing issues. 

Testing determined that I had H-3 flu virus and it was affecting my breathing. I was admitted for IV antibiotic therapy and respiratory care. X-rays showed no Pneumonia though.

I am continuing the antibiotics here at home and am on increased nebulizer treatments. I also am taking Tamiflu and Prednisone.

I will try to check back in tomorrow.

Take care and keep your journey alive friends.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.



The Sing Continues

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 5, 2018

The lady I share my apartment with came into the lodge this morning and insisted that I must take a break from the Sing for her mother. She was sure that her mother would be fine if I took this break.
As I have asked others to also Sing for her journey to the Ancestor Lands, I did as I was asked.
I have suggested that we travel to the next town and walk in the indoor mall for a little bit. I think this will take her mind off of things for a short time.
When we return, I will enter the ceremonial lodge once more and continue the Sing. My voice will rejoin the others Singing her along in her journey.
I thank you for your kind words on yesterday's post.
Be well friends.
Soaring Eagle


Crossed Sticks

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 4, 2018

I sit in a lodge of mourning this day. I have placed the crossed sticks at the entrance. Nobody will enter.
The mother the woman I live with walks the Hanging Road this night. She began her journey when Sun Father walked high in the sky.

I have purified myself for the ceremonies. 
For the next four days and nights, I will Sing for her journey till she reaches the Ancestor lands.
I will burn the Sacred Sage leaves. I will burn the Sacred Juniper wood.

I begin the Singing now.
Soaring Eagle



Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 3, 2018

What might have been ?????
What if I hadn't lit that very first sickorette? I would most likely have avoided many of the ills that I have suffered over the years. COPD? Heart problems?
What if my diet had been better? I might have avoided heart problems here also. Arterial problems might not have occured.
That is all water under the bridge and over the dam now...
I did develop heart problems. Part of that could be family history. My Mother and my brother both passed from heart attacks. My brother had undergone a quadruple bypass at around 34 years of age. He passed at 54. Mother had an enlarged heart for 20+ years when she passed at 56. Not good odds, but I might have beat them if I had never smoked.
COPD... we had to heat with wood when I was growing up. The house was always smokey from small leaks in the stove when you filled it with wood. My parents both smoked, so I was exposed from childhood to 2nd hand smoke.
At 13, I thought I was ready and started smoking corn silk in husks.
I snuck smokes from mom and dad. Pretty soon, I was buying them myself as they weren't expensive back then.
I wish I had known at that age what was in my future. I can't say it would have stopped me at that age, but I couldn't say I hadn't been warned.
Now I live with COPD, Heart Failure, Aortic Aneurysm in my abdomen, PAD, have undergone bypass surgery, and other problems. I know that smoking had a lot to do with all of these things now.
I quit smoking just over 4 years ago. I will now live my life the best I can. I will take things as they come and do what I must to overcome the problems I will have to face because of my earlier choices.

I hope my story will help new quitters to strengthen their resolve to quit. Please don't end up with the health problems some of us live with now.

Quit smoking now!!

I quit those death sticks 1534 days ago. I don't regret that decision for a minute.
How do I live now? One day at a time.
Life really has been, and is, a journey....
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.