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Out With The Old?????

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 31, 2017

Here we are moving into a new year. Welcome 2018!!

The saying goes, if I remember right, out with the old and in with the new. That works for many things. I can think of a lot of old things in my life I would gladly throw out.

Four years ago, I threw Nic and his deathsticks out into the cold to freeze. That was a decision for my life and health. I was late, and a lot of damage had already taken place. 

I could however preserve what health I did have, and make the rest of my life better. 

Almost 40 years ago I walked away from Nic's buddies, drugs and alcohol. That was really a good decision as I was in a fast ride to the boneyard. I thought that I should really put that trip off for a while.

That brings me to something old in my life that I do refuse to part with and throw out........

That is you, all my dear friends that have stood with me and so many others in this journey to become nicotine free. All of you were there when the journey became so rough and so tough to continue. You held me up and walked with me through so many long stretches of the desert of NML.

To those that have just joined out family, or that I am just now meeting, welcome to my life. I know you will enrich it as have all these others.

Thank you all for being a part of my life. Let's continue this journey together.

Happy New Year to one and all.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master


Old Companions

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 27, 2017

While sitting in my tent the a few nights ago, I heard a slight noise. I looked outside and saw some friends I met on my trek through NML.
Ima Deer and Who Gnu were outside looking around the camp. I parted the door curtain and invited them to enter. The were cautious at first, then came closer.
I pushed some of the dried grass I had collected for the camels outside for them. They seemed to really like the treat. I had some fige in the tent and remembered that they both had liked it when I left some for them as I traveled NML several years ago.
They settled down and we just enjoyed each others company for many hours.
I told them of all that had happened with me since we had last seen each other.
After a few hours, they walked away a short distance and bedded down.
I have to admit that this old desert traveler that looks like an old piece of leather had a few tears in his eyes from seeing these companions of old.
They don't seem to be in a great hurry to leave, so I will camp here till they decide to move on. I enjoy their company after so long a time being apart.

I will keep a watch for them as I travel from now on.

If you happen to catch sight of them, don't be afraid. They are here to lead you on down the trail for a ways. They will never lead you off of the correct path to follow.

Just leave them some grass and maybe a few figs while they are traveling with you.They will appreciate those treats more than you could imagine. Do this and they will care for you very well.
If you are traveling the trail, be very watchful for Nic and his traps. He could have them set anywhere. I know that he delights in trying to catch travelers in them at this time of year.
If you see my camp, feel free to stop and rest for a while. I welcome any traveler that wishes to spend time in my camp.
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.
Larry the Caravan Master


Merry Christmas

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 25, 2017

To each and every EXer, may you find the peace and love you deserve. May your journeys all be successful. Mostly, may you always have health and family. 

To all the EX family,

Merry Christmas.........



Rest and Reflection

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 24, 2017

This morning I turned off the trail to set up camp to rest and reflect on this time of year.
Just over two thousand years ago, a child was born into this world. This child was a very special child. He was sent to bring a new way of thinking to this world. He came humbly and slept in a hay manger. His companions were the animals that were housed in a stable. His father was a poor carpenter, his mother a young maiden. Mighty men came bringing gifts and wished to gaze upon him and pay him the honors due a person of royalty.
I will not discourse on any one story or thought about his life. There are many of these stories telling of his life and mission. I can only say that he wished all men to live together in peace.
So I will say that whether your higher power be called God, Creator, Wise One Above, Yahweh, He Whose Name Cannot Be Spoken, or any of the other names given for him, my wish for you is Peace and Happiness this holiday season.
I now will sit and reflect on this life that had such a large impact on so many lives,
Be well my friends and may your life be filled with peace and happiness this wonderful time of year.


Sick Girl

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 15, 2017

I have had to remain at the oasis for longer than I had planned. The little camel developed infections in the cuts she suffered in her wandering in the desert.
Several of the really deep cuts began festering several hours after we arrived here. I treated them with some salves I had, but theinfections kept advancing. Deep washes with tintures did not seem to halt the advance of the infections either. The infection kept spreading to other cuts until all of them were seeping corruption.
I took some of the dung stockpiled for fire fuel and moistened it to make poltices. I applied these and bound them tightly. These were replaced every eight hours.
After several days of battling the infection, things finally turned around. The poltices began drawing the infections out of the cuts. The cuts became less inflamed and began to heal. I am so relieved to have beat this infection. I think she will be OK now.
She has started eating more and gaining some weight. A few more days should see her well enough to continue on the trail. We will continue our travels then. We will have to travel slowly for a while, but we will get to the end of the trail with no problems in time.
I must repeat my warnings to all travelers here in NML. Nic and his bunch will do anything to sabotage your quit. This little camel is proof of how far and how low they will sink to stop your journey. Keep a very sharp lookout for this bunch and always be on guard for attacks. Call for help and reinforcements if you need them. You must never let Nic and his cohorts win this battle for your health. The stakes are too high and failure is not an option. Your life does depend on it.
You can make this journey successfully. Others have gone before you and wait to welcome you with open arms on the other side of the desert. Take it one step, one day at a time.
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.
Larry the Caravan Master


An Old Friend

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 5, 2017

This time of year is a time of joy, and a time of sadness for me.

Joy because of the little one enjoying the Christmas season. 

Sadness for those that have been lost over the years.

As many of you know, I had a very dear friend here at the site.
After I had joined, I was kind of inspired to contact her and invite her to the site. A reference was made to The Old Goat on the mountain. I asked her if she would be interested in being this person, and maybe passing along some things about stopping smoking. I knew she had been a smoker and had quit some years earlier.
Little did I know how long ago she had thrown those death dealers away. I found out later though.

She didn't post a lot of blogs, but what she did post she hoped would make a difference in someone's quit journey. She did in mine, and I hope in some other people's. 
My dear friend Joan passed away in her sleep sometime during the night. The date was December 24, 2015 when her daughter found her. Her family spread some of her ashes in numerous places across Virginia and West Virginia. I imagine that if I were able to visit there, I would be hearing her voice in the quiet of the mornings and evenings.
Her quit clock stopped at 7733 days. That was just over 21 years and 2 months of freedom from the addiction to nicotine. That has inspired me to remain smoke free for the remainder of my time on Earth Mother. 
At one time, she posted a short history of her life in a blog here. it can be found here if you are interested in reading it....
My Story 
I have found myself reading this many times. It always makes a great difference in my day by the time I have finished reading it.

Forgive me if I have placed a damper on anyone's joy with this. That was not my intent. I only wished to remember someone that tried to make a difference in other's lives. I know she was a shining light in my life. I hope she was in other's lives as well.
I miss you my dear friend......
RIP Joan


Found Her

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 4, 2017

Several months ago, someone had opened one of the camel pens at the trailhead. They drove off the camels into the desert . I can only assume they thought to disrupt travel across NML.

All of the camels had been found a few miles away except for one of the younger ones. She had evidently been separated from the group and wandered away. We searched for a couple of weeks to find her without success.

This morning, returning to the caravan trail, I saw something on the horizon. I changed direction and rode towards it, only to find it was a young camel. It was not looking well at all. I had some feed in my pack and offered it to the camel.

To my surprise, after a short hesitation, it walked up to me and took the feed. While the camel ate, I looked it over. I discovered that it was the camel that we couldn't find before. I led her to the nearest oasis to make sure she had water and plenty to eat.

Once at the oasis, I checked her over more closely. She has many cuts and abrasions on her. Most I have just washed and treated with some ointments. Several of them I have sewn closed as they were deeper. These appear to be cuts from knives. I think some of Nic's buddies were looking to have some camel steaks. I can only hope that she stomped them into the soil.

I will rest here with her and care for her for a few days. I want her to regain some strength and heal for the journey. 

Keep a sharp eye as you travel friends. Nic and his cohorts could be waiting for you anywhere. Pay close attention at Desolation Point in the Relapse Rocks. Many have fallen there and had to be rescued. 

Be well, and travel safe .....

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master


A Few Less Enemies

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 3, 2017

I sent one of the Bedoin scouts back to check on the bunch we left staked in the wadi. I told him to make sure he wasn't seen in case they had gotten free of the bindings. He has been gone all of last night.

The scout returned this morning with news. He said that as he was approaching the wadi, he heard heavy winds. He looked across the wadi and saw a massive sandstorm approaching. He quickly looked and found our "guests" still staked securely in the bottom of the cut.

A protective cleft in a rockface became his refuge for several hours. He covered his face to wait out the storm.

When he was able to leave his shelter, he saw that the wadi was filled with sand. No trace of the people we had left there remained.

All twenty that we had left staked down there seem to be buried under eight feet of sand. I can't say that I will morn their demise.

I would almost swear that The Old Goat had asked the powers that be to bury those fiends in sand. I can think of no better end for them. To be snuffed out in sand seems to be poetic justice for the things they have perpetrated over the years.

I continue the journey back to the caravan trail to continue my mission. 

Travel safely friends....

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master