The Mountain

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Jun 4, 2017

I am sure there are those traveling in NML that are wondering how to tell where the trail ends.
How much farther is it? Where am I going? How long till I get there?
The best answer I can give is this. As you come out of the Relapse Rocks, look toward the horizon ahead. You should see a small spot there. The trail aims squarely at it. That is where you want to go.
Follow the trail towards it. At the end of each day's travel, it will appear a little larger. In time, the spot changes appearance as it grows closer.
One day as you stop for the night, you can tell it is a mountain. That is the end of the trail through NML. Keep traveling towards that point. Keep your pace steady though.
Don't rush! Haste causes mistakes and falls. You don't want disaster to strike now! You will reach there safely if you just keep traveling steadily.
I am looking forward to either meeting you there at the trails end, or receiving the news you have exited NML.

If I happen to be out on the desert re-supplying the caches at the oasis and along the trail and making repairs to the trail where they are needed. , I hope to see you when I return.
Travel safely my friends ......
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.
Larry the Caravan Master