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Posted by OldBones-Larry Jun 21, 2017

We arrive at the target oasis yesterday afternoon to find everything as it should be.
After a quick consultation, we moved in the direction that Nic and his buddies were supposed to be coming from. About a mile out, we began setting out our own traps.
We dug a large pitfall and covered it well. I had trouble finding it myself a little later. I sure didn't want to fall in there. Several other little surprises were set out also.
Very early this morning, we heard a very loud commotion. Nic and company had found the traps. A large number of his bunch were laying at the bottom of the pitfall. As they weren't moving, we just left them there.
We attacked the rest of his bunch in an attempt to finish them. The fight has been going on for several hours now. Nic's bunch has taken heavy casualties. We have taken some ourselves, but, none very serious as yet.
I have been scanning the skies looking for the dragon that aided us in the last fight. No sign of it yet though.
I have sent a message back to the mountain asking for reinforcements. I want to finish Nic's forces off quickly if possible. We missed getting Nic though. I saw him slinking away early in the fight. I will try to track him down later.
The battle is pretty well over. A large number of what was left of Nic's forces have been slipping away behind the dunes and running away. Some of the Bedoins are chasing down the lst of our opponents.
We have been dragging Nic's men over and dropping them into the pit. I suspect we have cost him close to 350 of his followers. The pitfall and the other traps took out a lot of them to begin with.
I hope he will not try anything again for a very long time.
I must finish getting rid of the fallen here.
Travel safely my friends.......
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.
Larry the Caravan Master

I am traveling fast across the desert with a force of Bedoins. I received news that Nic and his horde were headed to one of the oasis with equipment for an ambush.
The last time Nic tried this there was a very long battle. Casualties on both sides were high. Nic and his bunch fought very hard to overwhelm the travelers of NML.
Several travelers fell from Desolation Point that day. I sent them to the medics back at the trailhead. They recovered to begin their journey again.
I hope to arrive before the trap can be set and save some traveler the pain of falling into his web of deadly chemicals.
Keep a sharp eye for any of his followers. You can identify them from their blackened appearance. They smell heavily of smoke also.
Beware of any strangers that you meet on the trail. They might be agents of Nic.
Continued success on your journey friends.
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.
Larry the Caravan Master


Our warrior Candy

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jun 12, 2017

I just spoke to Candy. Some of you remember her I'm sure. She told me that she is now 5 months smoke-free and hanging in there.

She said she misses everyone and is hoping to return someday.

I will be Singing for her health problems and ask everyone to join in. 

I wish her a safe journey.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master


The Mountain

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jun 4, 2017

I am sure there are those traveling in NML that are wondering how to tell where the trail ends.
How much farther is it? Where am I going? How long till I get there?
The best answer I can give is this. As you come out of the Relapse Rocks, look toward the horizon ahead. You should see a small spot there. The trail aims squarely at it. That is where you want to go.
Follow the trail towards it. At the end of each day's travel, it will appear a little larger. In time, the spot changes appearance as it grows closer.
One day as you stop for the night, you can tell it is a mountain. That is the end of the trail through NML. Keep traveling towards that point. Keep your pace steady though.
Don't rush! Haste causes mistakes and falls. You don't want disaster to strike now! You will reach there safely if you just keep traveling steadily.
I am looking forward to either meeting you there at the trails end, or receiving the news you have exited NML.

If I happen to be out on the desert re-supplying the caches at the oasis and along the trail and making repairs to the trail where they are needed. , I hope to see you when I return.
Travel safely my friends ......
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.
Larry the Caravan Master