Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Nov 28, 2016

I went down to the bottom of the drop-off at Desolation Point to clean up the fallen rocks. 

As I was working, I didn't hear one of Nic's gang sneak up behind me. He attacked me with a club and damaged my ribs pretty good. While I was down, he stabbed me in the back. Luckily, it only grazed across a rib.

One of the Sheik's men that was working at the top heard the commotion. He quickly came to my aid and took care of the attacker. I suspect that there won't be much left of him in a short time.

I was taken up into the Healing Cave when he got me back to the mountain. I spent the majority of 4 days in there healing. 

I should be back out in the desert soon to complete what I started. I am in my rooms recovering the last little bit now.

Be on the lookout always for these kind of attacks. Nic and his gang will stop at nothing to get you back. 

You can resist him and win out in the end.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.


This blog was written in response to the following..........

I was discharged from the hospital about mid-afternoon yesterday. Thanksgiving afternoon I had been admitted with Pneumonia, Dyspnea, SOB, Wheezing, and Hypotension.

Several gifts from Nic-O-Demon for the 42 years I was running around with him.

I know that each bout with lung issues does more damage. I WILL keep going though. 

Take heart in the fact that we can overcome the addiction, and the results, of smoking. They are not called sickorettes and death sticks for nothing. 

I am recovering nicely according to the doctors at the hospital.

Take care one and all.....

Larry the Caravan Master