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Posted by OldBones-Larry Nov 28, 2016

I went down to the bottom of the drop-off at Desolation Point to clean up the fallen rocks. 

As I was working, I didn't hear one of Nic's gang sneak up behind me. He attacked me with a club and damaged my ribs pretty good. While I was down, he stabbed me in the back. Luckily, it only grazed across a rib.

One of the Sheik's men that was working at the top heard the commotion. He quickly came to my aid and took care of the attacker. I suspect that there won't be much left of him in a short time.

I was taken up into the Healing Cave when he got me back to the mountain. I spent the majority of 4 days in there healing. 

I should be back out in the desert soon to complete what I started. I am in my rooms recovering the last little bit now.

Be on the lookout always for these kind of attacks. Nic and his gang will stop at nothing to get you back. 

You can resist him and win out in the end.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.


This blog was written in response to the following..........

I was discharged from the hospital about mid-afternoon yesterday. Thanksgiving afternoon I had been admitted with Pneumonia, Dyspnea, SOB, Wheezing, and Hypotension.

Several gifts from Nic-O-Demon for the 42 years I was running around with him.

I know that each bout with lung issues does more damage. I WILL keep going though. 

Take heart in the fact that we can overcome the addiction, and the results, of smoking. They are not called sickorettes and death sticks for nothing. 

I am recovering nicely according to the doctors at the hospital.

Take care one and all.....

Larry the Caravan Master


Traps along the way

Posted by OldBones-Larry Nov 22, 2016

Nic has set many traps out here in NML.

I have found pit-falls in several places. I filled them back in and those spots are safe. 

I found several of his helpers out here waiting to whisper sweet thoughts into travelers ears. They promise so much if you will just light up one of those death sticks.

All you will get is health problems and heartache. They can be very persuasive, so beware and don't listen to their sweet promises. I left the ones I found deep in the desert tied to stakes.

I caught one of Nic's helpers just as he was getting ready to poison an oasis waterwell with his tars and nicotine. I'm not sure what else was in the mixture, but it didn't make it into the water supply. I stuffed him into one of the barrels and buried it deep in the sands far off the trail.

Hold onto that precious quit you have been nurturing travellers. That is the most important thing you can do for yourself. 

Take the journey one day at a time. Rest when you need to, travel at the pace you are comfortable with. There are helpers all along the trail. You need only call to them. They will find you as quickly as they can.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master


Re-supply and Aid

Posted by OldBones-Larry Nov 18, 2016

The sheik and I left this morning to re-supply stores at all the oasis. We sent bedoin riders ahead to offer aid to any along the trail that needs it. 

I was told that Relapse Rocks was in need of some repair. The report I received was that the trail had been damaged and had partially broken away. I have sent a fast rider to check this and guide travelers along the alterate trail if needed. I will repair the main trail if needed when I arrive there.

I highly urge travelers to ask any of the bedoins you see for aid if needed. They are all carrying supplies and equipment to assist you.

I am also taking fresh camels back across the desert. I am enlarging the herds to be sure everyone has one for the journey across NML.

I am also carrying more backpacks of supplies for the entrance points of NML. I want everyone to have what they ned for the journey.

I will be watching for all of you along the trail. Take advantage of the rest stops at the oasis. The water is cool and sweet. There are supplies of food for you, and fodder for the camels. Rest as long as you need, then continue your journey.

Keep them away from your face, and remember ....


One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master

My dear friend Joan posted this on her page here. She has walked the Hanging Road, but this bit of wisdom lives on.


  What Makes A Quit?
  Is it willpower? NAAAAAAH! Some magic formula? NAAAAAAAAH!
  What makes a quit succeed then???
  How about ...
  and most of all, LOVE
  Love for your family and yourself. Dedication to the task you have set for yourself. The attitude that you will succeed. Lastly, commitment to the decision to throw away what is taking years away from your life.
  Those are the weapons you need to beat the addiction to nicotine.
  Just my thoughts, right or wrong....
  Keep them away from your face. You can't smoke them that way!!!
  Joan the Old Goat
  I will always keep this in mind and pass it on to others.
  Larry the Caravan Master