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A Story

Posted by OldBones-Larry Oct 31, 2016

This is for all the newbies out there. The elders have all their stories that are something like this one.


There was a man that had began smoking in his early teens. He smoked anything he could get his little mitts on to begin with. Before he knew it, he was hooked big time. 


Over the years, his habit went to upwards of 5 packs a day. Many of them were lit and burned up with very few drags off of them. You have to concentrate on work, you know.


One day, a doctor told him he was a very sick man. This guy didn't want to believe this. When he saw the pictures, he had to believe what he was being told.


He entered the hospital with some feelings of never waking up from his surgery.


Twelve hours later, the took him to ICU. He doesn't really remember a lot from the next 4 days. He had a new lease on life. All he had to do was never light another of those killer sticks.


He was in and out of the hospital for a few weeks until they got things under control.


Now he began his journey. It wasn't easy as all he could do for a while was sit at home. This gave the Nic-o-demon his chance to get him back with his lies. Nic whispered that he could make things so much better.


He began walking short distances and that helped a lot. He didn't let Nic talk him into lighting up another one.


That was 3 years ago. The man will never be like he was before, but he is alive and still smoke-free. 


He found a new family here at EX and they have stood beside him in this journey to leave those death sticks behind. 


I won't promise the journey is easy, but it is so worth everything you go through.


If you haven't guessed by now. I am that man. I threw sickorettes away after 42 years of addiction to them. 


I took this journey one day, one step, at a time. You can do this also.


One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.


Larry the Caravan Master


I'm back

Posted by OldBones-Larry Oct 27, 2016

I snuck up out of bed to write this. Please keep my secret from my room-mate. She would kill me!!!!   LOL

Just thought I had better come in and catch everyone up. I returned from the hospital late yesterday.

Wendy took me to the ER Monday morning. I was having a Gastric Bleed. Turns out I had a Colitis.

They kept me in for 48 hour observation. Antibiotics and lots of Potassium through an IV for 48 hours. 

I made the local vampire very happy with all the blood they drew for tests. 

Am now on 2 different antibiotics and bedrest for a few days. 

If you have thrown the Sickorettes away, GREAT GOING!!! 

If you are here trying to decide if you are ready to quit, take advise from someone that smoked longer than he didn't. Quit before you end up like me. Bad heart, COPD, Lung masses, and now bleeds in the gastric system. 

Keep those quits going strong my friends. 

With 1101 days, soon to be 1102 in about 15 minutes....

Larry the Caravan Master

  A Prayer To Wise-One Above
  Great Spirit, You who knows the heart of all men, hear the thoughts I send to the sky worlds on my breath. 
  I bring the sacred mix for the pipe. 
  I burn the sacred woods in the hearth. 
  I bring the sweetgrass and sage bundles.
  Know my heart as true. 
  Guide me as I tread Earth Mother and keep my path straight.
  I ask you with humble heart to watch over all who today travel the hanging road to the lands of the ancestors. 
  Guide them to the hearths of their ancestors. 
  Fill their bowl with much meat. 
  May they be happy there.
  Watch over those of us that are still in this world you have given us. 
  Guide us down the right trail. 
  Smooth it as best you will for our moccasins. 
  Heal those that are filled with the spirits of sickness. 
  Make them whole and well once more. 
  Heal the heart of those that mourn a relative that has traveled the hanging road. 
  Give them peace.
  I, Soaring Eagle, send my cries to you this day with the breath you have given me.
  I speak no more. 
  I am finished.
  This is for anyone that is in need today. I have been feeling that someone is in need of this......

Tests are good.

Posted by OldBones-Larry Oct 18, 2016

I saw the cardiologist this morning. She was so encouraging! She says my heart sounds good. No skips and steady. She reviewed the cardiac echo and said things were good there. A lot of damage from infarctions, but what heart wall was left had taken over very well. I can look forward to low blood pressure from now on. It has gotten as good as it will get.

Last week was the Vascular Surgeon. I haven't heard anything about those Doppler Ultrasounds. I am working on the premise that no news is good news.

I am feeling pretty good. Some days I have problems with shortness of breath. It passes with time. 

I want to congratulate everyone on their milestone today, whether it be one day, or 1,000. Be proud of what you have done.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

With 1092 days....

Larry the Caravan Master

I found this article in the Healthy Living section at Care2. 

Cancer Risks: 70-90% Lifestyle and Environment Choices, Study Says


Our genes determine most everything about us—how tall we’ll be, the color of our eyes, and whether we’re at risk for developing certain types of cancer. But new research says genes may play less of a role in the latter than originally thought. It turns out our lifestyles and environments are far more influential in determining our cancer risks for most types of cancer.

That’s the finding of new research by Stony Brook, published in the recent issue of the journal Nature.


While many people—scientists among them—have long speculated that the risk of developing cancer was mostly random “bad luck,” the new research says that’s not likely true at all. According to the study, the majority of cancer cases—70 to 90 percent—may actually be more attributable to lifestyle and environment than heredity or “bad luck.”

The researchers looked at stem cells and how they divide in different parts of the body. The team theorized that cells with similar division patterns would hold similar risks for becoming cancerous.

“It turned out to not be true, an outcome that suggests that some external factors play a role,” reports the Washington Post. “They also looked at how cancers change according to where people live like when people move from a low-risk area to a high-risk area and take on the risk of the high risk area – which seems to imply that something in the environment or lifestyle of that new place impacts the risk.”

“People cannot hide behind bad luck,” Yusuf Hannun, director of Stony Brook, told BBC News. “They can’t smoke and say it’s bad luck if they have cancer. It is like a revolver, intrinsic risk is one bullet.”

That’s not to say that every exposure to a risk factor means you’re going to get cancer. But it does clearly implicate lifestyle and environmental factors—from the foods we eat to the chemicals we use in our every day lives to things much more out of our control like air pollution or contaminants in our drinking water.

The findings do also reiterate the importance of taking diet and lifestyle choices seriously—opting for organic and non-GMO foods, avoiding harsh chemical-based cleaning and personal care products, and limiting tobacco and alcohol consumption. Taking care to avoid cancer risks is not a guarantee you won’t develop the disease, but it certainly can help.

Written by Jill Ettinger, and reposted with permission from Naturally Savvy.