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Thoughts For Today

Posted by OldBones-Larry May 22, 2016

I come here today after 943 smoke-free days.

I know that I would never have made it to this point without the great support of the family that I found here.

Though I spend most of my time high on the mountain Old Goat lived on or out crossing the desert of NML, I keep watching all the travellers on their journey.

I am so glad to see how many are getting their quit on track and keeping it going.

I also am so glad to see those that slip and start again very soon after they slip.

To those of my friends having difficulties with their health, I keep you in my Song to Great One Above. May He ease your pain and problems.

I can tell all of you that I am holding my own with my own health. There has been no major change with anything. They have made some small adjustment to my meds and things are OK for now.

To everyone that is beginning their journey, you CAN make it through this and never pick up another death stick.

You don't need them now and you never did need them!!!!!!

Just read the articles that you have been referred to and use the tools that have been suggested for your use.

To everyone that are reaching new milestones each day I have to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!! at the top of my voice, though that isn't extremely loud anymore. I am so very glad to hear those numbers that are being stacked up.

I leave everyone, old and new, with this constant thought .....

The journey of one million miles begins with one small step.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master

I received word this morning that a fellow veteran suffering from severe PTSD committed suicide this morning.

I ask that you would remember him on his journey home, and that his family might find peace with what has happened.

Some of the light has gone from the world with him.

I go now to Sing him on his journey to the Ancestors.