Last Post???

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Dec 23, 2015

I want to thank each person that sent up requests for my safety to Wise One Above.

I am humbled so many would join a Sing for me.

I feel that I need to fill in some gaps for some people......

An old warrior is allowed to ask for transport to a raid with a younger warrior. He does not intend to return.

A woman may take her problem to a friendly tree and it will aid her.

These things are proper in my culture.

I cannot do any of these things. I must always serve the people. I could not reach the point of understanding for a problem I was seeking an answer to the other night. I turned to a helper plant for help in reaching the level I needed to get to for the answers I sought.

I under-estimated the strength of this helper as it was very old, and therefore stronger than I thought. I found the answer I was seeking, but I also became lost in the One.

I was allowed to stay for a time, but I also knew that I must return here to finish what I am to accomplish here. I cannot return to that place until it is my time to remain there always.

This does saddens me because I shall miss the beauty and wonder until I may return there.

My room mate panicked and called for help that she thought was needed. She had never seen me in a Spirit Trance before. I apologize for the confusion she caused.

NOW!!!  It seems some people think I aam a trickster and was never away from here.

I have always allowed my friend here to go to a joint e-mail that was set up for petitions concerning the Wolves and othe creatures of this world. She also has concerns with human rights.

These are ALL tied to my Facebbook page!!!  If a petition is signed, it appears on my FB.

My honor has been called into question.

Therefore, I will not be posting here or leaving comments. When I decide what I am going to ultimately do, I will either cancel my page or begin posting again. I do not know how long this will be.

I bid everyone farwell until this decision is made.