Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Dec 18, 2015

First, I would like to thank everyone that passed information along to everyone here.

I am doing better. The infections are clearing. My head still feels like someone stuffed it with sawdust and my lungs hurt and burn like h$ll from all the coughing. I am still very short of breath, but have never had to go on oxygen for any of this. I still get dizzy if I try to stay up for too long at a time.

All the Black and Blue is gone now from them using me as a pin cushion. There is one place on the inside of my Right elbow where they tried to get some blood that is still a sickly "mustard yellow". Everyone was working to be so gentle taking samples and this young lady felt terrible that she had caused the terrible bruise that covered my entire arm at the inside of that elbow. Not her fault all my veins are breaking down from all the "pokes".

Lastly, Thank you everyone for the thoughts, prayers, Song and Smoke sent up to Wise One Above. I know they helped very much in the outcome of all this.

I almost forgot that I got to see IAvikesfan the other evening. He is doing well and still not touching the "devil weed." He is working hard at his new business. I will try to make the 30 mile trip down to his shop as often as I can, but a 60 mile round-trip is pretty tiring for me anymore.

I must get back to the bed now as doing this has worn me out, but had to send this to you all no matter what it cost me.

My special friend I live with said she came in to check on me last night and that I really do "glow in the dark" now. LOL

I send Smoke and Song up for each of you my friends. Be well ......

Larry the Caravan Master