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Climbing the Mountain

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 29, 2015

I began the slow climb up a little used trail to reach the spot where I am to meet my guides. They will lead me on up to a secret cave hidden somewhere at the top of the mountain. There they will lay The Old Goat to rest.

When I arrived at the foot of the mountain, a message was waiting. It seems she left several very large containers of scrolls for me.

I am to remain at the top of the mountain till I have read them all.

All I was told in the message was that they had been placed in a cave somewhere up there. I will be guided there after she is laid to rest, there to remain till I have read every scroll in the containers. I don't have any idea how long it will take for me to read them all.

The guides told me that they will deliver any messages that are sent to me up the mountain and return the answers back down the mountain if there are any questions that need answered.

I have asked the Sheik to watch over the caravans and keep the caches well supplied.

Safe journey to all.

Larry the Caravan Master


Repairing the trail

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 28, 2015

Some of the bedoins and I are at Relapse Rocks making some repairs to the trail. Some of the trail broke away at Desolation Point and wiped away most of the trail. We are removing some of the rockface to widen the trail again.

We are working around the clock to finish the work before the next travelers arrive.

I must also finish soon to return to the mountain.

I received the message that The Old Goat has passed away. The message said that she wanted me to be there when they placed her in the hidden cave she had chosen for her final resting place.

I have sent groups of bedoins to make sure all the supplies are sufficient at each oasis.

I sent the Sheik to purchase more camels for the trail. I have been informed that more travelers are on the trail than were previously making the journey.

I close for now the finish widening this trail.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master

I received a call yesterday afternoon just as I was leaving to meditate on what I was going to do and try to gain some clarity.

Joan's (The Old Goat) daughter called me to tell me that yesterday morning they found her mother had passed away during the night. She had a massive bleed into her brain. There was no pain I was told.

Her daughter also said that her motherr remembered all her friends each night and loved you all.

Please keep her family in your prayers, as I am keeping them in mine.

Mark her quit clock has stopped at 7733 days.

I had many things I wanted to say when I came here to write this.

I cannot remember any of the words.

I feel have brought dishonor on myself by seeing my honor called into question when none was meant.

I guess I will just speak my heart.


I ask forgiveness for wronging anyone here.


I humbly ask if I may return to my place here.


If my words wounded any hearts, I beg forgiveness for the hurt caused. I ask that any bad feelings created be buried deep in the earth and stay there till time ends.

Each of you must decide if you would see me return, or be outcast.

I will await your decision.

I have finished speaking now.


Last Post???

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 23, 2015

I want to thank each person that sent up requests for my safety to Wise One Above.

I am humbled so many would join a Sing for me.

I feel that I need to fill in some gaps for some people......

An old warrior is allowed to ask for transport to a raid with a younger warrior. He does not intend to return.

A woman may take her problem to a friendly tree and it will aid her.

These things are proper in my culture.

I cannot do any of these things. I must always serve the people. I could not reach the point of understanding for a problem I was seeking an answer to the other night. I turned to a helper plant for help in reaching the level I needed to get to for the answers I sought.

I under-estimated the strength of this helper as it was very old, and therefore stronger than I thought. I found the answer I was seeking, but I also became lost in the One.

I was allowed to stay for a time, but I also knew that I must return here to finish what I am to accomplish here. I cannot return to that place until it is my time to remain there always.

This does saddens me because I shall miss the beauty and wonder until I may return there.

My room mate panicked and called for help that she thought was needed. She had never seen me in a Spirit Trance before. I apologize for the confusion she caused.

NOW!!!  It seems some people think I aam a trickster and was never away from here.

I have always allowed my friend here to go to a joint e-mail that was set up for petitions concerning the Wolves and othe creatures of this world. She also has concerns with human rights.

These are ALL tied to my Facebbook page!!!  If a petition is signed, it appears on my FB.

My honor has been called into question.

Therefore, I will not be posting here or leaving comments. When I decide what I am going to ultimately do, I will either cancel my page or begin posting again. I do not know how long this will be.

I bid everyone farwell until this decision is made.


Larry is back

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 22, 2015

Larry opened his eyes and motioned me closer about an hour ago.

He won't eat and seems to become very ill at the smell of food.

He whispered that I should write and let everyone know he has returned.

As close as I can make out from what he has been saying, he was floating in the One(is that right?) and didn't want to return. He did say that someone called to him from outside of this One and said he was still needed in this world. He softly said that he was pushed out of that golden glow and began falling into grayness. That is when he says he woke up here. Heseems so sad that he had to return.

I must get back to watch him and make sure he is OK.

Maybe he will write to you all tomorrow.

WP (Larry's friend)

He just told me that I should have thanked everyone that raised their Song to Wise One Above. I do thank each and every one of you for doing this for him. I know I would be so lost without him here.


Ceremony Tonight

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 20, 2015

By the time you read this, I will be on my way out to the Sweat Lodge to purify myself.

In a couple of hours, I will walk the half mile to the Ceremonial Lodge to begin a Sing.

There are many that are ill or in need. Wise One Above called me to do this tonight.

If you are willing to join your voice in the Sing, I invite you to join your Song with mine.

Sacred Smoke will be rising all night to carry the Song to Great Spirit.

I feel the concern of many for my own health. I can only say one thing Grandfather told me many Winters ago...

Much is required of one that serves Great Spirit. That service is the only thing that is important. Your own health, wants and well-being are nothing compared to the village as a whole. The People MUST come before anything.

Be well my friends and help my cries reach Great Spirit this night.




Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 18, 2015

First, I would like to thank everyone that passed information along to everyone here.

I am doing better. The infections are clearing. My head still feels like someone stuffed it with sawdust and my lungs hurt and burn like h$ll from all the coughing. I am still very short of breath, but have never had to go on oxygen for any of this. I still get dizzy if I try to stay up for too long at a time.

All the Black and Blue is gone now from them using me as a pin cushion. There is one place on the inside of my Right elbow where they tried to get some blood that is still a sickly "mustard yellow". Everyone was working to be so gentle taking samples and this young lady felt terrible that she had caused the terrible bruise that covered my entire arm at the inside of that elbow. Not her fault all my veins are breaking down from all the "pokes".

Lastly, Thank you everyone for the thoughts, prayers, Song and Smoke sent up to Wise One Above. I know they helped very much in the outcome of all this.

I almost forgot that I got to see IAvikesfan the other evening. He is doing well and still not touching the "devil weed." He is working hard at his new business. I will try to make the 30 mile trip down to his shop as often as I can, but a 60 mile round-trip is pretty tiring for me anymore.

I must get back to the bed now as doing this has worn me out, but had to send this to you all no matter what it cost me.

My special friend I live with said she came in to check on me last night and that I really do "glow in the dark" now. LOL

I send Smoke and Song up for each of you my friends. Be well ......

Larry the Caravan Master