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Goodbye Babygirl....

Posted by OldBones-Larry Nov 25, 2015

On Sunday, I had to make a very heartbreaking decision.

My companion's daughter had a lovely long-haired calico that she left with us as it had known no other home. The cat had stopped eating and drinking on Friday. She became dehydrated and wasn't walking like she should.

Turns out that she had stroked. She had also developed a Heart Murmer in the last two months. There was fluid building up around her heart also which had caused the stroke.

Doc gave her less than 50% chance of recovery.

I had her pain and suffering ended immediately. She went to sleep as I held her close in my arms.

Great Spirit. I know that you guided her along the Hanging Road to the Spirit Lands. I ask that she enjoy everything she could ever want.

Goodbye my little friend.


Thank You

Posted by OldBones-Larry Nov 20, 2015

I wish to thank everyone that joined in the Sing for friend Ellen. Along with the other prayers I saw being offered, I know she was in good hands.

Great Spirit be with all of you. I go now to my robes to rest and regenerate from the ceremonies.

Soaring Eagle



Posted by OldBones-Larry Nov 16, 2015

I have returned from a night in the sweatlodge where I have Sang and purified myself. Wise One Above heard my Singing for our friend Ellen.

I sit now in the Ceremonial Lodge Singing still for our friend.

I invite everyone to enter and join the Sing to Great Spirit for her healing.

I extend my hand to the first to enter and join the Sing.....

Soaring Eagle

I just had my roomie check my manufacture plate. When I looked at my clock, it said 747!! 

I didn't know that Boeing had anything to do with me being here!!!   LOL

747 days down, a lifetime to go.

I am so glad every day I threw those death sticks away after 42 years of being a slave to Nicotine.

I know that anyone can do it if I could. Just give yourself permission to give them up. It won't be really easy, but it is worth it.

Now, back on that camel to continue roaming the desert to help the travelers out there.

One step, and then another, WILL get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master