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Izzy came in early this morning. We have decided to stay for a few days and rest while we restock. The fire is warm as the days are cold until sunrise.

I want to congratulate Izzy on her 100 days!!!! She has been a great traveling companion.



How Time Flies !!!

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 30, 2014

100 days on the caravan trail. Things are going as well as can be expected.

I looked up at the horizon this morning and gazed up the mountainside. I thought I saw the old goat, but I'm not sure. I do know the mountain is getting much closer.

I left a large pile of grass for the deer along with some water. I will be at the next oasis by tonight. I can see the trees bending with the dates and figs on them. I traded this morning for some more dried meat. We have been out for a couple of days. We had plenty of dates and figs though. I have been leaving some supplies cached at each oasis for those traveling behind my party.

I marked a trail around Desolation Point back at The Relapse Rocks as I went past. When I looked down over the edge, I saw a lot of bones from everything that slipped and fell off the edge there. Everyone behind me should use the new trail till it rejoins the one we have been following.

I have noticed there are more rocks around us now rather than sand. We must be getting closer to the edge of the sand desert. Temperatures are still rather high though. Thank goodness for the scrub brush to provide some shade when it is the hottest during the day.

Thank you to everyone that has been traveling this trail with me, and especially to those that have traveled it before me and left the trail. I am really wanting to see each of them on the other side of this desert . NML has been a trial, but I know I will make the crossing.

Great Spirit watch over each of you.

One step at a time gets you where you are going.

Hugs and love to all.



Bad Connection

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 27, 2014

Just want to shout from the desert of NML, 97 DAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!


90 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 20, 2014

Made it to 90 days!!  That feels so great to be able to say that. It's been touch and go with the health, but I never have any intentions of putting one of those nasty sickorettes near my face again. To my very good friends and family here, THANK YOU! From the bottom of my heart, I thank you so much.

Hugs and Love to everyone.


Just a quick one to let everyone know where my health is at. I'm down 5 pounds from the other day when I posted. I don't know where it was hiding, but I was retaining some fluid. I am breathing a little easier today. Still not the best, but better. I do have some crap in my lungs, so I suspect that is where the fluids are.

Day 88. I've refilled the waterskins and gathered more grasses for my shy traveling companion. A bedoin stopped while I was at the waterhole and traded some more meat. I'm so glad I brought those trade goods with me.

Travel is slow today, but will get faster as I feel better. I'm so glad I have companions traveling close to me. I'll try to remember the food when I put it on to cook so I don't burn it again. Thank goodness Izzy didn't mind the burnt meat too much.

Onwards we go. One step, and then another, gets you to where you are going.

Hugs and love.




Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 15, 2014

Day 85 and still trekking in the desert. I think I see a small waterhole ahead. Will refill the waterbags and continue on.

I made some date bread the other evening, and now I can't find the last loaf. I think I might have dropped it into the deer's grass last night.

That mountain is getting bigger on the horizon. I'm ready to meet that goat. The GNU is leading us true and straight for the mountain.

On a personal note, I think I need to get hold of my cardiologist. My weight has shot up and I have a terrible cough now. It's getting harder to breath also.

I want to congratulate everyone on their quits. Keep up the great work.

One step, and then another gets you to where you are going.

Hugs and love.


Day 78 in our journey. Things are going very well. We have been rising before the sun comes up in order to travel a ways before the heat of the day. We find a place and rest in the shade of the plants through the hottest part of the day. Travel resumes again and continues until several hours after dark. We are taking advantage of the coolest parts of the day to conserve strength and water.

I have been leaving water and piles of dried grass for my traveling companion. The deer is very skittish about getting too close to us humans. I hope that as time passes it will learn none of us mean it any harm. Be at peace my little friend and follow as you will.

I traded for some meat with a bedoin we met. Not real sure what it is, but we need the protein. Along with the plants we find, meals are adequate.

I have been watching the mountain on the horizon. It grows closer each day. I look forward to meeting that old goat. We shall find out what secrets he wants to show us when the time comes.

Our journey continues. Beware the Nicodemon. He can sneak up on you at any time, anywhere. I have seen someting keeping pace with us in distance to our side. Is it him and his friends, the sickorettes?

He will get a surprise if he comes around here. If we all just say N.O.P.E. he cannot harm us. We don't mess with those things anymore.

May everyone have safe journey and reach the other side of the desert without meeting the enemy. Guard your quit and keep it safe. We can, and will do this if we work together. I will be waiting to give everyone a big hug as you leave the desert.

One step, and then another, gets you to where you are going.

Hugs and love.



77 days

Posted by OldBones-Larry Jan 7, 2014

77 Days of freedom from those damn sickorettes!!!

My connection is crap tonight. Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm doing OK. Having some shortness of breath, but that is expected with my health. No chest pains or anything.

I'm singing to Great Spirit for everyone's needs. Please know my thoughts are always with each of you.

Hugs and Love.


Finished packing and left the oasis a few hours ago. Things are going very well in the 72nd day of the journey. I will be in day 73 in less that 4 hours. The tracks are fresh on the trail and easy to follow.

I asked a bedoin I met, and he told me that the dark spot on the horizon is the mountain I seek. I can't wait to get there and meet the old goat that is waiting there.

We are keeping a good steady pace across this desert and NML will not get the best of any of us. I watch my companions and can see the determination in their faces.

I can't believe I'm close to the TDC. The great support here has been the difference for me. I have several wineskins with me for when I get there. Everyone is welcome to join me in a toast. I guess I should mention that the wineskins are filled with Grape Juice though. I don't drink anymore either.  LOL

If you are traveling close to me out here in the desert, feel free to join us. Everyone is welcome to travel with us.

I expect the next oasis is about 8 to 10 days away. I'm not real sure though. We will stop there when we find it though.

One step and then another gets you to where you are going.

Hugs and love.