Working Through The Rock Field

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Feb 14, 2014

Has it really only been 115 days? I guess the heat made it seem longer.

We are back on the main trail after that short detour to the north because of the rockslide we ran into. The trail is pretty smooth, though we do have to wind around some larger rocks that can't just be stepped over. I can see the edge of this rockfield. We should be out of it by tonight.

I think I can see people in the distance. It looks like several tents are set up, though from this distance it could be a mirage. I have been watching the goats on the mountainside. It looks like several are slowly moving down towards the base of the mountain.

There is more vegetation growing in this area. The bushes are taller and the grass areas are larger. The animals are loving it. Plenty of greens to munch on.

We refilled the waterskins at a spring we found. The water was so cold that you couldn't drink a large amount at once. I did leave a large container of it for the deer that is following us.

The Gnu tracks seem fresher in this area. Like it came back to make sure the trail was very clear. It seems like every time we were in danger of straying, those tracks would show up clearer. I really thank that Gnu for keeping us traveling on the right trail.

Have to go stop a little disagreement between 2 of the camels. I will report more on our journey later.

One step, and then another, gets you to where you want to be.

Hugs and love to all.

Larry the Caravan Master.