Day 112, Avoiding The Rocks In NML

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Feb 11, 2014

I left early this morning to scout out the trail. There were some large boulders across the trail. Looks like we will have to blaze trail to the north through a field of rock, weaving around them. We are beginning to move uphill slightly.

Last night, I could hear Izzy tossing in her sleep. I couldn't really see anything back there. I sent one of the dogs back and it must have run off whatever was causing her to toss and turn.

We pulled out about 3 hours ago. the going is kinda slow since we have to move rocks as we go and mark the new trail. At least it is getting cooler as we move uphill. The new trail is going to have to wind around some large stones and boulders, but should be safe for quite a while.

I have been watching the goats on the mountainside today. They are just specks on the slopes right now, but I can see them. I collected a very large container of greens and roots at that last oasis. Along with the figs and dates, we should have enough to last till we are out of this wasteland. I will stop a little early tonight and fix a large pot of stew for everyone. They have been working very hard today. I think we can rejoin the trail again tomorrow.

May everyone have safe travels.

One step. and then another, gets you to where you want to go.

Hugs and Love to everyone.

Larry the Caravan Master