A Prayer To Wise-One Above

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Feb 6, 2014

Great Spirit, You who knows the heart of all men, hear the thoughts I send to the sky worlds on my breath. I bring the sacred mix for the pipe. I burn the sacred woods in the hearth. I bring the sweetgrass and sage bundles. Know my heart as true. Guide me as I tread Earth Mother and keep my path straight.

I ask you with humble heart to watch over all who today travel the hanging road to the lands of the ancestors. Guide them to the hearths of their ancestors. Fill their bowl with much meat. May they be happy there.

Watch over those of us that are still in this world you have given us. Guide us down the right trail. Smooth it as best you will for our moccasins. Heal those that are filled with the spirits of sickness. Make them whole and well once more. Heal the heart of those that mourn a relative that has traveled the hanging road. Give them peace.

I, Soaring Eagle, send my cries to you this day with the breath you have given me.

I speak no more. I am finished.