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Half A Day's Travel

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 28, 2014

We broke camp this morning a little later than usual after traveling for 129 days. After a very good breakfast, we began the last of our journey. I have kept a steady pace and we have made good time. I left some dates and figs for the little deer because I know he likes them.

I sent one of the bedoins back across the desert to stock some more camels on that side. The ones I am taking back across with me will need some rest before they can make the trip again.

We are very close to the encampment. Several people are moving our way it looks like. They have big smiles on their faces and it sounds like they are cheering us forward. I think we will enter the camp before the sun reaches mid-day.

I think I will suggest rest until morning before starting up the mountain. That seems like the best for safety reasons.

I have been studying the trails up the mountain. I think I should go towards that outcrop to the East side, then follow the trail from there on up to the summit.

I heard that some of the travelers were in trouble at Relapse Rocks. I sent help back for them. I told the rescuers to check closely at Desolation Point to be sure nobody had fallen over the side. If they find someone fallen there, they are to rescue them and take them back for medical care till they can travel again.


I am at the edge of the camp now. I must see to the camels and make sure they are healthy and have no injuries before they are turned loose into the corral reserved for them. I thought I saw one of them limping a little. If I find any injuries, I will tend to them. The animals must be healthy to make the journeys.

I must go tend to a bad cut on one of the camels. She has a leg laid open pretty bad.

One step, and then another, gets you to where you want to be.

Hugs and love to all.

Larry the Caravan Master


Camels HO !!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 27, 2014

128 days!

Early this morning I blew the horn to awaken the caravan and let them know to load the camels. We struck camp and moved out shortly after sunrise. We moved at a leisurly pace so everyone could stay together instead of straggling out. Our goal is so close it wouldn't do to lose anyone now.The grass is so thick now that any deep holes are hidden from site. Everyone was warned to stay on the trail to prevent any broken bones from stepping into a hole.

The people at the camp we are nearing are all waving us on. The calls from camp are full of encouragement. I can catch the smell of the dishes they are cooking when the wind shifts just right. They smell delicious.

The goats are about to the bottom of the mountain now. Off to one side of the corral that is full of camels, there is one filled with Yaks. I'm can only think those are for the trip up the mountain. I can see an outcrop up the mountain and what looks to be a cave. There are two figures up there. They seem to be watching our caravan.

We have traveled a good distance today. The sun is setting, so I will call a halt to set up camp for the night. We should reach the camp we are headed for tomorrow.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to go.

Hugs and love to all.

Larry the Caravan Mastert



Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 27, 2014

 The CDC now has new commercials out. Our friend Terri from the Cancer Society ads, dead of cancer at 53. Nathan, who never smoked in his life, dead of COPD at 54. I watched both of these people telling their story in stop smoking ads. Will people listen to their story now? I doubt it!!! Should they take heed of these stories? You bet your A$$!!!

 I can only say that I hope Great Spirit has taken them straight to the Land Of The Ancestors. May they know peace and comfort from now on.

 Thanks for listening to my short rant.



Checking In

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 26, 2014

 Just got back home from the hospital about 1 1/2 hours ago. I went to the ER last night because I couldn't feel half of my left hand and about half-way up my forarm. CT Scan, X-Rays, MRI, Blood work. Nothing could be really determined as to why my hand went numb. I do have partial feeling in it now, but it sure feels weird.

 I was awakened every 2 hours for evaluation of cranial and nervous function. No sleep for the wicked, LOL.

 Anyway, I am now 127 days smoke free and the hospital people are so proud of me. I gave them the web site address to pass on to other smokers that want to quit.

 Just wanted to let everyone know what was happening. I think I'm going to go in to bed soon and try to recover some lost sleep.

 One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

 Hugs and love to all.


Larry the Caravan Master

Day 124 and we are in the grasslands now.

It is much cooler traveling now. The camels and pack animals are filling out some since they have good grazing now. Watering places are closer together now so we don't have to carry as much.

I can hear the people in the camp now as they call to us, though I can't always make out all the words. They sound like they are glad to see us coming though.

I have been watching the goats come down the mountain. They are very close to the base now. Looking up, I think I can see a very large goat standing close to the crest of the mountain. Is this the wise one I need to speak to? We will see when the time comes.

I'm glad we have made it this far with so few losses. I have heard of very few that got lost of fell. I have sent camels and drivers back to check on them.

I am calling a halt to travel today so everyone can rest and recover more from the desert stretch of the journey. We will camp beside this pool of cool water.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.

Hugs and love to all.

Larry the Caravan Master


Final Stretch !!!

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 21, 2014

Last night we camped at the edge of the rock field. We are traveling through open land now. The farther we get from the sand and rock, the taller and greener the plants get. We can clearly see the encampment and those waiting for us. They look our way occasionally and wave us on.

Looking up towards the mountain, I can see some goats moving down. They are getting close to the base of the mountain. I see several trails leading towards the top. I have been told I must climb the mountain and seek out the old goat up there. He holds the wisdom I will need to return for another caravan to bring back over here. I have been told he has a bag of Moses Dust to part the sandstorm so we may pass safely.

I have heard talk that I am crazy to want to return across the desert to lead another caravan. I can only say that I have mapped trails around several pitfalls on the trail and feel It is my destiny to bring the caravans safely to this place. If that is crazy, so be it!

I think we should reach the tents of those waiting for us either tonight or sometime tomorrow. There is an empty corral to pen up the animals from this caravan so they may recover from the journey.

I just checked the stick I have been marking days on and see I have been traveling for 122 days. It doesn't feel like it has been that long. We have covered so many miles and been through so many close calls, I am glad we are close to being out of this arid place.

One step, and then another, gets you to where you want to be.

Hugs and love to all traveling this trail.

Larry the Caravan Master


Live today ....

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 18, 2014

because you might not see tomorrow.

I heard those words many times throughout my life. I never really took them to heart till 119 days ago. Now I understand what I was told so many times.

So! I am not guarenteed a tomorrow, I must live every day as if it is my last.

Hug those you care for. Love those that are so very special to you.

Therefore, I say with all my heart ...

I send love to each and every one here.

I give each and every one here the biggest hug I can manage.

May Great Spirit be with everyone.



No break or crack

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 18, 2014

Just a quick post here. Got up this morning and the pain was much less. We unwrapped and checked. The boxes didn't do any damage really. Just a bruise between 2 ribs, so I am fine. I'll just be a little sore for a while.

Thank you all for caring.



Nearing Friends

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 17, 2014

I awoke this morning in a bit of pain. I suspect a rib is either cracked or broken. That camel packs one heck of a kick. My ribs are wrapped and we are back on the trail.

That mountain is getting really big on the horizon, but my eyes at the moment are on the people I can see camped ahead. I can tell they are calling to us, but the words are still indistinct from the distance. Several are waving at us in welcome. I will keep a safe pace as we don't need any injuries now.

Looking up at the mountain, I see several goats moving down towards the base. Those must be my guides to the top. I must remember to ask about the sack of dust. I hear it clears your vision if thrown into a sandstorm.  We have been lucky and have not run into one of the sandstorms.

I looked back earlier and I can't even see the end of the caravan. I swear it has grown every day. I can see Izzy back there. She has been so much help and a great traveling companion on this journey.I really hope the trip has been pleasant for here without too much hardship.

It is beginning to get dark, so I think we will camp for the night. I go to bed tonight ending my 119th day on the trail.

One step, and then another, gets you to where you want to be.

Hugs and lone to all.

Larry the Caravan Master



Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 16, 2014

We made very good distance today. I can clearly see tents and people around them from where we are now.

I also can see a corral off to one side. The bedoins I have been dealing with did a very good job at what I asked them to do. The corral is full of camels and pack animals. I will be able to re-cross the desert of NML and lead another caravan to this side. The animals in this caravan can rest in the corral here till I return with the next group.

I found a clear area and pitched camp for the night. One of the camels kicked me in the chest today. I'm in pain right now, so will wrap my ribs and rest for tonight. I'm not sure what set him off to kick me, but that is the hazards of working with them I guess. Tomorrow is another day.

I put on a large pot and will make another stew for tonight. We have plenty of meat and roots. I found some grains I can use to thicken it. I think I will make a Date Pudding for tonight also. The deer and Gnu should love that.

It will probably be an early night so I can recover enough to continue tomorrow. I can see the goats nearing the lower part of the mountain.

One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to go.

Hugs and love to all.

Larry the Caravan Master


Moving Along Again

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 15, 2014

We were on the trail early this morning. We have made very good time since it is cooler traveling weather. I can't believe how far we have come in 116 days.

Last night there was a flickering light in the distance. I was sure it was coming from the area I had thought I saw tents at. This morning I looked again, and I was right. That is where the light was coming from. Several others saw the light also. They want to move as fast as they can to get there. I told them to take it slowly so nobody was injured. Besides. we don't need to cripple the camels by trying to go too fast in this rock field.

I can clearly see that some of the goats are moving down the mountain. I left some dates and figs out for the deer and Gnu last night. I saw them early this morning come in and take them. They deserve them for watching over us and guiding us.

We have passed several springs today. All of them seem to be good water. I have quit gathering grasses since the vegetation is so green here.

I can see people moving around those tents ahead. They don't look like they are a threat to us from what I can see of the camp. I will know more as we get closer.

The time set for rest stoppage is over till later today. Let's see how much farther we can get today.

One step, and then another, gets you to where you want to be.

Hugs and love to all.

Larry the Caravan Master


Valentines Day

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 14, 2014

To each and every member of our family, I wish you a very Happy Valentines Day.


Has it really only been 115 days? I guess the heat made it seem longer.

We are back on the main trail after that short detour to the north because of the rockslide we ran into. The trail is pretty smooth, though we do have to wind around some larger rocks that can't just be stepped over. I can see the edge of this rockfield. We should be out of it by tonight.

I think I can see people in the distance. It looks like several tents are set up, though from this distance it could be a mirage. I have been watching the goats on the mountainside. It looks like several are slowly moving down towards the base of the mountain.

There is more vegetation growing in this area. The bushes are taller and the grass areas are larger. The animals are loving it. Plenty of greens to munch on.

We refilled the waterskins at a spring we found. The water was so cold that you couldn't drink a large amount at once. I did leave a large container of it for the deer that is following us.

The Gnu tracks seem fresher in this area. Like it came back to make sure the trail was very clear. It seems like every time we were in danger of straying, those tracks would show up clearer. I really thank that Gnu for keeping us traveling on the right trail.

Have to go stop a little disagreement between 2 of the camels. I will report more on our journey later.

One step, and then another, gets you to where you want to be.

Hugs and love to all.

Larry the Caravan Master.


Alphabet Soup

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 13, 2014

It just hit me that our community is like Alphabet Soup. COPD, GERD, CHF, SHF, CAB, PAD (thnx Izzy) and one of my favorites, CRS!!!!

I should add CVA(Cerebral Vascular Accident), TIA (Transient Ischemic Attack) and TIE (Transient Ischemic Episode) to the list. AAA(Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm). Thnx Judy.

I'm sure there are some others I either forgot (CRS) or just didn't know about.

Just sayin'.

Anyone want crackers with their soup?

Larry at 114

Ladybug !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I left early this morning to scout out the trail. There were some large boulders across the trail. Looks like we will have to blaze trail to the north through a field of rock, weaving around them. We are beginning to move uphill slightly.

Last night, I could hear Izzy tossing in her sleep. I couldn't really see anything back there. I sent one of the dogs back and it must have run off whatever was causing her to toss and turn.

We pulled out about 3 hours ago. the going is kinda slow since we have to move rocks as we go and mark the new trail. At least it is getting cooler as we move uphill. The new trail is going to have to wind around some large stones and boulders, but should be safe for quite a while.

I have been watching the goats on the mountainside today. They are just specks on the slopes right now, but I can see them. I collected a very large container of greens and roots at that last oasis. Along with the figs and dates, we should have enough to last till we are out of this wasteland. I will stop a little early tonight and fix a large pot of stew for everyone. They have been working very hard today. I think we can rejoin the trail again tomorrow.

May everyone have safe travels.

One step. and then another, gets you to where you want to go.

Hugs and Love to everyone.

Larry the Caravan Master


Nic O Demon Beaters.

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 10, 2014

Hey guys!!! Here is a giant bin of various sized clubs to beat that D@#% nicodemon with. If you need one, just come and pick one up. I think he needs to be taught that the EX people are not to be messed  with.

If you don't need it right now, go ahead and take one so you will have it when it is needed.

HAPPY BEATING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is That The Edge?

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 9, 2014

It is now 110 days into this journey and I think I am seeing the edge of the desert. It has been cooler the last couple of days. The mountain grows larger day by day.

I have been seeing more grasses the last few days. I'm still leaving piles of grass next to the trail for my little friend. I looked for the last date loaf this morning and couldn't find it anywhere. I'm wondering if that little deer might have found it and carried it away.

I looked back this morning and couldn't even see the back of the caravan. Izzy is taking good care of the next section behind me. There is a small oasis on the horizon. I will stop long enough to fill the waterskins and then continue on. There doesn't look to be a lot of grasses there, so I will not collect any to take with me.

I have collected several rabbit-like creatures today and will make a stew for tonight. There are quite a few good edible roots around here.

Looking up at that mountain, I can see that goat moving around. He moves with such grace over those rocks. Can a person follow him up that mountainside? I have been told you can.

It looks like a pretty rough section of trail up ahead. I will put my journal away so I can concentrate on the trail.

One step, and then another, gets you where you are going.

Hugs and love.

Larry the CaravanMaster


Morning Prayer

Posted by OldBones-Larry Feb 7, 2014

I would like to thank everyone that commented on my post  of yesterday. With maybe some variation each morning, this is my prayer each day to the Creator Spirit. Please feel free to copy it and save if you wish. I am honored so many found something in it that touched them.

Larry (Soaring Eagle}

Great Spirit, You who knows the heart of all men, hear the thoughts I send to the sky worlds on my breath. I bring the sacred mix for the pipe. I burn the sacred woods in the hearth. I bring the sweetgrass and sage bundles. Know my heart as true. Guide me as I tread Earth Mother and keep my path straight.

I ask you with humble heart to watch over all who today travel the hanging road to the lands of the ancestors. Guide them to the hearths of their ancestors. Fill their bowl with much meat. May they be happy there.

Watch over those of us that are still in this world you have given us. Guide us down the right trail. Smooth it as best you will for our moccasins. Heal those that are filled with the spirits of sickness. Make them whole and well once more. Heal the heart of those that mourn a relative that has traveled the hanging road. Give them peace.

I, Soaring Eagle, send my cries to you this day with the breath you have given me.

I speak no more. I am finished.