Where I'm At In My Journey

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Jan 18, 2014

Just a quick one to let everyone know where my health is at. I'm down 5 pounds from the other day when I posted. I don't know where it was hiding, but I was retaining some fluid. I am breathing a little easier today. Still not the best, but better. I do have some crap in my lungs, so I suspect that is where the fluids are.

Day 88. I've refilled the waterskins and gathered more grasses for my shy traveling companion. A bedoin stopped while I was at the waterhole and traded some more meat. I'm so glad I brought those trade goods with me.

Travel is slow today, but will get faster as I feel better. I'm so glad I have companions traveling close to me. I'll try to remember the food when I put it on to cook so I don't burn it again. Thank goodness Izzy didn't mind the burnt meat too much.

Onwards we go. One step, and then another, gets you to where you are going.

Hugs and love.