And the caravan moves on

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Jan 2, 2014

Finished packing and left the oasis a few hours ago. Things are going very well in the 72nd day of the journey. I will be in day 73 in less that 4 hours. The tracks are fresh on the trail and easy to follow.

I asked a bedoin I met, and he told me that the dark spot on the horizon is the mountain I seek. I can't wait to get there and meet the old goat that is waiting there.

We are keeping a good steady pace across this desert and NML will not get the best of any of us. I watch my companions and can see the determination in their faces.

I can't believe I'm close to the TDC. The great support here has been the difference for me. I have several wineskins with me for when I get there. Everyone is welcome to join me in a toast. I guess I should mention that the wineskins are filled with Grape Juice though. I don't drink anymore either.  LOL

If you are traveling close to me out here in the desert, feel free to join us. Everyone is welcome to travel with us.

I expect the next oasis is about 8 to 10 days away. I'm not real sure though. We will stop there when we find it though.

One step and then another gets you to where you are going.

Hugs and love.