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70 Days and a New Year

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 31, 2013

70 days and a new year beginning tonight. WOW. It has really been a year I'm going to find hard to forget.

I never thought when they said I needed gallbladder surgery I would end up undergoing open-heart surgery. I thank Great Spirit that things went well. I will never be 100%, but I am alive. I will be able to watch the little ones in the clan here grow up.

I found a new family here at EX also. I was welcomed and supported when nobody really knew me at all. That has never happened to me before.

I really want to thank everyone for the support and good feeling sent my way in the short time I have been here.

I send hugs and love to each and every person here in the EX community, and wishes that they have the best (smokefree) new year ever.



69 days going on 70

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 30, 2013

This is going to be very short today. Please forgive me as I am a bit emotional right now. I just looked at my quit clock and realized that in just under 8 hours from now I will have been smoke free for 70 days. I will NEVER AGAIN allow a sickorette near my face.

I can only say that all of us can, and will, beat the nicodemon and his sickorettes. I know we can all beat this monster that we have allowed to run our lives.

I'm going to stay at the oasis for a while longer until I feel a little more steady. I found a large wolf lying over by the pool of water. He stood and came over to me and just watched for a few minutes. I guess he decided I was friendly since he laid down beside my tent. I think we just gained another travling companion.

Just say NOPE ( Not One Puff Ever ) every day.

One day at a time.

One step and then another gets you to where you are going.

Hugs and love to all.


Izzy has just come into the oasis. She is very welcome here. I have given her a bunch of dates and some cool water. I invited her to put up her tent and rest for a while. She is welcome to travel with me if she wishes. If anyone is close to the oasis, please come and visit. You will not regret it.

I'm at 68 days now. Had a few rough spots, but I'm STILL smokefree. The old NICOdemon will not sucker me into touching one of his sick-o-rettes. I'm done with those forever. I value my health and my heart too much for that. I have come too far to fall into his trap now.

I will continue to rest here for a while. The animals have plenty of cool water and I cut some grasses for them to rest on and eat. They deserve the rest after helping me this far.


One step at a time gets you to where you are going.

Hugs and love to everyone.



better now

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 28, 2013

thank you family for coming to my rescue. crisis is over now. my roomie is home now also. an hour of gospel music, (yes, the little red man listens to gospel) helped a lot. i appreciate all the thoughts and prayers.

I'm at another oasis now, I'm going to rest for a while before I continue on. the figs and dates are dripping with their sweet juices. the water is cold and sweet.

I have set out containers of water for my animal guides and companions. may they find this water as refreshing as I do. the spot on the horizon is larger now. it looks like the trail leads that way.

Hugs and Love to each and every one of you.

One step at a time gets you where you are going.


Is it the smoking rollercoaster, or the cardiac rollercoaster? Guess it doesn't really matter. I'm back in a major depression again. I shouldn't need any Lasix for a while as I shouldn't have any water left in me. Don't know what brought it on, just know it's here again. Nothing has helped to break it this time.


A Dot on the Horizon

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 26, 2013

Wow .. 65 days already. It hasn't been real easy, but day 65 is here. It really is a great holiday gift that I could give my "family" as well as myself. I just realized how close I was to the next world and it really scared the s*t out of me.

Meanwhile, I have noticed something on the horizon. A very small black spot hes appeared. I can see that the tracks I follow tend in that direction. Is this the mountain I have been told of? I will keep my eye on it and see if this is the case. I'm watching for the next oasis so I can refill waterskins. I still have plenty, but want to be sure I don't miss any opportunity to refill the skins that are empty.

Looking behind me, I want to send everyone traveling behind me the will to resist the temptations of the sick-o-rettes that have bound us. May you travel true to the other side of the desert of NML. Just follow the tracks of the Camel, Old Goat, GNU, and, it seems, Buffalo. I see that Buffalo Spirit has been pushing me along the trail when I have needed the extra push to get over a really difficult dune. May it always be so. I'm going to be waiting for you over there, as I know there are those waiting for me.

I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays according to your background and teachings.

Great Spirit be with you all.

One step at a time gets you there.  Hugs and Love to all.



60 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 21, 2013

Yesterday and today have been pretty rough, but I've talked down every sickorette that has called my name. I made it to 60 days today. I hasn't been easy sometimes, but all the encouragement from you guys has been the difference.

I left the oasis this morning to continue on through the desert of NML. Taking it really slow and easy, but traveling on. The waterbags are full and I packed lots of ripe fruits before I left. I'm coming to join all of you that followed the GNU before me.

One step and then another gets you through your journey. Love and hugs to all.



One more day

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 19, 2013

Day 58 and feeling almost great. I think I'll rest one more day and hit the trail tomorrow. I'm getting my strength back slowly, but surely.

It's kind of hard to believe that I'm at day 58. This is the longest time in 42 years that I have gone without smoking something. Pipe, cigar, cigarette, home-roll. Always something to smoke. I'm trying not to break my arm giving myself a pat on the back here. LOL

I am so glad for each and everyone here that has supported and encouraged me in this journey. Please accept all the hugs and love I can possibly send to each and every one of you. This quit has been such an emotional rollercoaster for me since I also had to deal with the ups and downs of cardiac surgery at the same time.

To those ahead of me on this journey, I'm coming to join you. To those following me, I'll mark the trail clearly. Just follow the Gnu, Camel, Old goat track that I'm following. Rest at the oasis along the way if you need to.

One step at a time gets you to the finish.



On the trail again?

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 18, 2013

Day 57 and really feeling better. Slept almost all day yesterday and through the night. Guess I needed that to heal and wear out the virus.I want to really thank everyone for the prayers and well wishes that were given.

On the smoking front, things are going great. The urges do still catch me at the darndest times. I wear them out by reading, cooking, anything to take my mind away from them. I have a lot of support in this at home. That helps a lot. It's getting easier to knock those urges down as time goes by. Hard to believe I'm almost 60 days into this quit. All the support here, along with the support at home, has really made a difference. Please know that I cherish each of you for helping on this journey. Together we can become smoke free forever.

Hugs and love to all.



Resting at the oasis

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 17, 2013

Day 56. This will be real short today as I really don't feel good. Went to the ER last night. They basically said it was flu. Gave me something to stop the vomiting and sent me home after I a few hours. They shut the lights out and told me to sleep if I could. They did a lot of labwork and x-rays to make sure it wasn't complications to my bypasses. I feel some better today anyway. Please know that I cherish all the love and prayers showered on me during the night.

I will rest here and drink cool water and eat from the trees and vines till I feel up to going on in my journey.

Hugs and love to all.



Sick as hell

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 16, 2013

I not only have to go back on some meds, now I'm throwing up everything from the last few days. Not good!!!!

If this doesn't stop, I'll be back in the hospital. I better put myself to bed. Keep me in your thoughts guys.



Onwards we go

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 16, 2013

Day 55 and still going strong. Had rehab today and got very short of breath. When I called the cardiologist and he found out I gained 6 pounds in 2 days, he started the water pill and Pot. CL. again. I'm not really happy at the moment. I thought I was through with those. I'm not sure if my health is getting better or worse now. I think I'll just stay here at the oasis for a while. 



Still following tracks

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 15, 2013

Day 54 in the desert. I'm still following those track (whatever they may have been made by). I've been watching for an oasis. Water and some figs would be very nice about now. So would the rest from the walk be so welcome. The walk may be long, but the prize at the goal is so great. Come travel with with all of us as we walk this trail. We will welcome you with cool water and figs at the oasis.


Tracks in the desert

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 14, 2013

OK, day 53. I found camel tracks this morning and am following them. I will continue until I know if they are leading me out of the desert. I follow dear traveler where you have gone before. The Oasis is ahead where rest and water can be found. The journey continues when we are refreshed.I hope that if you are in the desert of NML or are about to enter it that you might find this trail and follow it till you come out behind me. I will wait for you on the other side and welcome you with open arms. Great Spirit be with you.      Larry


Almost back to normal

Posted by OldBones-Larry Dec 13, 2013

Saw  the cardiologist yesterday and got the results from the MUGA test. I'm glad to report that my heart is pumping at about 54% now. That's almost normal according to the Dr. I really do have more energy since the bypass and feel so much better. Not smoking has really helped with  feeling like that. He did away with about 6 meds since he says I don't need them now. Please know how much I thank and love each of you that has helped me on this journey so far. I may be in the desert right now, but I feel all of you beside me.

Day 52 and stiill going strong. I can only get online every so often since I have to go find a connection now. Sending strength and encouragement to all.      Larry