walking the desert of NML

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Nov 25, 2013

About to start  day 35 of this journey through the desert of NML. I sometimes feel so alone out here on this journey. Then someone will send a message and remind me that none of us is really alone out here.

We are all addicts to this drug we call nicotine. As with any drug, I feel that I must always be on guard against relapsing. We can overcome this addiction if we support each other. I find it amazing how many ways a person can think of to distract themselves from the urge to light one. I look at all those out there that have made it 1 year or longer and know that if I remain strong I can join them.

 Am I  wrong in this way of thinking? Please let me know your thoughts on this.

 I will continue singing to Great Spirit to give us strength for the journey so we can come out the other side of this desert stronger.

   Great Spirit guide us on this journey and keep us on the correct path.